Sometimes they still surprise me. Other times… not so much.

You know how sometimes something happens that you didn’t realize you even wanted, and then you’re totally taken aback by how satisfying you found it?

Yeah. Today was kind of that day for me:

JASON: Your brother said that you and Lucky were discussing donating Jake’s organs, and if you and Lucky would agree–
ELIZABETH: [slaps the hell out of him like a total BAMF] You selfish bastard. You chose not to parent Jake. Just like you chose not to be with me. You walked away and you never looked back. Lucky and I have raised Jake. We’re the ones with the hole left in our lives! You don’t even know him.
JASON: I gave Jake up because I–
ELIZABETH: And now you want to give away his organs? There is no way in hell you are using my son for spare parts.

I still think it was hugely out of character that Elizabeth didn’t think to call Jason at any point while Jake was in surgery. And I’m a little pissed that we didn’t even get one hug between the two of them before the fireworks started. But daaaaamn. That was a satisfying smackdown.

(I think my favorite part is when he starts to weakly defend himself and she just steamrolls right over him and he literally flinches.)

Kudos to both Rebecca Herbst and Steve Burton. That was brutal but awesome.

Then there’s Lucky and Luke:

LUCKY: I don’t know if you ever really understood why I agreed to raise Jake and Cam in the first place.
LUKE: Listen, if I ever made you feel judged or criticized for that, I was as wrong as a man can be–
LUCKY: No, no, that’s not… Look, you saw Elizabeth and I getting back together, you know, and you were afraid that it wouldn’t last, that I would raise them, love them as my own, and Elizabeth might take them away from me someday. And I’d fall apart.
LUKE: You are a good man, Lucky. I’ve always admired your ability, your gift to love, so fully and so open-heartedly. You give everything you have. And that ability has enriched your life in ways that mine will never be. I’d proud of you. I’m proud that you took on those two kids when you could have easily turned your back on them.

LUCKY: You know, ultimately it’s your fault that I took those boys in. You made being a father look like so much fun. I just couldn’t resist — I wanted to know what that felt like. I wanted to be on the other side of things. I just never knew it was possible to love that much.

My feelings about Luke’s constant belittling of Lucky’s choice to be Jake and Cam’s father are not really a secret. And his bullshit “if I ever made you feel judged” remarks aside (because what the fuck ever, Luke. You have been nothing but bitter and dismissive when it comes to those boys since day one) that was a good scene. And a long overdue one.

Meanwhile, back on the missed opportunities front, the frenetic pacing of this story has really left so many of them on the cutting room floor. Monica’s absence from her grandson’s death, Bobbie’s absence in her nephew’s hour of need — when she is literally the only person in town who could honestly say she knew exactly how he feels… Hell, the writers couldn’t even be bothered to have Ethan show up, much less fake a one-sided phone call from Laura.

(And you know there is no way in hell that Laura wouldn’t come back to be there for Lucky at a time like this, but how much you want to bet we won’t even get a contrived excuse for her absence? HATE.)

Then there’s Jax, who’s barely been involved in the story of his own daughter’s cancer. Anyone remember that he and Elizabeth actually already lost a child together once? (The writers sure don’t!) The two of them sharing even a tiny scene acknowledging that connection would have been nice.

The weirdest part of today had to be the hoops the writers jumped through to keep from giving us any scenes at Jake’s bedside. I can only assume there was some backstage reason for not wanting to go there — be it budgetary or issues with the child actor or… I don’t even know. But it was weird. And really not nearly as poignant or cathartic to have all your actors staring pensively into a door rather than getting to say their goodbyes to a real person. Or, you know… getting to say their goodbyes at all. Which they didn’t.

But as today’s promo helpfully informs us, the only thing that really matters is the identity of the driver. Which is, of course, so very typical. Emotional fall out? Character growth? Opportunities to engage with the show’s rich history? Why waste time on any of that crap when there’s a meaningless whodunit waiting to be dragged out for weeks?

And it is meaningless, because either the culprit is a main character we all know isn’t going anywhere, and who could only have hit Jake by accident and not realized. Or it’s Theo or Franco, in which case… so what? We already know they’re both evil. Theo might get killed but Franco sure as hell never will be unless it’s over Guza’s dead body.

Boring and pointless, with a side of who the hell cares. As usual.


10 thoughts on “Sometimes they still surprise me. Other times… not so much.

  1. Again, ITA with each and every word. Jason and Elizabeth were amazing. The slap was so…so…satisfying. Kudos to Becky and Steve! Aside from the acting, the writing sucks. Joss’ story is rushed beyond belief. There is no time to develop any sympathy for Joss’ situation, for me anyways. Joss’ story should have started weeks ago. I try not to think of the characters that should have been there…but weren’t becasue it is rage inducing. So I will just have to be satisfied with the salp heard round the world…for now.

  2. I didn’t really watch much of this storyline because I just am a Jake fan and didn’t see why this kid from all this history needed to die but I realize that Frons wants to sever all ties between Jason and Elizabeth but I did see this scene and the one where Lucky and Jason babysits the scene that should have been about the two mothers they were inserted but not needed IMO those two women should have been more involved instead of Steve telling Jason who speaks to Lucky on Carly’s behalf after speaking with her…Misogyny set aside…

    I tried but did enjoy the slap but it should have been more words said between them this man handed over his son and left her but was around every other kid in town besides his own..they were even hanging out at his house…I know he’s a vanilla character and Guza will never intentionally write Jason to look like the buffoon he’s managed to do that anyway…

    Great Scene too little too late though I wanted her to say more about how he dumped her and his son he got off easy.

  3. Enjoyed the slap, and you selfish bastard, you chose not to be a parent, you chose not to be with me. At least after 2 1/2 years of total ignore of their history and their child we finally get an acknowlegement of that they were once together. Disagree with Liz saying Lucky has been Jake’s parent. I don’t consider Lucky a parent at all. Even if Monica didn’t know about Jake she should have been there for Liz. Liz was Em’s best friend for years and Monica was at the hospital cuz I heard them page her. Bobbie should have been bought out of whatever closet they put her in for Carly and her grand-daughter. Carly saying Joss has a second chance cuz of Jason was so wrong…cuz of Liz and Lucky, you selfish, rude, b-word. I hate this show on so many levels. I only watch the death of Jake for Becky cuz I knew she would not disappoint and she didn’t. I hope this is the death of GH. It has no heart and soul left anymore.

  4. I to could not watch them kill a child there was no reason for it was all about agenda and no set up to the story,Bob trying to redo a B.J. s/l was crazy that it came off so badly- done the writing just suck the rush job was so bad and it left you with no desire to watch,it had so many holes in it you could drive a mack truck though it. Do the man have any new story’s in him.Bob is lazy Head Writer no new story ever thing that is shown on GH is all redo and the writer can’t remember what they wrote 2 months ago. but the slap was a thing of beauty they did leave a lot of people out of this story. Since I have soapnet they want get my rating with this crap

  5. I have worn myself out trying to figure out why this show is so ignorant, stupid and effed-up. There is no rationale. Everything about this story rings false with the exception of the actors’ portrayals. My hope that anything will ever change dwindles with each passing JaCarSonBrenMikeySam moment. It’s clearly all about the mob. And those wimps at the top…Iger? or Disney? or whomever are letting the dumbasses run the joint.

    No heartwrenching goodbye scenes to this little boy we’ve adored for 4 years? I REALLY hate you, GH. Jason conveniently letting himself in to Liz’s house to cry amongst the toys? With his own key? Huh? Jax being shoved out of the story with Mabby and Kristina getting more airtime than the father of the kid? Carly and her Jason love/neediness. Gawd…it’s just disgusting. Sham ‘helping’ hunt down the hit-n-run driver at the PCPD because…um..why again? She has a criminal record! Jason and Lucky making me ill with their man-love moments. Gross. I liked it much better when they hated each other. But of course, when JJ came back we had to bring him back under the ‘lets-forget-everything-we-did-to-make-Lucky-look-like-a-dumbass-because -that-was-Greg-Vaughn-and-this-is-JJ” umbrella. Meanwhile they write Liz into someone we don’t know. And now no Pip? My comic relief? My girl, Pip!? She can steal a scene with just one eye-roll! What a gem they had! Yet we still have Lisa and Terrell? Theo? Suzanne?

    It’s beyond comprehension why this show still exists. I feel sorry for the actors that have to pretend they love the storyline and have to go out and pimp it. Pffttt….GH sucks.

  6. This “storyline” if we want to call it that is nothing more than Guza’s annual “THIS IS MY SERIOUS EMMY WORTHY STORYLINE. SEE HOW MUCH BETTER I CAN TELL IT THAN THAT ONE STORY HACK CLAIRE LABINE?” I hate these weeks.

    The pacing on this storyline was BEYOND insane. Joss has stage 5 kidney cancer without a SINGLE SYMPTOM? (Not only that but google the damn thing. Kidney transplant isn’t even on the list of preferred treatments to cure the disease. I’M NOT KIDDING) Jake is hit, operated, dies and the decision is made to donate his organ in the space of THREE episodes? THREE? Jake dies and the IMMEDIATE thought is his kidney must go to Joss because WHY exactly? Joss not only was diangosised with stage 5 Kidney cancer she magically POLE VAULTED to the top of the transplant list in the space of an hour??? (My memory of the clearly ripped off BJ’s heart storyline is a bit tear filled but Maxie was on that list for a lot longer than a HOUR)

    And also…what is with all these people who specifically didn’t know THE SECRET OMG THE DANGEROUS SECRET suddenly knowing without them being told onscreen? Robin??? Patrick???? Steven???? I mean granted Jason pratically ran around town with leaflets printed out with the words “I AM JAKE SPENCER’S FATHER BUT IT’S TOO DANGEROUS SO DON’T TELL ANYONE OK?” on them and handing them to random strangers at one point but still. Wouldn’t there been drama in these people finding out during THIS crisis instead of them magically knowing? And while I’m at it, why are they using Jake Webber? Lucky and Elizabeth were married when he was born. I remember the naming scene clearly. His name on his birth certificate is Jacob Martin SPENCER.

    And yeah…of course GH is more consumed with the WHO DONE IT portion so Jason can go around shooting people while clutching his Box of Pain. Rolling my eyes. Five bucks it was Luke because we haven’t given Tony Geary his proper Emmy bait for the year.

  7. Another great post and very well said. I enjoyed the slap in some ways too as Liz’s reaction was totally understandable given the circumstances. It would have been more appropriate in some ways, if she’d slapped Carly, but a scene like that would require new management. I like LW and think she’s been amazing during this story, but the writing for Carly certainly isn’t winning her any points.

    The pacing of this story is beyond ridiculous, but I am glad that they’re blowing through the list of suspects as quickly as they blew through the rest of the story. Maybe that’ll mean we can forget they ever tried to do this half-baked imitation of BJ/Maxie sooner rather than later. Forget that they killed off Jake, no, but forget this crapfest of an “exit” story. If Liz went off to San Fran to help Sarah for BH’s maternity leave, why couldn’t a similar exit have been written for her now without killing off Jake? Maybe Sarah was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer or was in a terrible accident and needed her family or help getting adjusted or something? That would still have been an open ended exit for BH and given all that Liz has been through in the past few years, some self-inflicted some not, and Nik and Lucky both moving on, maybe it was also a good opportunity for a fresh start. I’m glad that BH is staying, but this story was unnecessary and the fact that TPTB could do this story while wholely missing the elements that made BJ/Maxie so great should signal to Disney that changes need to be made, but cutting the cast isn’t it.

    I’ve read that Disney slashed the operating budget for GH by 50%, but I have no idea if that’s true. Assuming that it is, replace Kristina and Abby with Monica and Bobbie and already the story is much better. They didn’t get it all wrong, to be fair, but they sure didn’t get much of it right. Contract and other back stage disputes aside, it all comes down to choices, and TPTB made many wrong ones here, as they do with almost all of the stories on the show.

    BJ/Maxie was heartbreaking, but beautifully and brilliantly crafted and scripted. What made it infinitely better than Jake/Jocelyn was it’s focus on the characters and the heartbreak all were enduring as a result of the horrific tragedy. The drunk driver who hit the school bus carrying BJ was never identified and I don’t think it was ever mentioned whether the person was caught much less prosecuted because Wendy Riche and company knew those elements of the story were irrelevant. No one cared who caused the accident because we were too focused on BJ and Maxie and Bobbie/Tony and Felicia/Mac/Frisco and their simultaneous heartbreak and joy. The story was all inclusive and no one was left out: Lucy, as BJ’s first step-mother, Robin as BJ and Maxie’s surrogate older sister and friend, Monica as the surgeon and a friend, the Spencers, Amy Vining, the Hardys, Alan Q, etc. To even attempt this story in such a manner as today’s PTB did is an insult not only the fans, but to the show and actors themselves. If you’re going to put them through hell and back, at least make sure it’s worth it.

  8. I just watched the 3/18 episode. Ugh it annoyed me how they had Steven tell Jason to keep his distance from Elizabeth! Any other show, or even in real life, when your child is hurt, it would bring parents together.

    Ugh gh really is an example of how not to write a story

  9. I just saw a preview of upcoming stories on GH: (SPOILERS, don’t read if you actually want to be surprised by this crapmobile show)

    #GH Sam admits to Jason about Carly’s efforts for them to have a baby, and they grow closer over the idea of having a family.

    #GH Sam offers Liz her condolences, and Liz gives Jason Jake’s toy motorcycle

    #GH Jason realizes that all the reasons for not wanting a child are no longer credible

    my comments: wow. just wow. GH isn’t even waiting a month before moving ahead with the Jason and Sam baby story. pretty sick. Do they think the audience will just forget about Jake?

    Jason realizes his reasons are no longer credible?? Um Michael. One word. That kid’s life has been destroyed because of Jason (and Sonny and carly). But Jason’s mob life is suddenly not an issue?

    And sorry, but Sam offering condolences. that is the biggest joke. why does the show act like Sam didn’t wish that Jake was dead. and take actions against Jason, Elizabeth and Jake that showed her ill feelings towards him being alive.

    I really dislike when a show insults the audience’s intelligence.

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