What does it all mean?

My GH watching has been disjointed lately. My digital cable has been refusing to clearly broadcast the networks these last two weeks, and I’ll be moving soon, so I haven’t had the time or energy to call the stupid cable people and get them to fix it.

The result has been that even though I have been able to watch online (thank you, YouTube!), it’s been more difficult to post. What a time for this to happen! Am I wrong to say that GH has actually been enjoyable to watch lately?Am I reading the show right to think that maybe — just maybe — we are supposed to think Dante is doing the right thing and that Sonny, Jason and Carly are… wait for it… wrong!?!

Yeah, I’m not so sure either. Whenever my gut screams out something about the show, that usually means they intend the exact opposite to happen.

Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel compelled by the clash that is happening. I want to scream at Carly, Jason, and Sonny, but it’s more in defense of Dante than for their selfish shortsightedness.

I also think I may have been a little harsh on nuMichael (Me??? No!!!).  I’m dealing with the transition better than I had thought I would, although I still feel like Michael is almost a different character at this point. They keep mentioning him being angry and impulsive but we haven’t seen any of that behavior since Chad Duell took over the role. If that was the change they were trying to make, I think that Drew Garrett could have done that fairly easily. At any rate, I’m compelled by his relationship with his siblings, especially Dante and Kristina, and I’m interested in where they’re going to take Michael after this plot thread is resolved.

But the most surprising part of this episode is that Spinelli, after devolving into a completely amoral ass, has once again become the voice of reason:

SPINELLI: Dante is a policeman, obviously, but you would be facing the most severe penalty, namely life in prison, should this murder be tied to you. Of equal importance, perhaps even more important, Dante is mister sir’s first born son. He’ll never forgive you for killing him (Ed. note: Oh noes!).

And the loss of Dante would have a grave impact on his new siblings, Kristina, Morgan, even young Michael, who might blame himself for yet another death. And finally, haven’t we learned by now that violence in the wake of violence only serves to perpetuate that tragic cycle? Please, I beg of you, do not do this. Don’t kill Dante. And if the plan is already set in motion, stop it before it’s too late.

It is possible that the writers realized his recent “you must stand aside and let what is set into motion happen, no matter how wrong it is” speech was such a load of bull that they needed to do some rehabilitation? Or… maybe that a different writer wrote today’s episode than that day. You never can tell!

Jason’s attitude and expression were interesting in this scene. It seemed very far from the “fair-minded hitman who needs proof to murder” that they usually give us. His motives are purely revenge at this point. It feels different for Jason. It feels as though they tried to make excuses for Jason’s actions in the past, whereas this time there is no excuse. And to add to that feel, we have Spinelli using rational argument to prevent Jason’s actions instead of bolster them.

I want to believe that in this conflict, GH is trying to show the opposing side’s point of view equally — and even to suggest that the mob side could be wrong. Looking at the plot logically, it would make sense. We all know Michael is going to go free eventually. Could it be that Dante knows what he is talking about? Maybe, maybe not. I’m not so sure Bob Guza can resist the urge to kick the justice system in the balls for the millionth time by having it treat Michael unfairly, while making Dante lose his faith in the system in the process. I REALLY hope that won’t happen. But hell, this is GH — expect the worst… no, that’s it. Just expect the worst.


4 thoughts on “What does it all mean?

  1. I was on the floor when the judge threw the book at everyone for spitting on the law and pointed out if it was up to him personally he’d lock every one of their asses up! Oh sure I’m positive there’s probably some corruption and we’ll find out the shady Player Mayor paid him off or something but calling that entire lot on their crap and telling them they were all facing charges?

    It’s just cruel to tease me with the idea of a family-style jail cell!

    Spinelli being the voice of effing reason blew my brain. I don’t like agreeing with Spinelli. What’s next? Someone will point out this entire mess is Jason’s fault because he came up with the lame cover-up plot to start with?????

    However I’m thinking more along the lines of whenMichael was shot. Oh sure everyone talked a good game about how it changed everything, said all the right things, even did some shocking actions….but really? Did anything change? Nope.

    Fool me once GH…..and I’ll never ever trust you again.

  2. The writers hate us, of course. There is no sentencing somebody without a trial in this country. How can the writers think we are this stupid? But this is what I think will happen based on the foreshadowing.

    Judge Cracker will suspend any jail time. Michael gets court ordered counseling. Judge Cracker will also order that because Michael has been treated so horrendously all his life (limos, money, kidnapings, shootings), he must, even though he is now an adult, go live in a stable environment. And that home is the Quartermaine mansion. Here is your new show.

    Finally General Hospital moves back to some sense of “normalcy.” Imagine if you will this family oriented soap just staring today. All the elements of the Qs and the mansion exist but there’s basically a clean slate with some back story.

    Great-grandpa Edward’s got some offspring from the other side of the family coming to live there. One’s a good kid in med school, the other a bad kid in high school. Grandma Monica’s got Alan John Jr’s brain damaged kid coming to live there on a court order. Ed’s daughter Tracy is married to a lush con-man with a lush con-man son. And the household staff is being run by a semi-pro wrestler superpatriot. Comedy ensues!

    Just think of it. No sign of of Carly until she gets to visit Mike. No sign of Sonny until Monica introduces Michael to her brain damaged son, Jason. And that’s to show him how much trouble he could get into if he was living with his mother. Of course, now he’s living in the same house as his great-uncle the lovable lush con-man but…..

    Action actually takes place in the setting the show is named for. There are actual doctors and nurses on the show. There are plenty of side characters to work with. It would be nice to see more of Epiphany and whatever family she has left. I would especially enjoy Olivia, the hard-working cop-mom who has hooked up with Johnny, the much younger hard-working grease-monkey whose dad is in a mental institution because he thinks he’s a big-time mob crime boss.

    That could be a good show.

  3. Here is one of my biggest problems with GH right now – whenever mulitple characters say OVER and OVER that something is BOUND to happen – the writers take the opposite turn (Nicholas being the father of Liz’s baby, etc). It seems to me that since everyone is saying that Michael will get no jail time and some sort of community service/counseling – the opposite will happen.

    The judge will sentence Michael harshly, therefore souring the justice system even more in the eyes of Sonny, Carly, Jason, et al – and furthering the rift between them and Dante. Michael will be f’d up because now he is in jail, his own brother turned him in, Jason will go after Dante therefore causing further guilt to Michael, and he will be pushed even more into a life of crime.

    Sad fate but I think it’s likely.

  4. Sorry but Jason ,Carly, Sonny are never wrong on GH and the mob isn`t either how backwords is that in a storryline like this but this is Bob Guza for he loves the mob .

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