The Charming men of Port Charles.

The men on this show often make me groan with the craziness that comes spewing out of their mouths on a regular basis. But the past two weeks have been extra special. Worst part? Sonny and Jason have become the most tolerable ones in the bunch. What is happening!?!

Let’s start with the slightly irritating before heading into sexist pig land: first, Jax. His obsession with Brenda while declaring his love for Carly is obnoxious.

It makes me feel sorry for Carly! If it was my husband falling all over himself to help his ex-girlfriend, I’d be pretty peeved myself. He (and every other man on this show) needs to cut this Brenda worship out.

Next on my list is Luke. Poor, poor baby Luke has to run around town feeling sorry for himself because he will have to marry the woman he loves and sign a prenup (gasp!) to keep from loosing her. You see, commitment is equal to death, even commitment to a woman like Tracey, who is cool enough to be the only woman to ever understand Luke. (*eyeroll*) Oh, and Luke has absolutely no way to pay for this wedding, in case you haven’t heard. Feel very, very bad for him. He has apparently never heard of a credit card.

Of course, Ethan is the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to his attitude about women. In the last few weeks he has told Maya that it wouldn’t be his fault if he slept with another woman because “a man has needs.” Barf. Yes, he is so IN LOVE with Maya that not only would he consider sleeping with another woman to satisfy his hormones, but he has no problem trying to coerce Maya into sleeping with him again with an ultimatum because he knows she wants it, too. Amirite?

As if that wasn’t bad enough (it was), Ethan’s gone on to further demonstrate his lack of respect or care for anyone else by going along with Johnny’s latest plot to ruin himself as a character.

Johnny now finds it perfectly acceptable to protect a man who is menacing Sam around Port Charles, and he also thinks it’s just peachy to cover for a crazy lady who is putting another woman in danger as long as it covers his own ass. He and Ethan even had a good laugh about black mailing “crazy” Lisa Niles with no apparent concern about the fact that she was TRYING TO DRUG ROBIN IN THE HOSPITAL. Top that off with the fact that there seemed to be some implication Johnny was also blackmailing Lisa to sleep with him and we have a winning story that has completely demolished this once lovable character.

Screw you, writers.

Finally, there’s Dante. What’s happening with Dante bothers me most of all because he has the farthest to fall. His remembered love for Brenda is the most ridiculous part of having her character take over every single plot on the show. The way he has dealt with it has not at all been consistent with his previous characterization. He loves Lulu so much, but not enough to actually tell her that he had feelings for Brenda. This is obviously going to blow up Dante and Lulu and I think the whole story is a steaming pile of crap.

The only male character I’m interested in watching on this show right now is Michael.

I wasn’t really into his relationship with Abby at first, but she totally won me over when she stood up to screeching Carly. And Michael explaining why he cares about her to anyone who will listen has helped me buy into his feelings for her. I hate how the relationship started, but I think it has potential to give Michael the story he deserves.

Too bad this means that in about a week they will find a way to ruin it all in the most offensive way possible. After all, this is still GH.


6 thoughts on “The Charming men of Port Charles.

  1. I completely agree with this.. and yes, they have ruined the character of Dante and the precious love story of Lante. I can understand that he has had feelings for someone else in the past, HOWEVER that shouldn’t mean that he should be “stuck on stupid”. He needs to tell Lulu (if he can find her, she’s been MIA since Brenda showed up) and tell her his feelings. What started out as a honest and noble guy (aside from the undercover thing, that was his JOB) and made him out to be a liar. The love story that was once a joy to watch is now making me cringe because I know Dante thinks about Brenda ALL the time (along with every other men on the show). on a positive note, LOVE Michael now… voice of reason. Hope they give him an awesome storyline (not holding my breath )

  2. I hate what they have done to Dante and Johnny as well. Both of these characters have been so well-liked in the past and now they are doing things that are so out of character. And I am so sick of Tracy and Luke bringing up what a terrible person Dante is when they do not have any reason to think this other than the fact that he is Sonny’s son and a cop. They don’t know about his past with Brenda or what he did to protect her.

    I, too hated and still hate how the Abby/Michael storyline began. I really thought Sam was going to try to tell Michael that Abby was too old for him the other day. Yes Michael, Abby is too old to date, but not too old for you to lose your virginity to, apparently. The thought of how these two got started makes it really difficult for me to invest in them now even though I think they complement each other really well. I just wish they had met at some support group or something instead of a would be booty call that Sam arranged.

  3. I love Michael and Abby. I think they are the most genuine thing going right now. They’re the only ones I can even stomach besides S&B but Guza, true to form, is even messing that up for me.

    Dante’ being soooooo in love with Brenda after a few days is laughable. Even if he did have feelings for her, which I don’t doubt, it’s been so long ago and he’s in love with Lulu (allegedly) that it shouldn’t mean anything. I’m having a really hard time following this storyline. Why am I surprised…I guess I’m not, that’s what I get for hoping. Fire Guza!!!!!!

  4. Remember when it was announced that Brenda was coming back and Guza promised us that the show wasn’t going to become Brenda Hospital? Ohh the laugh I had that day.

    The past few years have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt the only thing that makes Luke Spencer interesting is Laura and her forgiveness/love of him. I’m not even a huge LL1 fan but ever since Laura left….he’s been an unbarable sexist pig to watch. I never ever thought I would say this when I started watching this show, but Tony Geary’s vacations can’t come fast enough for me and he can stay on them as long as he wants.

    I don’t really mind the Jax thing so much outside of the BRENDA BRENDA BRENDA focus since that is basically the exact same crap Carly pulls on him all the frigging time so I kinda dig the turnabout is fair play angle there. Of course I’ve seen the show before and I know that’s not how the writers want me to see it.

    Ethan’s mere existance has bugged me since minute one so that just upped my usual irritation with him from ten to eleven. I think the show wants us to see just how much like Luke Ethan is (A favorite theme it seems when Tony Geary is back from vacation) but yeah…does anyone REALLY like that side of Luke? And if they do….I want names and addresses so I can smack them.

    As for Dante…if Brenda’s opinion of him holds sooo much sway…think she can convince him to loose the Chachi hair? I wouldn’t begrudge her the entire epsidoe’s worth of scenes you know Guza would take to do a ten second conversation if she could make it happen.

  5. What are they doing to Johnny? I’m afraid they’re trying to make him into the “bad” mobster to Sonny and Jason’s “good” mobster. Basically turning him into the next Manny, Faith, Alcazar, or into his father, and those characters tend to end up dead, which is a shame because Johnny has been up to this point one of the few non-douchey guys on the show. I might be able to suck it up if I thought Johnny and Lisa had great chemistry together, but I think Johnny and Olivia have better chemistry together and I don’t even like Jolivia.

    I can’t really get into Michael and Abby together because they basically have the same conversation over and over again. Also, Abby seems to only speak in a gently soothing quasi-therapist voice which comes off entirely unnatural to me.

  6. I think that how does one think they are in love with someone after only knowing them for two weeks. It took Dante sometime to actuly know that he was in love with Lulu. It take time to know what you are feeling is real. Just because one has feelings for someone else does not me it shortchange the feelings they have for the person they are with. Sometime we might love more than one person, it just to what degree do we love them. If he is the one to tell the truth then it can go a long way for Lulu to forgive him in the end. We will just have wait and see.

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