So, that happened.

STEVEN: Oh, Robin. Hi. Didn’t hear you come in. BECAUSE THE GUN SHOW WAS TOO LOUD. Get it?

ROBIN: Wow. Well. I don’t really have a response to that. Can I get your opinion on a patient?
STEVE: Sure, sure. You don’t mind if I rub this oil all over my gleaming pecs while we do this consult, do you?
STEVE: That’s not weird and inappropriate, is it?
ROBIN: Not at all. Hey, speaking of weird and inappropriate, can we talk about the state of my marriage for a minute?
STEVE: I see nothing inappropriate about that. Continue.
ROBIN: Great. So, I think your ex-girlfriend is after my man. Do you think you could maybe fire her or something?
STEVE: Gee, I’d love to, Robin. But I totally tapped that a few weeks ago, which — come to think of it — might have been a little unprofessional, considering I’m her boss.

Anyway, even though she’s now obviously batshit, I can’t get rid of her without exposing the hospital to another massive lawsuit on top of that whole ‘lost a baby’ mess we’re already facing. My bad.
ROBIN: I think your grandfather would be be really proud of the way you’re running things around here.


Speaking of hallucinations, work has been crazy lately, so I fully admit I might have missed something. But can someone explain to me when, exactly, the world went all topsy-turvey and Sonny Corinthos began making sense?

SONNY: Okay, I think you should really listen to Olivia. This baby thing is ridiculous. It’s a bad idea.

WORD, CORINTHOS. WORD. (I… feel so dirty having just typed that.)

Maybe I’ve fast forwarded through some crucial bit of exposition — this is all some sort of clever plot to win Sonny’s trust and bring him down, right? Claire hasn’t actually decided that the one man who can give her the sperm she needs is a career criminal who’s already fathered seven (SEVEN!) other children and ruined the lives of nearly all of them, and who she’s admitted might be emotionally and possibly even physically abusive toward women on a regular basis… has she? Please tell me this isn’t for real. Anyone? Bueller?

Psst, Claire… baby, listen: dimples — though nice! — are not actually that rare. And they have these marvelous things called sperm banks now, which can provide all sorts of specific characteristics! Without irrevocably staining your career by tying yourself to a mobster you’ve already failed to prosecute once! Or exposing your child to mayhem and violence for the rest of its life! Think about it, okay?


7 thoughts on “So, that happened.

  1. Hee! I was dying of laughter during the scene with Steve and Robin! Especially when he put on that what? gel? cologne? sexy man oil? I don’t know, but despite the ridiculousness of that scene Scott Reeves made me drool. I’m a fan of ridiculous reasons for men taking their shirt off.

    Okay, I almost posted about this Claire plot, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t think it is clear that this is some sort of plot to help her work Sonny. I’m really hoping it is because otherwise WTF??!?? Why would anyone think that is a good idea? It makes me cringe every time they talk about it. Blech.

    • It was obviously Sexy Man Pec Gel. Duh.

      All I can hope for with the Claire plot is that Guza thinks he’s building to a “clever” “twist” wherein we learn she’s really pulling one over on Sonny. It’s a faint hope, but it’s the only thing keeping from vomiting, so… yeah.

  2. “”Oh, Robin. Hi. Didn’t hear you come in. BECAUSE THE GUN SHOW WAS TOO LOUD. Get it?””” — Not only do I get it, I haven’t laughed that hard in a while!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!

  3. I dont really care WHY Scott had his shirt off, and was rubbing that oil (?) on himself. I just want him to do it again:) Conversation was a little ridiculous under the circumstances, but who cares?!?! I would gladly listen to that stupid conversation again, and again, if Scott would keep that shirt off. He is adorable

    • Oh, don’t think I’m complaining at all. :) Randomly half-naked hot people are never a bad thing in my book, and the surreal unprofessionalness of the whole conversation was more entertaining than any other part of the show, by FAR.

      They should really give Scott Reeves a chance to do more love scenes. Clearly, he is ready and waiting to show some skin.

      • they won’t give scott reeves the opportunity because that would mean telling a story that isn’t “sonny-centric.” Plus it would telling stories on General Hospital that are about wait for it… people who actually WORK at General Hospital. Between the waste of talented actors and my newfound Spinelli-hate. I swear to Gawd this show.

        I just watched a marathon of this week’s shows and I rolled my eyes so much I spraigned them. Thank the lord Vanessa M is coming back or I’d be done with this violent, awful crap that Guza calls a soap. It’s times like this that I wish I’d let my Puerto Rican grandma teach me spanish so I could start watching Telenovellas.

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