Who knew they had it in them?

I’ll be honest: I’ve held off commenting on this latest turn in the saga of “Sonny Corinthos: Wife Beater or Puppy Lover?” thus far because I just wasn’t sure where they were going with it.  I mean, these are the same writers that recently had him demand — without a single hint of irony — that Claire, a woman he once threatened to have murdered to her face, assure him she didn’t believe he had ever been abusive (sorry, “physically” abusive — even Sonny wasn’t delusional enough to make that an unqualified denial) toward women.

So hitting = abuse, but killing = hunky dory. Gotcha.

(Also, I can tell already that they’re ramping up for the next iteration of All Sonny’s Women with Claire and it just makes me so very tired, you guys.)

But all that is beside the point because the last few days? The show seems set on proving me wrong. It wasn’t that long ago that we were lamenting the show’s take on verbal abuse (namely, that it… doesn’t exist). But, oh, how the worm has turned! Just listen to Carly lay this bit of truth on Sonny:

CARLY: Can’t you still hear us? I mean, I can. I can hear the yelling, and things breaking. I can hear you calling me a faithless whore, screaming at the top of your lungs that I’m worthless, you know? I’ve never seen anyone get as angry as you. And your rage, Sonny, your rage is overwhelming. You zero in on what’s weak in someone and you hammer away. You dismantle it piece by piece. And I look back and I’m horrified at myself. I’m horrified that I put up with it, that I rationalized it, and I participated in it. But that was my illness. I stayed with you, and I let it happen over and over again. A vicious cycle. And you know what, Sonny? It’s called abuse.

How awesome was that? Honestly, between making jokes about that funny time Sonny shot her in the head while she was GIVING BIRTH TO HIS CHILD and this next bit of spot-on dialog, Carly Corinthos Jacks, ladies and gentlemen… was my personal hero yesterday:

CARLY: You can abuse someone without lifting a finger. It’s not about bruises and scars.
SONNY: You’re splitting hairs.
CARLY: No, you’re in denial. Think about Kristina. She’s lied; she’s talked back. She’s behaved badly. Would you want Kristina to be with someone who treats her the way you treated me?


Meanwhile, Kristina’s therapy session with Sonny (being his typically aggressive, defensive, controlling self, natch) was actually… well done? I don’t quite know how to handle all this agreeing with the show. When Sonny came back to apologize to Kristina and offer to go back to therapy with her, I was actually mildly touched (which just goes to show how very low the bar has been set in terms of Sonny behaving like a marginally decent human being, but whatever). I love that she shut him down in no uncertain terms, though. Because Sonny’s remorse never does actually change anything, and Kristina is finally wising up to the way that pattern works.

Can they possibly be leading to some (*gasp*) growth and change for Sonny after a decade of douchitude? I find it hard to believe, frankly, but if that paves the way for Brenda to waltz onto the canvas in August to find a new and improved Sonny Corinthos, then I sure as hell wouldn’t be complaining. For once. (It will be a strange experience for everyone, I’m sure.)


3 thoughts on “Who knew they had it in them?

  1. I too have been refraining from posting anything about the Sonny abuse storyline because everytime I think Sonny might be getting the fact that abuse isn’t always physical he turns around and says something like “I’m nothing like Kiefer.” “I have never crossed that line and hit a woman.” (but as you pointed out he would kill one) lol! I feel like we are seeing a replay of when he shot Dante and it didn’t matter how many times someone pointed out to him that it was wrong all he could say was “I wouldn’t have shot him if I had known he was my son.” I hope GH actually takes the time to explore this and let the character of Sonny grow a little bit. I don’t see what harm that could do. In fact it might actually provide more ways to go in the storylines.

    • Yeah, every time he starts off his explanation by blaming Johnny for Kristina’s “confusion,” I *facepalm* pretty hard. Clearly… he is not getting it. But I between the talk with Carly, Olivia’s advice about making a change, and Dante’s KICKASS SPEECH of RIGHTEOUS TRUTHTELLING RAGE, it really does seem like the writers sort of get it this time. I don’t know. This will probably end with them kicking us in the face as usual, but I’m kind of baffled by why they would be hammering this point so hard if they didn’t really want to go there, you know?

      God, I feel like Charlie Brown, running for that damn football.

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