Can’t snark. Too much nog.

I think we could all use a little girding in the face of next week’s inevitable transportation catastrophe. (Seriously, you would think that by now people in this town would know to avoid going anywhere in a large group. Has that ever not ended in disaster?)

Happily, that rule was broken for Tracy and Luke’s surprisingly delightful wedding. Sure, the show’s apparently given up on the hospital Christmas party tradition altogether, and sure, the groom’s sister and bride’s sister-in-law, in whose house the wedding took place, were both inexplicably absent, but… frankly, we’ll take what we can get.

So here are all the things that made me smile this week on General Hospital:

These two usually leave me cold, but what can I say? I’m a sucker for both weddings and sincerity. Plus, look how happy they both are! And at the same time, for once! A Christmas miracle, indeed.

Probably one of the last happy Dante/Lulu moments we’ll be getting for a while, so drink it up, me hearties.

Molly’s always more enjoyable when you can’t hear her talking, isn’t she? Anyway, Sam’s happiness over having a family to decorate her Charlie Brown tree with warmed even my cold, dead heart.

Matt, making both Maxie and me smile after she reminded us all that Georgie’s dead, Felicia’s gone, and the Scorpio homestead is ashes. Thanks, Matt. I really needed that smile.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Tracy look this happy when she wasn’t gloating over someone else’s misfortune. (It goes without saying that Jane Elliot, as always, was fabulous throughout this entire episode.)

Who else misted up when Edward told Lila’s picture that their “difficult daughter” was finally happy?

I love Patrick’s expression here — as if he, too, is wondering why the hell their Christmas tree is purple. Also, props for attempting that turtleneck, Pat:

Note to normal men: do not try this look at home. It will not go as well for you without those delightfully elfin cheekbones.

How did Lulu and her step-monster become one of my favorite relationships on the show?

Yes, I sniffled a little when Jason called Edward “grandfather.” I AM NOT MADE OF STONE, PEOPLE.

Then, there’s this:

I have feelings about the way the Sonny/Brenda reunion’s been bungled. And I DEFINITELY have feelings about this rushed proposal. But those feelings don’t belong in a squee post, so I’ll save them for another time and simply say this: they both looked very pretty here. Yum.

Merry Christmas, all! If you’re celebrating, we hope you have good food, good company, and an absence of drama. If you’re not celebrating… we hope the same thing. See you all next week!


5 thoughts on “Can’t snark. Too much nog.

  1. Maybe the Drake Christmas tree was purple because it’s Emma’s favorite color? There were bears supposedly on the tree (which is absolutely adorable and plausible that Robin and Patrick would put them on for her). When my nephews were little, my sister only put soft ornaments on the tree so nothing would get broken.

    • The bears thing is completely adorable. Also, I hope they never recast Emma, because those girls playing her are too awesome.

      (Christmas was great at my house, thanks. Now I’m relaxing with my pile of books and watching the snow fall. :)

    • Maybe she’s testing Sonny’s commitment to her?

      (I chose that screen cap because the awful dress was cut off and the dark backdrop made the hair… mess… less noticeable. But I was also in a rush when I made it, and so somehow completely failed to notice the the weird burn scar/alien worm thing happening on her neck. What is up with that?)

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