Do the characters all have collective amnesia? Or is it just the writers?

I spent most of Friday’s episode pondering this point.

First, there was Sonny, whose nervous rambling while working himself up to asking Dante to be his best man might have been a little cute if he hadn’t thrown in a dig about how he thought they’d “be in a better place by now.” Because it hasn’t even been a year since he tried to murder Dante in cold blood, but I guess holding onto that grudge is just petty in Sonny’s world.

DANTE: Let’s not get into a debate about whether I should or shouldn’t be your best man. I’m coming to the wedding. Let’s let that be enough.
SONNY: Well, I’ll take it. If I have to. [Ed. note: Big of you, Sonny. Truly.] But it’s just, like, Michael’s idea. And I want to do it for him.
DANTE: I’ll explain it to Michael.
SONNY: Well, explain it– can you just explain it to me?
ME: I’ll explain it. YOU SHOT HIM IN THE CHEST, YOU EFFING IDIOT. Do you not remember that? Does ANYONE?

Apparently not. Because we’re meant to believe Dante’s reluctance is all about his completely annoying love for Brenda. Which–whatever, writers. Seriously.

(Also, in the line at the supermarket yesterday, the soap magazines informed me we should be expecting a WEDDING DAY BLOODBATH, to the shock on no one who has ever watched this show before, so perhaps they think it’s the viewers who have amnesia.)

Brook Lynn has also been forgetting things. Like the fact that she could not possible have seen Liz rejecting Nik over and over unless she’s been hiding a time machine that lets her go back and watch sucky plots from before she came back to town. Or the fact that she herself currently holds the title for Biggest Manipulative Asshole For Money on the show right now.

BROOK LYNN: Look, I saw how hurt Nikolas was when she continuously rejected him — and she wasn’t even nice about it. Right? She was dismissive and demeaning and withholding even though they just had this new baby... So, here’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me. So, after all of that, she starts showing up. All the time. Wanting to be with him, and it’s like she’s using this baby as a sacrificial offering.

Yes, because encouraging Nikolas to take an interest in his child more than once a week is exactly like human sacrifice. (What? What does that even MEAN? Oh, Brook, you idiotic drama queen. Seriously. Cash your checks and take a chill pill, please.)

The funniest part of this entire speech was watching Lucky’s clear desire to be anywhere else flit across his face as he was forced to listen to his brother’s escort have a jealous snit about the ex-wife who cheated on him with said brother. Oh, Lucky. Just go to your happy place, hon.

For once, Nikolas actually had an appropriate reaction to something having to do with Elizabeth and Lucky:

NIKOLAS: You honestly thought that was a good idea?

Apparently, Brook did. Because she might have been willing to drug and rape an old friend for money — and no, I will never stop harping on that, because Jesus Christ, writers, that is not something a character just bounces back from, no matter how much you wish they would —  but the thought of Elizabeth receiving child support from the father of one of her children makes her “sick to her stomach.”

No, really.


She really said that. I just–I can’t even… GOD. HATE.

Last but not least, Johnny forgot not to be a tremendous douchebag. And that means, sadly, that he is officially dead to me now. Just thought you all should know.

(Damn it.)


18 thoughts on “Do the characters all have collective amnesia? Or is it just the writers?

  1. No pity from me for Lucky, it was his fault Elizabeth was in the park that night. He turned her rape into a pity party for himself when learning about his parents. He slept with Elizabeth’s sister … and then during their first marriage cheated with a very young Maxie … and then during the second marriage he cheated with Sam and came straight home to throw it up to his wife.

    Yeah, glasses houses and stone, you puny moron.

    That guy, and I don’t care which actor – the fave, the psycho, or the hunk – was playing him at the time, has verbally abused Elizabeth for a lot of years.

    Mr. Oh-so-holy JJLucky might be showing up on the TV screen now, but the character isn’t oh-so-pure and saintly.

    Character should have stayed dead in the fire. It was the only time I sort-of-maybe liked him (as in don’t speak ill of the dead way).

    And BrookLyn? I’ve got nothing to say because she’s been written from day one this go round as nothing more than someone’s thinly-veiled attempt to make fans hate the last few remaining Q’s.

    And now we’re a supposed to hate Elizabeth? Ha. Never.

      • All right, that’s about enough of that.

        I don’t agree with what she’s saying either — I love Elizabeth, but as far as I’m concerned she and Lucky have BOTH made plenty of mistakes at this point, and in fact, both kind of suck when it comes to treating the other right — but this blog is not a space where we are going to tolerate sniping at other posters for having differing opinions about fictional characters. Everyone chill out and repeat after me: agree to disagree. Okay?

        • The writing for Liz has been atrocious for a while and I’m pretty sick of it too. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s treated Lucky pretty poorly in the recent past, however, and I’m not sure how acknowledging that makes him a saint.

          Ideally, I’d like to see both of them move on to happiness with other people while remaining cordial and platonic co-parents. But this show being the ass that it is… who knows.

  2. Was it really necessary for Guza to destroy the friendship between the last remaining 4 musketeers (Liz/Emily/Nik/Lucky) from 1998?

    The writing for RH’s Liz has been horrible since she slept with Nic in 2009.

    Brooklyn is a walking ho with no scruples. Heck, even Abby seems to have some kind of code of honor as a stripper/hooker.

    • Was it really necessary for Guza to destroy the friendship between the last remaining 4 musketeers (Liz/Emily/Nik/Lucky) from 1998?

      Was it something beloved and non mob-related from the 90s? Then, yes. They had to ruin it. That’s how they roll.

      (Also, I know what you’re trying to say about Brook and Abby, but I’m really not comfortable with the implication that it’s unusual for sex workers to have honor or scruples. It’s kind of a dehumanizing assumption you know?)

  3. Where have you been all of my daytime life?
    This is hilarious. On so many levels.
    I feel my mutterings at the TV have been answered.
    I adore Elizabeth and am so pleased to find a place to massage my Brooklynn hatred. The moment she appears on screen – I have to refrain from hurling television remotes or stomach contents – depending…

    Oh and Lucky?
    If any man treated a woman as poorly , for as long as Lucky has Elizabeth there would have been an intervention. So now she gets to be kicked around by Brooklyn and Nik too? What did she ever do to the writers?

    • There’s a lot of Lucky hate in the comments today! I admit, I really disliked him as a character for most of the last decade, but I still think — and I say this a huge Liason fan — Liz lying to him about Jake and cheating on him with Nikolas was… shitty. To say the least.

      I have no idea what the writers are trying to do with Elizabeth now. I was really hoping this thing with Nik was over and done with but it seems like they don’t know what to do with her and so are just throwing her back into that as a foil for him and Brook. It’s all very disappointing.

  4. Liz/Nic = Lucky/Sarah (which is all kinds of gross).

    Jake = Bringing a teenage girl into Liz’s bed (twice)!

    I have absolutely no sympathy for Lucky at all. He wouldn’t man up and go to rehab for Liz or Cam. His rants and tears about Liz / Nic mean absolutely nothing to me since he bedded Maxie and Sam while married to Liz, and then slept with Sarah 8 years earlier.

  5. Love GH! I have to say I love Lucky on and off just like the rest of the Characters on GH
    and liz though I don’t really like her right now especially Nikolas hate how he keeps saying “what’s done is done” so annoying but i think because Jonathan Jackson is back that Lucky’s character is going to get turn around i can see them make him more adventurous cus I’m pretty sure we all know it depends how the actor plays the character as well…I guess what I’m trying to say is I love GH and want to see more of Lucky and Liz turing around and less of the mob

    • It seems pretty obvious that now Rebecca Herbst is out, the writers are intent on doing a hack job on her character before she goes. It’s really unbelievable to me that they would finally have all three original actors in the roles of Liz, Lucky and Nikolas and decide to squander the opportunity like this, but… so many of the choices the writers make are unbelievable to me, so I guess it’s par for the course.

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