In which my sarcasm might get away from me a little bit…

Oh, ABC promo department, this time you’ve really outdone yourselves:

Isn’t it brave of General Hospital to shine a spotlight on one of the deadliest social issues of our time? I’m speaking, of course, of the epidemic of false domestic violence accusations faced by men.

But as you can see above, the falsely accused aren’t the only victims of violence against women. When will society learn to think about the friendships that are ruined when one man’s son beats another man’s daughter to a pulp? And what about all the poor hitmen out there, stuck wondering if they’re being ordered to kill an innocent man?

(It’s tragic, really, to think of all the mob enforcers out there losing sleep at night over this issue.)

Now, there’s been a lot of crazy talk on this show lately. Talk like, “none of this was Kristina’s fault”, and “there’s nothing she could have done that would justify being hit.” But we know — and Luke knows — that that isn’t the whole story. When a man’s been embarrassed and harassed by a woman, that’s bad enough — but to have to listen to another woman haranguing him about a few measly bruises? Well, that would just put any reasonable guy over the edge:

LUKE: Look, Dodge… I was there when Kristina flounced into the casino and wouldn’t leave. I was there when she threw her nasty little tantrum and tossed that drink in your face. And I was there when Sam came in, blaming you for all of her sister’s problems and spouting a bunch of crap about men being brutalizing bastards who do nothing but victimize women. Now, under those circumstances, I can see where a guy would snap, and might do something that he didn’t intend to do.

ETHAN: So, what? You think I did it?

LUKE: No, I didn’t say that. What I’m saying is that whether you did it or not, I will stand by you.

The depth of Luke’s compassion here is truly breathtaking. I mean, the last time he talked about that night, he poetically called the naive teenage daughter of one of his oldest friends a “baby hooker.” But here, in light of the trauma she’s been through, he lets Kristina off easy as only a flouncing, tantrum-throwing brat. Truly, he is a model of restraint and sensitivity.

And the pearls of wisdom didn’t stop there:

LUKE: A man knows his kids on a cosmic level. He knows their core, their character. Not their daughters so much, because they’re women, and they remain a mystery. A man knows his sons.

Yes, women! Such strange, alien creatures — who knows how their inhuman minds work? No man, that’s for sure! But no father has ever been fooled by his son. Men are an open book to other men!

You guys, I am so glad the show chose to give a rapist like Luke a platform like this story to explain the realities of domestic violence. And it was such a gutsy choice to revisit that rape now, when it could be shoehorned in as a second thought instead of sucking up a lot of unnecessary airtime exploring Spencer family dynamics!

Confession time: back when the truth about Ethan’s parentage came out, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to explore Lucky’s betrayed reaction. How he had only been able to work through his anger over the rape because Laura convinced him it was only “one moment” out of their entire marriage — that Luke had spent the rest of their lives together treating her with respect and love. And now it turned out Luke hadn’t even been able to remain faithful to the woman who’d already forgiven him for the most monstrous kind of betrayal? Ethan’s existence basically called into question everything Lucky had done to rebuild his trust in his father.

Well, I think we can all see now how stupid it would have been to dig into any of that. Clearly, the most dramatically satisfying way for Ethan to learn about his father’s past was in a handful of rushed scenes designed to once again ram home the message that abusive behavior is genetic and not learned. Oh, and that Lucky’s totally over all that shit now, for real. Pfew! Glad we got that mess out of the way — now back to the real story: women who lie about assault.

Unfortunately, for every straight-shooter like Luke, there’s a whiner like Johnny eager to play the blame game and point the finger at some innocent man who was just pushed to his limit:

JOHNNY: Sonny’s got you fooled because you took a liking to him — because he plays catch with Morgan. None of that makes it okay the way he treated my sister. He publicly called her a whore and treated her like one — and I’m not just talking about the night she was killed. I’m talking about through their whole marriage.

OLIVIA: Honey, take it easy, okay? Both of you guys…

JOHNNY: No, no, no… this Sonny Corinthos guy, who claims to live by this moral code, who says leave women and children out of it, treated my sister like crap. That’s the guy you’re working so hard to defend.

Oh, Johnny… when will you learn that whores like that have it coming? We can only hope this story will serve as a wake up call for misguided souls like him.


9 thoughts on “In which my sarcasm might get away from me a little bit…

  1. Thank you for posting. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. There have been so many things about this story that have made me nauseous, not the least of which is the constant “justified” revictimization of Kristina. So gross.

    And somehow Johnny continues to get sexier and sexier with his Sonny rage. If only it was catching.

    • You know I put off watching GH all week because I wasn’t feeling well. But after sitting through five episodes in a row this morning, I felt sick in a completely different way.

      (The Luke stuff literally made my jaw drop. I don’t expect a lot from this show on women’s issues, but this was beyond even my lowest expectations.)

      • Yeah, it has been disgusting. I just kept thinking how Luke apparently has no remorse for what he did to Laura and thought his actions were “understandable.” Barf.

        Yet again GH takes a potentially interesting and poignant story and turns it into a huge pile of misogynistic crap. At least we got to hear Johnny call Sonny a “misogynistic lecherous pig.” Too bad we aren’t supposed to think he is right.

  2. Great post! Luke repulsed me this week! Every comment coming out of his mouth was so derogatory. And everytime he refers to Kristina as “the girl” I want to throw things at the television. GH has gone way off the mark with this storyline. It has become about everything but teenage domestic violence. The victim has become the villain and vice versa. Its ridiculous. Thursday and Friday’s episodes made me less mad, but I know by tomorrow something will happen to remind me how awful this storyline has gotten.

    • Yeah, this isn’t a story about teenage domestic abuse: it’s a story about mob justice, and men’s relationships with other men. It’s… typical GH, actually.

      *le sigh*

  3. Confession time for me…when Ethan first showed up in town and was all “God Lucky you so completely suck for not wanting to be exactly like Luke” I was dying for someone…preferably Lucky of course but anyone as time went on to just hit Ethan with the knowledge that Lucky had some valid reasons for not wanting to be seen as exactly like Luke as he once had been so eager to be. There were some scenes were it seemed that would have been the logical response from Lucky to Ethan when Ethan would hit him with “You were once so close to him and now you aren’t.” And you are totally right too in how a big part of the reason Lucky was able to get passed it was Laura (and Bobbie and Elizabeth to a lesser extent) convinced Lucky it was one bad night (to quote Luke) and it didn’t reflect on the marriage Lucky witnessed growing up. I remember reading back during Lucky’s coma and there were all these spoilers about Skye overhearing about the rape when Elizabeth would challenge Luke’s right to turn off Lucky’s life support by arguing Lucky didn’t want Luke’s input in his life since he found out about it….and then nothing happened. Tony Geary did an interview where he said he was tired of bringing up the rape everytime GH wanted to explore some side of Luke….it was an old well and he couldn’t draw from it anymore. Which clearly explains at least for me why this show continues to bring it up in haphazard fashion or refers to it in the most oblique yet crystal clear terms (like this alleged new understanding Lucky and Luke came to….cause apparenlty the rape was the only thing that Lucky was mad at… wasn’t the abandonment and constant judgement from his father after his mother became ill. You could tell what they were referring to but they would never EVER talk about it directly)

    And if a man knows his son…why did Luke act like Lucky was a bleeding mystery to him for a decade? Didnt’ he have a speech at some point where he declared he understood Lulu more than Lucky? (insert jokes about the show trying to pretend the last decade didn’t happen here…..)

    I’ve decided that the only reason Ethan was accussed was because GH wanted to run a promo of their EMMY WINNERS battling it out…….and thinking “ohhh Emmys…here we come!”

    • Everything about every scene having to do with Luke last week made me want to vomit. Seriously.

      And yeah, if “a man knows his sons” then why has Luke spent the last decade misunderstanding Lucky? Oh, what the hell EVER, GH.

      But you know, it’s not like it’s exactly out of character for Luke to be a sexist ass with some seriously messed up ideas about violence toward women. The problem is that I get the distinct impression we’re not supposed to disagree with him. This freaking show…

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