You had me at Cameron Webber.

Let’s talk about the bus crash! The ridiculous physics, bizarre pacing, and weirdly anti-climactic family interactions aside — how could I ever hate a story that’s given so much face time to adorable Cameron Webber?

And maybe it’s just diminished expectations at work, but… it’s nice to have a General Hospital mass tragedy that doesn’t take a month of endless, repetitive flash forwards to unfold. In and out in less that a week! That’s what I like to see!

First things first, however.

Dear General Hospital actors: I know that you all work in California, so maybe you’ve never experienced real cold. But trust me — when most people are actually freezing to death, the very first thing they do is ZIP THEIR DAMN COATS UP ALL THE WAY:

Of course, in a story where we’re asked to believe that a bus went over a cliff and every single passenger managed to get thrown completely clear with almost no injuries, I guess it would be nitpicky to complain about unrealistic fashion choices. And Lord knows we hate to be nitpicky around here.

Speaking of which, I had to laugh when this post about the overuse of Hallelujah covers popped up on my RSS feed yesterday morning. Never let it be said that if a concept has already been beaten to death, General Hospital won’t jump right on and try to keep riding it!

(I also had to laugh when the summary for yesterday’s episode was a coy warning that “someone collapses.” As if anyone who’d ever watched television before had any doubt that Kristina’s Red Shirt friend — with the head injury, tragically stoic attitude, and more dialog in the last two days than she’s gotten in the last four months combined — would be dropping dead before the hour was up. RIP, Krissy’s somewhat annoying friend! Better you than one of the very few characters on this show I actually like.)

Characters I like includes the Davis girls united:

How cute are they? Even annoying Molly, who has really begun to work my last nerve with her overly precocious know it all-ism. (Strangely, the one literary reference — though I hate to use the word “literary” anywhere near Twilight — of hers that I haven’t hated was her telling Michael all about the plot of her vampire books. Maybe because that feels like something a kid her age would actually do.)

Alexis freaking out before the girls were rescued was predictably entertaining. And you know that just about the only time I enjoy Sonny anymore is when he’s calming Alexis down from a major freak out. In fact, Sonny came out of this whole ordeal surprisingly well. He was patient and kind with Alexis and not only didn’t get into a pissing contest with Jax at Morgan’s bedside, but actually went so far as to acknowledge what a good father Jax has been to Sonny’s kids.

(Granted, that’s pretty much the baseline of decent behavior you might expect from a normal human being. But for Sonny, we take what we can get.)

The category of characters I actually like has also surprisingly come to include Michael and Abby. I can’t help it — that happy smile on his face when they finally found each other at the end of the episode warmed the cockles of even my cold, jaded heart:

(Don’t get me wrong. The ‘stripper with a heart of gold’ thing is still clichéd and annoying as hell, and the way they introduced her character was… well, offensively stupid doesn’t really begin to cover it. But they’ve backtracked enough from the prostitute angle for me to tolerate this story, and the two of them have some honestly cute chemistry together. Plus, she makes Carly crazy. And we could never consider that a character flaw around here.)

So go team Abby/Michael 4-Eva! Or… at least until the writers lose interest and/or she’s brutally murdered in the next bit of “shocking” mob violence.

Of course, now that there’s apparently a new non-white surgeon in town, Abby may have a run for her money as “character most likely to be knocked off in senseless fashion during sweeps.” Doctor Lawsuit Waiting to Happen is cute and all, but I’m not going to get too attached, if you know what I’m saying.

I also predict that he and Maya will shortly become embroiled in a lackluster love triangle that will fizzle and be forgotten by the writers within a month. Prove me wrong, writers! I dare you! (Seriously… prove me wrong. Please.)

Speaking of lawsuits, how was Steve allowed anywhere near an operating table after being in a serious accident the same day? Between crazy!Lisa still being on staff, babies being stolen by psychos, doctors who don’t even work there practicing medicine on patients, and now doctors with head wounds operating on patients with head wounds… it is AMAZING to me that Theo is the only one who’s sued lately.

Finally, I was shocked (SHOCKED) when Jason and Elizabeth were not only allowed to make eye contact, but also to actually acknowledge that Jake is Jason’s son. Frankly, I thought the writers had forgotten.

The casting director clearly hasn’t forgotten, because that kid is the spitting image of Steve Burton:

Kudos, as always, casting director! I’m sorry that the writers regularly squander your awesome finds.

Coming up, I look forward to seeing the rest of Dominic Zamprogna’s Emmy reel. But I swear to God, if Olivia dies and they don’t at least give Johnny a decent mourning scene… I may have to cut a bitch.


9 thoughts on “You had me at Cameron Webber.

  1. @Cutting a bitch – OMG, Yes! The fact that Johnny is not by Olivia’s side makes my blood boil.

    Cam and Jake are precious.

    • After all the times she’s been at his bedside, he certainly deserves the chance to return the favor.

      Cameron and Jake are seriously giving Emma a run for her money as PC’s cutest child.

  2. I loved the Jason, Elizabeth, Jake scenes! This show really missed an opportunity by not further exploring that family dynamic. sad that they are only now acknowledging it to basically intro sam’s baby story. ugh

    • The number of lost opportunities with Jason and Elizabeth over the years is staggering, really. I’m so used to disappointment on that front by now that any scrap of momentary eye contact is enough to make me happy. *sigh*

  3. GH finally rewarded us with a couple of epi’s that was not upchuck-able in regards to the bus crash. The majority of the actors acted their tuckus’ off. side-note; hated seeing Brooke-Lynn’s unnecessary presence on my screen. D.Zamprogna needs to be Emmy-fied! I am not a Sonny fan, but his scene with Kristina, warmed my cockles as well. Steve and Olivia: Stevia! Stevia! The Lante Express MB has named him Dr. Abulous and Dr. McPacksalot. Want more of him. And anytime Carly’s head erupts like Mt Vesuvius, it is a very very good thing. That was a sweet scene with Jasam & Jake. Really hope it is a precursor for Sam getting pregnant. And wait for it….. there weren’t 346 references or scenes relating to Brenda. Gaspity, Gasp!

  4. Ok I need your help tenillypo. You talked me down off the ledge before about this same topic and here I go again…Michael and Abby! I..just…cant…

    The sleaze factor is hurting me. I posted on Serial drama that I had issue with the fact that Carly said Abby was TEN YEARS older than Michael. I was assuming she was perhaps 3-4 years his senior but still somewhere around the 22 mark. But seriously if she’s 28 that’s close to being considered statuory rape, isnt it?

    What hurting me is I LIKE THEM TOGETHER..Chad Duell is rocking it as a tortured Michael..The young lady playing Abby, I give her credit she’s doing the best she can with what she’s being given and they have the most dern chemistry on the SHOW! But the backstory is horrid…HORRID I say, with Sam hooking up this poor afflicted CHILD with a stripper in the first place but now you’re (the writers and spoilers) telling me that Abby is indeed going to turn out to be a HOOKER…I can’t deal…Michael needs therapy and the only woman he can relate to is a hooker/stripper!!???!! And Sonny, and Jason are okay with it, and Sam is championing it (she’s beyond sleaze and I do not want her to procreate either).

    What is FREAKING WRONG with Guza??? The BOY WAS RAPED in prison after clubbing his stepmom to death, after waking up from a coma that he was in for a year after he himself was SHOT IN THE HEAD…Again I say I can’t deal…

    I may start to hyperventilate! Ha…Okay not really but I am ticked off about this storyline and about MY OWN FONDNESS of a hooker/stripper and emotionally wrecked adolescent!!!

    This just shows you the depths that we as viewers have sunk in just continuing to watch this dern show, and our desperation for s smidgen of “love” amidst the violence…

    Alright I’ll stop now.. my soapbox is starting to cave in…sorry for the vent..saw

    • Well, as Michael is of age now, statutory rape doesn’t really apply whether she’s ten years older or fifty years older. Legal issues notwithstanding, however, I do find the age difference the hardest part to swallow — not from his side, but from hers, because I’m only a few years older than Abby and nothing about actual teenagers appeals to me on a romantic level.

      But look– IMDB won’t tell me how old Chad Duell is in real life, but I’m guess he’s older than Michael. The two of them do not look inappropriate together, and let’s be honest here… Michael is BY FAR the most mature character on the entire show right now. Teenager or no, he’s more emotionally mature than characters decades older. And he’s managed to pack more life experience into his short, fictional life that a lot of real people do. So if this story entertains me, I’m not going to get hung up on a couple of numbers, you know? Mileage varies of course, but that’s where I stand. :)

    • Eh, maybe? I mean, I’m pretty sure Lucky has officially adopted Cam, but not really certain whether that means they officially changed his name or not. Regardless, he’ll always be Cameron Webber to me!

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