Not enough UGH in the world.

It’s hard to say whether this show’s history of integrating “modern” technology into storylines is more offensive or embarrassing. I mean, blog wars, the text message killer, Spinelli’s entire existence… it’s a toss up, really.

But, hey! Someone on the writing staff just discovered YouTube. So I’m sure that will turn out well.

ELIZABETH: Lisa’s telling her story to the world. Literally.

Actually, Liz, she’s not literally telling the world unless you want me to believe that every single person on the entire planet obsessively checks this one stupid website as often as you apparently do.

So, anyway, Lisa’s posted an “anonymous” confession video on the internet — proving that the writers have about as much understanding of how anonymity works as they do of the law, basic principals of medicine, or the time it takes to travel from upstate New York to anywhere else on the planet. But whatever — which is naturally going to catapult her into instant internet fame for some reason. (Look, just go with it.)

How airing her dirty laundry in public in the most juvenile, fame-whorish way possible will make her look good and Robin look extra crazy remains to be seen. Except, of course, that  the writers seem bound and determined to make this story’s victim into it’s most stupid, unsympathetic character, so we should probably expect to shortly see Robin chasing Lisa around the hospital with a chainsaw, then acting surprised when no one believes that Lisa’s the crazy one.

(My new theory about Lisa, by the way, is that she’s got a split personality Jekyll/Hyde thing going on, and the one really has no idea what the other one’s up to. Or maybe I’m just desperately grasping at straws to keep from going crazy over how monotonous this story has become.)

Remind me why I was excited to see this character return?

In other news, apparently Jerry Jacks is coming back. I know this because the writers managed to drop his name into the dialog roughly eight thousand times in the space of forty minutes today. It was an impressive feat of anti-subtlety, even for this show.

And here I thought the only reason to be sad about Sebastian Roche leaving Fringe was that I’d miss his delightful shirtless snarking! I can’t believe I was so short-sighted.

SAM: You have to admit it’s kind of a stretch for Siobhan to say she hears the name Jack and now everyone thinks it’s Jerry Jax. [Ed note: You think?]
JASON: Yeah, I know it’s a long-shot, but you know, maybe all the attention Jerry brought to himself was the perfect cover.

Sure! That makes perfect sense! And doesn’t at all contradict the previous background built for this character. (Which in itself was already a contradiction of the original background for the character.) I sure can’t wait to see what new ways they come up with to butcher logic and history in order to shoehorn Jerry into this story and then let him get away free and clear when it’s over!

I’m officially starting the count down to Sam getting sexually menaced now. Let’s give it until the end of the week, shall we? You know, just to be sporting.


12 thoughts on “Not enough UGH in the world.

  1. Thanks for relieving me of the ordeal of actually having to wrap my mind around this story arc enough to blog about it because I honestly don’t know if I could have found a way to articulate my frustration.

    I wondered the same thing, how is a video posting anonymous? And how is this actually helping Lisa in her quest to destroy Robin? Is she hoping to motivate a mob of teenage girls to exact revenge on Robin? Why doesn’t she just make a “Mean Girls” type book about Robin and call it a day? And why oh why does her hair always look so greasy? Is she too preoccupied by the thought of destroying Robin that she forgets to wash it?

    • I was so happy when Lisa came back because I do find the character entertaining. But this story’s gone nowhere new or interesting since Robin got out of that well. It’s like they’re stuck in a creative loop or something. So tiresome. Lisa’s plans don’t make sense. Robin looks like an out of control idiot, and Patrick is working my last nerve every time he doubts her, and now Johnny and Nikolas are inexplicably getting drawn in? ::sigh::

      • I loved this storyline for a while too. It had been too long since I saw a good crazy, obsessed ex storyline and I really thought this one had potential. I think it should have reached some sort of conclusion when Lisa got carted off to Shadybrook, now there is no rhyme or reason to anything. I feel like I’m watching repeats of the same old stuff. It’s a complete mess. What I wanted to happen was for them to explain Lisa’s craziness through some sort of brain tumor or something like that that was affecting her judgment and personality. Then Patrick would have to perform surgery on her in order to save her life, opening up the door for a real triangle down the road.

  2. GH has become an embarrassment. I hate what they have done to Scrubs and their story. Lisa has outlived her usefulness – not that I ever found her useful, but I digress. It’s well beyond time for a new head writer on this show..or a new boss at ABC Daytime to fire Guza…I am not picky.

    And, Jerry Jax again?? I love Sebastian Roche- he’s a great actor and he was chillingly great as Mr. Craig. It’s when Guza deciced to redeem him to give him a contract on the show by destroying Jerry Jax’s character is where everything went to hell. Sound familar? I believe he’s now trying to do it with Lisa too. Except of course, Mr. Craig was a good character and Sebastian a great actor…just saying.

    • I think there’s room for Lisa on the canvas, but not the way they’ve been using her. You’re right, it’s exactly the same issue they had with Jerry — once a character crosses a certain line of villainy, you really have to justify it to keep them around. I don’t think there’s much a soap character can do that can’t be redeemed, but redemption must be real and earned to work. The writers either can’t be bothered or don’t know how. Or both. It’s deeply unsatisfying.

  3. *Forehead slap* Oh, man. Dual personality? That would explain everything. She goes to shadybrook and fools all the doctors who have never seen anything like it before!

    • They need to do SOMETHING to make what she’s doing not entirely her fault if they want to keep her around as viable character. Or, at least — if these writers weren’t hacks, that’s what they’d need to do. As it is, who the hell knows…

  4. *quote*if these writers weren’t hacks,*quote*

    Therein lies the problem. I don’t know what, besides firing Guza, can be done to redeem any storyline on this soap at this point. I’m not even watching it in it’s entirety anymore…thanks YouTube.

    They have dragged this Lisa storyline on for so long, I really don’t care what happens to any of the parties involved. We have to give them credit though; they sure know how to beat a dead horse.

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