This show is committing crimes against good taste. And my brain.

Okay, Lisa. It’s time we had a little talk.

You see, at first you were pretty much horrible and useless. Then you got kind of awesome! Then… less so.

But now you’ve gone too far. Clumsily poaching from Dangerous Liaisons is one thing. Making Patrick’s hair do… whatever it was attempting to do at the end of last week?

Not on, Lisa! Not on. Knock it off.

You know it’s a bad sign when the most pressing thing on my mind is a mild diatribe about the state of Patrick’s hair. But the truth is that the show has been so painfully boring lately that I’ve barely been able to force myself to fast forward through most of it.

(This week’s highlight involved Tyler Christopher inadvertently cracking Jane Elliot and Tony Geary up with his hilarious reaction to Brook Lynn suggesting Tracy come stay at Windemere. This is notable both because actors breaking character shouldn’t be the most interesting thing to happen in recent memory, and because Tyler Christopher was more awake for that one line that he has been for the previous three years combined.)

Of the many, many things that bug me about the writing for Sonny and Brenda’s reunion, the fact that Sonny seems less concerned with the threats to her life than just about anyone else in town (with the exception of Carly, who would happily dance an entire jig on Brenda’s grave, of course. Not that she’s threatened by her! At all!) is near the top of the list.

I mean, could he be more blasé about the whole thing?

But anyway, forget the all powerful international crime lord gunning for his fiancé’s life — his dream wedding’s at stake here! And so, as he does with all his problems, Sonny ordered Jason to take care it for him, in the form of putting a muzzle on Carly:

SONNY: Okay, you know she’s trashed people’s lives in the past — AJ, Tony Jones. Now it’s me and Brenda!

Translation: “Hey, remember all those lives we helped Carly ruin? That was fun, huh? But now she’s doing it to me! ME, Jason! That’s not the way it’s supposed to work!”

I’d like to think the look on Jason’s face here expressed his disgusted disbelief at Sonny’s hypocrisy and sheer gall in even daring to say either AJ or Tony’s names, much less pretend he was anything other than an enthusiastic cheerleader for anything Carly did to either of them. But I’m probably just projecting from my own reaction:


(Then I remember that Jason had just as much a hand in the ruination of both their lives as Sonny — if not more! — and I kind of wish I could reach through the tv screen and punch them both in the throat.)

6 thoughts on “This show is committing crimes against good taste. And my brain.

  1. Totally agree, but love that we are finally getting more Sonny and Brenda scenes! (still not enough) but vm and mb have amazing chemistry, hope the show will focus more on the two of them (sans all the other miscellaneous characters)

    • MB cracking himself up in yesterday’s episode was probably the most entertaining thing that happened in the entire episode. Which is a sad commentary on the rest of the show, but still…

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