Apparently, it could always get worse.

So, you may have noticed that I have been MIA for a while. My husband and I are expecting an addition to our family in a few months and the exhaustion of pregnancy has made thinking too hard about GH intolerable.

Most of my reactions to the last few months have consisted of gems like “Ack,” “vomit,” “WTF!,” and “My eyes, my eyes!” Thankfully, Tenillypo has kept the blog  afloat and pretty much channels all my thoughts in a much more articulate way that I am capable of at this time.

But I couldn’t pass up posting about this segment on the Colbert Report. Apparently, Days of Our Lives has started using extreme product placement to pay the bills. The full video can be seen here.

I have no words for how uncomfortable this clip makes me. I thought watching GH was painful. This is a whole other level of badness. I hope and pray that GH stays popular enough to not face that sort of insult. It’s hard enough to watch the show’s fabulous talent try to sell the writers’ crazy-assed stories.  They don’t deserve to have to add awful commercial segments into the mix.


8 thoughts on “Apparently, it could always get worse.

  1. As good as DOOL is right now, and I mean polar opposite of everything on GH, it’s horrible that they add these product placements in every so often because it overshadows everything else on the show.

      • Wow. That is one of the most uncomfortable and hilarious things I’ve ever watched. And yet — can you even imagine how much worse a midol commercial would be in Guza’s hands? I shudder to think of the concentrated sexism that would bring out.

    • I don’t watch Days, so it is very sad to hear that the plot is actually entertaining. These spots would completely throw me out of the story and make me cringe with embarrassment. I can’t even imagine how intolerable GH would be with them.

      • They do take you out of the story. I remember when I first saw the Midol one I was like wait, what? Did she just say she had cramps? What’s going on, then I saw the box and was like oh, you have got to be kidding me! They don’t even try to make them look natural,w hich is sad because the storylines are actually quite good right now. Of course GH has lowered my standards quite a bit. I watch GH, then DOOL everyday, so after GH DOOL seems amazing! lol!

  2. I know they’ve only just skipped this year’s batch in February…but GH does do these things..and just as horrible. If not worse. Come on…the yearly ad for “Buy Campbell’s soup and save your heart” anyone? (I have supressed memories of Max interrupting someone’s post cotial glow to talk abotu how Diane just won’t take care of her stress level or eat the soup he bought her from Campbell’s that lowers cholesteral. MAKE THE PAIN STOP MOMMY) Jake’s is totally the type of establishment to have a giant movie poster of Nine and Coleman is SUCH the perfect character to talk about it scene?

    Since GH came in dead last in the ratings the week of Thanksgiving….oh we’re going to get more.

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