You take what you can get, sometimes.

Carly’s awesome. I just want to throw that out there. You know why? Because she gets to say things like this:

CLAIRE: For a woman who claims to be done with Sonny, you sure spend a lot of time directing emotional traffic around him.
CARLY: I love Sonny. Always will. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect him.

… and then later in the same episode, she also gets to say things like this:

CARLY: I can’t wait. I can’t wait to see the look on Sonny’s face when he finds out his precious Brenda got pregnant by his son. […] I’m gonna tell Sonny the day of his wedding. Right when the minister stands up and says “does anyone object?” and… I do!

DIANE: Carly, you cannot be serious!
CARLY: [deadpan] They put that part in the ceremony for a reason, you know.
DIANE: But why choose the moment that is guaranteed to piss Sonny off the most?
CARLY: Sonny’s gonna be hurt no matter when he hears it.
DIANE: But you can minimize his pain if you do it in private!
CARLY: And let Dante and Brenda get away with this? Hell no!

In other words: she’ll do anything to protect him… unless by “protecting him” you meant sparing him pain and public humiliation. Oh, Carly. Never change. You’re a loathsome, vindictive hypocrite, but at least you’re never boring.

You know who is COMPLETELY boring? Claire Walsh. Her continuing existence on this show puzzles me. She’s neither likeable nor particularly hateable. She has no professional purpose in a town already glutted with lawyers specifically devoted to helping the Corinthos/Morgan team get away with murder. She’s got zero chemistry with Sonny and absolutely no other connections in town, even after having been here for the better part of a year. What does she like, other than dimples and poor career decisions? No idea, since the show has never bothered to give her a personality beyond ambitious crusader for justice turned amoral doormat.

She is, in short, one of the worst sins a soap character can commit: uninteresting in every way.

And yet, she continues to spend large amounts of time on my screen, while legacy characters with years of connections and way prettier hair are getting the axe left and right. No offense to Dahlia Salem, who’s probably lovely, but… that shit ain’t right.

Are there any Claire fans out there? Is there some huge contingent of silent Sonny/Claire ‘shippers? Please take this as an invitation to make your case. Because I just don’t get it. Why are they wasting time on this cardboard character?

Contrary to my expectations, Molly’s Very Special Bi-Polar Educational Tour around town hasn’t been completely horrible. I even found her conversation with Sonny to be — dare I say it? — kind of sweet.

I’m already nervous for poor Shawn, who has the dual target on his back of being both black and a military vet on a show which generally considers white people and mob “soldiers” to be the only ones with stories worth telling. Hopefully he won’t become crazy or evil or adorable yet dead, as most non-mob soldiers on this  show have before him.

In any case, I liked his scenes with Molly and Carly. Hell, I even liked Carly being able to put her feelings for Alexis aside in order to help Molly. So that was nice.

But… was anyone else completely weirded out to hear Molly nonchalantly discussing the baby her sister conceived with her uncle? (I mean, obviously not as weirded out as I would of been were they discussing her sister’s affair with her father, but still…)

Why would she even know that? How would it come up? I know it’s not as gross as it sounds, but… it’s still pretty freaking gross. No wonder poor, annoying Molly’s ideas about romance are all effed up.


6 thoughts on “You take what you can get, sometimes.

  1. I know I`m my own very small group but I do like Claire because in the being she was written better then she is now ,People have forget that maybe she has adoped Brend`s baby . So that`s just a thought.

  2. I am so glad you blogged about that scene with Carly & Diane. Carly has given me
    so many cases of whiplash with her twists & turns. She will always love Sonny, he should go to jail instead of Michael, Jax is a better father for Morgan. She’s doesn’t want Brenda to destroy Sonny. blah blah blah. (side note; I absolutely freakin love Laura Wright)
    Now Claire, I liked her when she first came on, she was a cool ball buster. Then she got “dimplified” by Sperminator Sonny. Sheesh! Then balls were deflated and she started
    wearing a “stoopid hat”. My eyes sockets are tired of rolling when she comes onto my screen. I am liking Shawn. He’s kinda yummy and has the sexiest voice.
    OMG, he is of African American descent? What the? That makes THREE on air at GH? Gasp!
    Danger Will Robinson, Danger! His Life Expectancy is suspect.

  3. I remain steadfast in my belief Molly knew about her crazy family tree because clearly all the schools in Port Charles have abandoned teaching things like logic, ethics and basic reasoning skills in favor of more important subjects like The History of Sonny Corrinthos, Right and Wrong According to Our Lord and Savior Jason Morgan, and Hitting the F5 Key for Dummies or How to Be Exactly as Important as Spinelli.

    And I agree with the other posters above…when Claire FIRST came to town and was harshing them all with the truth left and right during the murder trial for Claudia…LOVED her…especially the day she pointed out that for all of Carly’s talk about being a good mother, Claire trying to put Sonny in jail was doing more for her children than Carly ever did and when she rightly pointed out when everyone was all “ohh will the judge look favorably on Michael?” that they had all just pissed the judge off so no your morons he probably wouldn’t. Then came the inexplicable yet clearly telegraphed “romance” with Sonny and it was over. And the fact HER storyline doesn’t dictate an exit while certain legacy character’s apparently do just baffles me all the more.

    • It’s true. Claire was much more tolerable when she first came to town, even if she was still one dimensional as all hell. But they’ve now totally removed the only parts of her character that were at all unique (her actual concern for the kids, loathing of Sonny, zeal for justice, etc.). I just don’t get why she’s still hanging around. The character is dead weight in an already bloated with newbies cast.

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