I’ve made a huge mistake.

As this blog has grown, I’ve spent an increasing amount of time watching General Hospital. And during this period, as I’ve mentioned before, my husband’s exposure to the show has become more and more frequent. It has gotten to the point where some days after work he will ask me if I want to watch my “stories” with him. Yesterday, he even went to the lengths of pretending our puppy dog wanted to watch the show so that he could turn it on. (Yes, we talk  for our dog. If we don’t, who else will?)

It seems that I have now exposed him to the pain of an unwanted recast. The confusion on his face as he saw the new actor playing Michael was priceless. He kept exclaiming, “he’s not even acting like the same character!” I tried to explain to him that this is something that happens often on soaps. No matter how much I tried to to help him understand, I could not ease his discomfort.

I have to say, he’s not alone in that. This is such a disappointing recast. It’s up there with the recast of Carly after Tamara Braun left, what I regretfully remember as the “horse face” period. Maybe he will grow on me, but his droopy eyes and the fact that he looks like he’s aged about 4 years is unwelcome.

I don’t know what happened to make them let Drew Garrett go, but I hope it was a major issue. Otherwise, they made an incredible mistake that the viewers will have to suffer through.

On a brighter note, we had a few great moments on Monday. Jason’s “Oh, Christ — she got me!” look when Molly said this:

Well no offense, but you do illegal things.

And Alexis’ eye roll when Molly spewed out this sappy delusion:

Jason’s really nice, Sam. I’m glad that you two are in love.

I think Tenillypo is right. That is all NLG, baby. And we love her for it.


11 thoughts on “I’ve made a huge mistake.

  1. I’ve worked nights most of my adult life leaving daytime open for other stuff and in 1975 got seriously hooked on Another World. For some reason I loved the fact that, even though I lived in upstate NY, there was a fictional “Bay City” somewhere between Chicago and Milwaukee and that they made references to places in Iowa. For a number of reasons the characters appealed to me. They were artists, writers, architects – cops and doctors were only peripheral to the stories at that time. These people seemed real to me. The show was taped in NYC and the actors were a lot of Broadway hopefuls. Let’s face it it’s hard to ignore people like Christine Baranski, Ray Liotta, Charles Durning, Anne Heche and a lot more. This show was spawning a lot of talent.

    I was never really embarassed about watching soaps – DOOL was pretty good too at the time – but never made a big deal about it.

    My wife married me twelve years ago knowing that I occasionally caught GH but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when she was off her feet after a foot operation that she started watching it with me. Now I have to tape it every day and thins is a time that we sit on the couch and eat dinner watching the days affair.

    That the show is absolutely senseless now doesn’t really mean much to us. We get to stop the tape and yell at the screen a lot. When Claudia first showed up I said, “Hey! That’s Carly!” And my wife was like – “What?” That was fun explaining it. And SORAS – premature aging of kids – always fa good time. Recasts? Stupid or brilliant, it’s a fact of soaplife. As is, and remember this, nobody ever really dies on a soap. Claudia is alive. Bet the farm on it.

    • It is true that watching with another person that you can laugh about the senselessness with really does enhance the experience ten fold.

    • *facepalm* Good catch. I didn’t have time to work on this yesterday so I tried to get it out too quickly. I stand corrected.

  2. Ok unpopular opinion alert but I like NuMichael….mainly beacuse I am getting the hysterics at the image of him in scenes with Sonny. Since he is clearly hitting over six feet tall and Sonny….well Sonny is not.

    • *shrugs* I don’t think it is necessarily an unpopular opinion. And I am intrigued by your suggestion of the possible hilarity. It is true that it could be wildly entertaining.

      • I’m just saying…it’s clear he’s taller than older brother Dante given the way they are having him haunch his shoulders. Even sitting, it’s obvious Michael is now a giant. Sonny’s ….well to quote Serial Drama here…Sonny’s a weeble. It’s either laughing at the obvious height difference or laughing at the clearly obvious ways this show will inevitably use to disguise that. Win win for the Sonny despisers!

  3. I was really expecting to hate NuMichael but I don’t. I think he’s pretty good. Of course, Drew will always be my favorite. And it will be a travesty if he doesn’t win an Emmy.

    • I just don’t think he looks quite right. But hey, he could grow on me. I also still prefer Drew and the out of nowhere recast still stings. My feelings could change with time. We’ll see.

    • I’m not really saying he’s doing a bad job. I just don’t feel like he fits with the character Michael has become. However, I don’t assume that everyone will feel this way.

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