Is this some sort of bizarre cry for help?

My darling Johnny,

I am beginning to worry about you. I fear that bad case of contrivance you picked up a few months ago has begun to affect your higher reasoning skills:

JOHNNY: I’m just saying that Lisa has her side of the story. She’s in love with Patrick. Patrick knew that. He slept with her. And then he dumped her.
MAXIE: Are you insane? Lisa should be locked up!
JOHNNY: Lisa’s only crime is falling in love with the wrong man, like my sister did.

Dearest, I have tried to be patient. But now I really have to ask… what the actual fuck is wrong with you? A few points:

1) So… Patrick having a drunken one night stand with an ex-girlfriend who knew he was married makes him the same as a violent, emotionally abusive crime lord? O…kay. Also, no, being dumped by someone you love is NOT actually justifiable grounds for stalking and attempted murder. Just, FYI.

2) It would be much less creepy for you to constantly compare Lisa with your dead sister if you’d stop sticking your tongue down her throat. Just sayin’.

3) Actually, Lisa’s many crimes include stalking, kidnapping, breaking and entering, reckless endangerment, theft, assault and, oh yeah… murder.

(Except I’m pretty sure that the writers have completely forgotten that poor nurse she killed to cover her tracks when she had Robin down in that well. But I haven’t forgotten! Justice for Nurse Whatshername!)

Yours most sincerely but with very little love,


9 thoughts on “Is this some sort of bizarre cry for help?

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  2. I think the only way Johnny would realize what a wackado Lisa truly is if she hurts Olivia or Lulu. It’s the only time we get glimpse of real Johnny I don’t even like him with those two but the last time I a resemblance of the real Johnny were his random scenes with Lulu a few weeks back.

  3. You speak the truth! Lisa is a wacko but Johnny is almost worse because he knows what she’s doing and he’s helping her continue to do it by covering for her. I hope she does something horrible to him or someone he cares about/loves so he can understand that people like that can’t be saved and aren’t WORTH saving because they only care about THEMSELVES.

  4. You are spot on and you made me laugh. Thank you. Johnny has too much time on his hands. If he wants to help people like his sister he should set up a foundation or something in the community. Because this one on one with stupid is not working.

  5. You are so right on! Lisa & Johnny deserve each other. They are both sickos. What Lisa needs is straight jacket and a few dozen years in a mental institution. He’s ridiculous but then again this is GH. What else do you expect!?

  6. What good would it do for the writers to remember poor Nurse Whatshername?!? It isnt as if there is a cop in town who could actually solve the case. Which I really find to be a terrible waste. GH has the most adorable police force:) But alas… Mac, Lucky, Dante and Ronnie – who I all adore, cant somehow manage to solve a crime between them!

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