Sonny… not acting like a complete ass? What is this, 1997 or something?

It’s been a busy week since I last posted! There are a number of things I’d like to talk about — my love for any time Brenda interacts with either Robin or Edward, my rage that Brenda and Patrick have apparently had interactions off screen, my confusion over the writers’ decision to have Sonny describe the mother of one of his children as “a sister,” my horror at Brenda’s pre-wedding drag queen eye makeup, my awe of Laura Wright for pulling off that dress…

And I have some definite thoughts about this Adrienne Barbeau clusterfuck. Those thoughts… well, let’s just say they are not kind.

But let’s keep this simple: yesterday the truth FINALLY came out about Brenda and Dante’s stupid baby secret. And to the surprise of absolutely no one who has ever watched this show before, it was completely not worthy of all the months of whinging and drama leading up to it.

And yet… there is a silver lining! Because Sonny looked like he was about five seconds from full on glass-throwing, whore-calling, stuttering hissy fit. But to the surprise of everyone (including — hilariously — both his loving bride and himself), he managed to pull his big boy pants on and act like a functionally mature adult for once:

SONNY: Running away isn’t the answer, Brenda. And no one knows that better than I do. […] I ran away from you on our wedding day. And I stood across the street in the rain, watching you break your heart, and I said then that that was the biggest mistake of my life. And I really, really don’t want to make that mistake again.

BRENDA: Sonny, I love you. But I know you’ll never forgive me for this.
SONNY: I want to. For once in my life, I want to forgive you, but it’s not–it’s not what I do best. [Ed. note: UNDERSTATEMENT.] I mean, I got so much anger inside of me that it’s like a weapon that I want to hurt people who hurt me. And I–I know that I’ve hurt you. A lot. And where did it get us? You know, years apart. Maybe that was okay because I needed those years to fall and realize that my life was screwed up because I could not trust the one person who loved me, who supported me. Why? Why couldn’t you trust me?
BRENDA: Because I think you’re going to leave.

SONNY: Well, you always thing someone’s going to leave you, but the thing that you don’t understand is that you push them away. As soon as someone says ‘I love you’ you wear a wire or you keep a secret. Because that’s the easy way. Because if they stay, then they’ll realize that you’re not worthy of love and you don’t deserve it, because that’s what your dad did to you. That’s what you held onto. This whole–your whole life. But I’m gonna tell you right now: your father lied to you. Because you deserve– you know why I know? Because I love you. And you know what? Even when I’m angry or disappointed. Even when on our wedding day, I– you know, you keep something from me, it doesn’t matter. Because I’ll forgive you.

Dude. DUDE. You know how I normally feel about Sonny… but this is a totally accurate representation of my face after that speech:

How did that happen? Was Bob Guza home sick with the flu when they turned that scene in? Because that’s the only way I can imagine him letting an opportunity to have Sonny berate and humiliate a woman he claims to love slip through his fingers.

WHATEVER. I DON’T CARE. This is what matters: that was seriously one of maybe two times since Brenda’s return seven months ago when I’ve actually felt like Sonny 1) knows her, and 2) really likes her.

And then–then! They actually got married! Like, rings exchanged, man and wife, you may now kiss the bride, and everything! I… was not expecting things to get that far before the inevitable explosion of blood and tragedy.

I’m kind of in shock.

(Don’t worry, I’m sure these warm and fuzzy feelings will soon disappear faster than you can say “Franco is a pretentious douche.” So let’s just sit quietly and enjoy the moment while it lasts, shall we?)


6 thoughts on “Sonny… not acting like a complete ass? What is this, 1997 or something?

  1. The warm fuzzies already disappeared for me today when Carly was practically given a lap dance for trying to blackmail Brenda into leaving town and forcing her to expose her very private miscarriage. Oh, and when Sonny got patted on the back for being a wonderful person and “forgiving” her for – what, exactly, because as far as I can tell she didn’t do anything she needed forgiveness for. The pre-wedding episodes were much better than the reception, I think.

  2. I thought the wedding was wonderful! Like you ladies, I am a diehard SnB fangirl. I have been trying to get through this rushed reunion and the five seconds Guza put into their relationship, but I loved the wedding! The chemistry, the romance, Sonny not being assey made it amazing. I feel like I stepped back into 1997 and can almost forgive Sonny’s 13 year descent into DoucheCity: population: Sonny. It will probably all go to hell, but the 12 year old in me just has to keep her warm fuzzies. Great Blog!!!

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