I love you, Dante Falconeri.

I honestly love it when I’m wrong about this show.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been cringing every time they brought up Lulu’s abortion. But strangely enough, this reaction has been because this conflict MAKES SENSE IN THE CONTEXT OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND THE PLOT!! I may just fall over and die from shock.

Carly going all crazy cakes and trying to use this semi-secret as a way to break up Lulu and Dante is an amazingly soapy plot point.  Lulu’s internal conflict about telling Dante the truth has been built up over months. MONTHS! Dante’s own personal story makes it clear why she would worry about his reaction. This is exactly what we’re talking about when we ask for organic storytelling!

The writing has also built up Lulu and Dante’s dedication to one another, and my belief in their relationship has resulted in some truly ambivalent feelings about how this situation would play out.  Since this is GH (and I didn’t hit my head, contract a case of amnesia and forget the last five or so years — that’s being kind, I know), I knew that there was a strong possibility that Dante would turn on Lulu and become a judgmental prick.  I am so happy to say that didn’t happen:

DANTE: Why don’t you tell me what’s going on? Look, I know something’s got you upset, and you’ve been feeling this way for a while. Is it something about me?
LULU: No, it’s… well it’s kinda… it is something I have to tell you.
DANTE: Well, you can tell me anything.
LULU: I know. It’s just, it’s something that’s really hard to say to anyone. And I just don’t want you to have to know this about me.
DANTE: Okay, well, hey — before you say anything. Nothing is going to change anything. Okay? I love you.
LULU: I love you too. So much. That’s what makes this really hard.
Dante: It’s just you and me. You can tell me.
LULU: It’s about that, um, guy that your friend Brooke mentioned, Dylan. Um, a long time ago, years ago, I was like obsessed with him and I wanted him to like me. So I, um, slept with him and it was my first time. I got pregnant. I was young and I was stupid, I mean I was still a teenager and I was terrified. I didn’t know the first thing about raising a child, so I made the choice that made sense to me. I had an abortion. I know how you feel about your mom and everything, and I know how you feel about abortions, so if this changes how you feel about me, I can totally accept it.
DANTE: It makes me love you and respect you even more. You made an incredibly difficult choice to make, but you did the one that was right for you.  I know you, Lulu, and I know your heart. And I know you followed it. You made the decision you had to make. I’m not going to judge you for that. I love you so much and nothing is going to change that.

Can you hear that? That is the sound of my heart all a flutter! This may be one of the most romantic things I’ve heard on GH for years. I am so happy about this speech I can’t even make this a backhanded compliment.

Well done, show. Well done.


7 thoughts on “I love you, Dante Falconeri.

  1. Seriously. That was everything I could have hoped for an more.

    Also, it’s crazy to me how often I used to hear that JMB was the reason none of Lulu’s previous relationships worked. Cleary, both she and Brandon Barash both have chemistry to spare when paired with the right person and given writing that works….

  2. SO beautiful!! So beautiful that I, also, am waiting for the other shoe to drop – always. Can General Hospital actually let this amazing couple be happy for too long?? I certainly hope so!! I am in LOVE with this couple. Can any man be more perfect??

  3. As of right now Dante and Lulu’s relationship is the only good thing going on right now. I’m so glad Lulu decided to tell Dante about her abortion before Carly had one more thing to use against her. I’m sure Carly will succeed in being able to break them up in another way soon enough, at least temporarily, but what a relief to know it won’t be because of this.

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