Today’s PSA: abuse is more than just physical.

All right writers, I think it is time that you and I had another little chat. Because I have had it with being told that Sonny’s not abusive since he “just doesn’t have it in him” to hit a woman.

For one thing, the implication that abuse can only be physical is infuriating. And even worse than that, it encourages the thought process, “well, if he doesn’t hit me then it must be my problem, right?” Wrong.

For another, the idea that physical abuse is somehow “worse” than emotional or verbal abuse is also disgusting. Physical abuse is just easier to see. That doesn’t make verbal and emotional abuse less harmful or despicable.

And finally, abusers often escalate. Just because someone’s never physically hit another person before doesn’t mean it won’t get to that point in the future. Separating these two issues is inappropriate and harmful to anyone who is experiencing abuse and needing to find help.

I do appreciate that Carly mentioned she and Sonny were both emotionally and verbally abusive with one another. But she didn’t mention anything about Sonny actually changing his behavior, despite her claim that she has — which is pretty questionable, in any case, as far as I’m concerned. Sonny continues to manipulate, bully, and verbally assault the people in his life (both his enemies and those he claims to care about) to get what he wants. In real life, his behavior would be painful to those who experience them, and a clear form of abuse. Trying to split hairs about this is completely irresponsible, full stop.

Hey, here’s a thought: if you’re claiming to write a storyline that “every teen MUST watch,” don’t give them fucked up messages that with hurt them more than help.

*steps off soap box*

P.S. Kindly stop ruining one of my favorite characters by making her a deranged lunatic who’s supportive of Sonny to the extent of tampering with witnesses. (Yes, Robin, that is EXACTLY what you are doing.) Caring for Sonny is part of her character; breaking the law and acting unethically is not. And Carly throwing in a smug comment about how inappropriate Robin is (HAH!) just adds insult to injury.

In conclusion: writers, you suck.


3 thoughts on “Today’s PSA: abuse is more than just physical.

  1. It’s bizarre, I truly cannot understand how they reconcile Sonny and Jason as heroes without in any way addressing their behaviors.

    I actually like Carly and Michael’s relationship because he was completely dismissive and disrespectful and it was obviously a learned behavior. He treats his mother the way he’s watched his father and his uncle treat her all his life and she only objects when he insults Jason.

    That little family unit is the most dysfunctional clusterfuck on soaps

  2. Thank you…I couldn’t find the words to express the rage I’ve been feeling watching this BS. I kept wanting someone to add a “yet” to those statements. Such as “Sonny doesnt have it in him to hit a woman yet.” Because that is what I have seen repeatedly.

    As someone who does work with the victims of abuse and neglect I feel very confident in saying that what Sonny does IS ABUSE. No Clintoning of the word “abuse” is going to make what he does ok. (added classy points to GH for doing this message at the start of Child Abuse Prevention Month. ABC which clearly stands for Always Being Classy).

    A large part of the reason that Kristina found herself in an abusive relationship is that is the behavior Sonny modeled as appropriate. His screaming tantrum throwing relationships are what Kristina thinks is normal!!! But this show is so determined to make us feel Sonny is a maytr in this case…that his pain is sooo great…..that it will never be addressed. Sonny won’t change his behavior and his next girlfriend will be treated exactly the way he’s treated Carly, Lily, Brenda, Claudia, Karen, Alexis and any other female that has the unfortunate occassion to cross his path.

  3. HELLZ yeah, to everything you’ve said here.

    I enjoyed Kristina’s dressing down of her sorry excuse for a father, but the minute it became clear that the aftermath would include her running around town asking people if he’d ever abused them, and that the show would use the situation as yet another opportunity to shove the whole Sonny-is-a-martyr thing down our throats every other scene, I was done. Note to Guza: if you have to spend so much time trying to brainwash your viewers into believing your leading man is sympathetic, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.

    As far as Robin is concerned, I agree that they are ruining her character. On what planet would an intelligent person believe that because a friend was nice to you and your boyfriend a million years ago, and threw a lot of blood money at a good cause, it is okay for said friend to repeatedly commit murder and who knows what else? Seriously? STFU Robin.

    Yeah, in order to preserve my sanity, I have fast-forwarded through almost all of the trial thus far, and will continue to do so. I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything that will jump out and surprise me later. Sonny will go free, Claire will not be able to help herself and will inevitably drop her drawers for him, blah, blah, blah.

    Wake me when it’s over.

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