Is it Christmas already?

Is this a late birthday gift? Or an April fools prank?

There has to be some reason TPTB allowed today’s Sonny/Dante scenes. Maybe they’re trying to make up for the ginormous ridiculousness that Kristina’s teen abuse story has become? (Don’t get me wrong, both Nancy Lee Grahn and Lexi Ainsworth are somehow making me emotionally connect to a plot that is beyond over the top, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t still a pile of misogynistic crap.)

ANYWAY, let’s forget about that nonsense and relive some of today’s moments of ecstasy, shall we?

DANTE: Kristina falsely accused Ethan because she was afraid of you. Okay, your daughter was getting her face beat in and she didn’t want to talk about it to anybody because she thought if you found out about it, he’d be a dead man. She’s down there right now, she should be trying to heal, instead she’s terrified that you sent Jason out to kill Kiefer. Nah, you’re so proud of being a good dad. I mean, really, do you think that’s what good dads do, do they — I thought they made kids feel better about themselves not worse.

OH NO HE DIDN’T! But wait, it gets better:

SONNY: I’ve made mistakes with my kids, but do you think I would  intentionally hurt them?

DANTE: Oh, screw your intentions! Really. Michael’s life has become a slow motion train wreck, Morgan was torn apart after he found out you shot me, and Kristina shouldn’t even be in this hospital bed, if not for you. That’s what the common denominator is here,  Sonny — you. You’re so damned selfish. You put everyone after you. I mean, even your kids. Even your kids! The great, powerful Sonny Corinthos comes first and his kids come a distant second.

SONNY: Feel good about yourself?

DANTE: Yeah.

SONNY: You believe what you want to believe.

DANTE: Can you deny the hell you put your kids through?

SONNY: You know what…

DANTE: Answer my question! Can you deny the hell you put your kids through?

SONNY: You’re just looking for reasons to hate me because maybe at one point you didn’t. You’re at war with yourself because maybe somewhere deep down inside you want me to be your father.

DANTE: I don’t want you to be my father and you’re never going to be my father.

Not surprisingly, Sonny subscribes to the old playground mentality that someone treats you badly because they actually like you. Let’s see how that turns out, shall we?

SONNY: You got some mother, I gotta tell you that.

DANTE: You son of a bitch! *totally face punches Sonny*

OMFG, Dante just punched Sonny in the face! Holy Sh*t. That. Was. Awesome.

DANTE: I don’t hate you for what my mother did. I hate you for who you are.

SONNY: Who I am? Okay, you get a free pass on this one, but the next one is gonna cost you, because I tell you what, you are my son, but you can only push me so far.

DANTE: There you are! I haven’t seen that look since you had the gun pointed at me, finger on the trigger. You think I push you too far? Well you come and get me! Anytime.

Wow, I have no words for how amazingly satisfying that was. Dominic Zamprogna gave that his all. Dante’s hate for Sonny was palpable and I loved it.

That was so jaw-droppingly good I think we should all watch it again and bask in the sheer hatred in Dante’s eyes. It is a thing of beauty:

Was it good for you too?


10 thoughts on “Is it Christmas already?

  1. This is one of my all time fantasy scenes come true. Someone really telling the truth to Sonny, pointing out what a crappy selfish father he is and then decking him. I mean, what more can you ask for. What has be confused is Sonny nodding his head “yes” when Dante invited him to “come and get me”.

    If Guza wasn’t behind this and we all know that he’s eventually going to have Dante love his Daddy, I would say keeping their relationship like this would be the most EPIC thing that could take place on GH. I especially like the conflict that Sonny could have to fact between Jason hating Dante and Sonny “loving” him. I mean, really who would Sonny pick if forced to choose.

    I will be sad when they run into each other’s arms and have father/son moments, so I’ll just save today’s episode to make myself remember what could have been.

  2. It was beyond good. It was so satisfyingly beautiful! My poor DVR, I put it to good use just for that scene! DZ just rocked that scene.

  3. Best.Scene.Ever!!!!!!!!!! Dante can be my new fictional soulmate (besides Patrick) I hope the awesome Sonny hate keeps up.

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