Guza: redefining what it means to half-ass a story.

WHAT THE WHAT? Was I just abducted by aliens? Did someone slip me some drugs? I feel like I must be missing time. Because if I’m not missing time, then that means today’s episode just blithely skipped over Jake’s memorial service.

That would be ridiculous, right? RIGHT?

And if nobody drugged me, then that means I didn’t hallucinate Sonny and Brenda officially becoming the biggest pair of self-absorbed, ungrateful asses on the planet:

(I mean, not that Sonny didn’t have that title pretty much in the bag already, but skipping the memorial for his best friend’s son to play cutesy newlyweds with the wife that same friend spent the last eight months of his life bending over backwards to protect? That was a new low. Even for him.)

But never mind that for the moment. Because let me get this straight: not only were we robbed of any tearful goodbyes at Jake’s bedside, but now we don’t even get to see the kid’s effing memorial service?! What, was it just too expensive to have all the actors in one scene together? Or were they afraid that showing the memorial service would make the blatant absences of half the family of the principal players even more obvious? (HAHAHAHA… just kidding; I know they don’t even remember there are any missing characters.)

Or, more likely, they just assumed that since neither Jason or Sonny (Worst. Best friend. EVER) could be bothered to attend, there just wasn’t anybody there whose grief would be worth watching. I mean, hell, Lucky and Elizabeth (and Jason and Elizabeth, clearly — I’d be surprised if they ever laid eyes on each other again) filled their quota of face to face interactions for a year back in the hospital. Why would we need to see them mourn their child together any further or have a conversation about — oh, I don’t know — the fact that his father killed their son? In fact, why would we even need to see Lucky on the day of his son’s memorial service at all?

I just– I can’t. On what planet do these writing choices make sense? This isn’t even bad soap anymore. Because it’s not a soap at all.


30 thoughts on “Guza: redefining what it means to half-ass a story.

  1. Did you see the Huffington Post article on how bad GH is? It’s great and totally makes all the points you do (though not as funny!) but the last lines of the article are amazing.

        • Well obviously, we are of like minds on this story, and the state of the show in general. Would that I thought mainstream attention like that would actually make a bit of difference with TPTB… *sigh*

          • I know right! i wish the network would say, wait a minute… this isn’t good.

            i hate that now we are finally getting S&B in scenes all by themselves (should have happened from the beginning and they should have rebuilt their romance with actual scenes! )- it’s in the middle of the worst story that has ever been on gh (jake’s death). and it made zero sense that S&B wouldn’t support jason. sometimes now i just watch s&b scenes on youtube and pretend the rest of the show isn’t happening. I loved the sonny, brenda, robin scene. When I really go into GH hate mode, I watch the old S&B scenes- which had real conflict and drama in them. and MB and VM were actually allowed to act a bit. like this one:

            esp at 5:05 onwards

            Brenda used to take Sonny to task!

            i loved your S&B caves retrospective- i would love to see you blog about some of these old scenes- mainly so we can enjoy GH in some capacity- even if just on youtube :)

  2. ICAM, as I said on another board, my jaw was on the floor the moment Brenda said she wasn’t going, because she didn’t know Elizabeth that well. (wasn’t she friends with Laura, so she knows Lucky) and didn’t Jason just put his life on hold for you, and Sonny’s isn’t going cause well he’s going to do Jason a big favor and keep Brenda and Carly apart. While Jason gave up his son and whatever life he could’ve had for you. WTF! Then Carly is going to be the bigger person and get along with the women who let them cut into her brain dead son, so your daughter could live. Gee thanks Carly. but lets make sure we tell everyone it was because of Jason. Then Jason. I was really expecting SOOO Much more, yeah he’s all upset and we get a redo with sam fixing his tie (I remember Liz doing the same thing before Alan’s funeral) another important person in Jason’s life he completely disrespected. I can understand the feeling of not knowing how to do it (going to your son’s funeral) what I CANNOT AND WILL NOT EVER understand is actually not going and your girlfriend telling you its ok. (Liz would never have told him that) Then the next scene makes it absolutely obvious he didn’t go. I was standing in my kitchen cause I was cookin, wooden spoon in hand with my mouth open and a big ole WTF on my lips. and then Liz and Nik returning home. and now I know I’m not going to see the memorial. No Liz and Lucky, No Liz and Jason, (I know they were on the screen already for 2011, Twice, so I don’t know why I expected more.)and then the final straw, Jason reading to Jocelyn. My stomach turned and my hand reached for the remote. I seriously didn’t think the writing could get much worse. Little did I know how wrong I could be.

    • ITA petrya GH has fallen to a new low and took SBu with them–they have his character acting like a complete unadulterated asshat fool. Worst writing ever in daytime and that’s saying a lot.

      • ICAM, I detest Jason now and he USED to be one of my favorite characters. The minute they wrote him so OOC a few years ago taking back sam after what she intentionally did to his son, not once but twice was a huge reason I have not liked Jason but this latest BS with his SON is too much.. Wouldn’t watch GH again unless they FIRE the lot of the writers and get rid of Frons… then I might try to watch but as it stands GH is horrid and not a show I’d watch…

        • yup, I stopped liking Jason then too. It was totally out of character for him to get back together with the woman who did really horrible things to elizabeth and jake.

  3. Where was Bobbie Spencer? Where was Monica Quartermaine? Did anyone call Laura to let her know that her grandson died?

  4. I saw the Brenda/sonny scenes and totally agree. Summer is coming and the divine one needs to leave GH asap. Can you see her in sleeves in bed in the summer? Seriously, GH meaning Guza, Frons and Phelps paid a fortune for VM and the real reason they probably could not have a memorial service for Jake is that there was no more money in the budget to pay the actors that should have been at the service–they spent all the money on VM signing and then on her wedding that did have a lot of the cast but did not have Monica, did not have Mike –all because the return of VM has been a huge failure. If VM’s return as a guest (her words) had not been such a failure RH would not have been fired in the first place and Tyler C. would not have been fired.
    All because Frons, Guza and Phelps bet on someone with limited acting skills and someone who was not staying around long anyway. Very sad. I am happy RH is back she has rocked her scenes this week and I am very aorry to see TC go.

    • You know, the thing is I really like Brenda. Always have, probably always will, no matter how they try and make me hate her with atrocious writing. (Kind of the way I feel about Liz too. They can’t make me hate her, no matter what they do!)

      There are so many interesting things they could have done with Brenda that might have justified whatever they’re paying VM — she’s still got connections all over the canvas. There’s tons of potential. But it’s all been squandered on this idiotic Balkan story and months of her pretty exclusively interacting with Jason followed by a rushed, completely anti-romantic reunion with Sonny, and now? Now after months of having her and Jason’s connection shoved in our faces (which annoys me, but it’s been the writing since her last return so the least they could do is honor it) she’s being written as someone who couldn’t even be bothered to go to his son’s memorial? WTF?

      Just awful. Such a waste of a good character.

  5. I’m sick to my stomach. I mean, not to have the grieving parents at the funeral, but, wait, there was no funeral. Outraged. Guza, that hack, needs to go.

  6. I was surprised they even talked about a memorial but they did and had the absolute gall to talk about it instead of showing. That Sonny didn’t go was appalling it took us from May to February to find out what happened to Michael but only a few days to kill of a child , have another one be deathly ill and have core characters not even there. This story despite all the amazing acting was ridiculous.

  7. ….and that is why my TV is still not turned back to GH. I have not watched GH LIVE since 2008 and then only watched a few select characters. I turned GH off completely when Becky Herbst was fired. Still have not turned it back on and will not till things change drastically on that soap. GH better have an explaination for many character’s descisions and actions and why the quality of s/l’s are such a joke.

    There are many character that have potential, but because of the Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam show they get bare bones.

    Carly and Sonny DO have their moments when I love them, but most of time is cringe.
    Jason, well Jason is not Jason anymore and I do not like this Jason.
    Sam, what can I say….nothing. There is absolutly NOTHING about this character that is appealing and does not make any sense as to why this character is even on screen.

    As for Brenda I was so excited for this characters return, but now it is a mess. WHY GH!

    GH needs to use their characters that we love, but for some reason they think we and the majority of their canvas do not matter. WHY?

    I could go on with wht GH is not working anymore….

  8. And Y&R just got the last laugh by hiring Genie Francis to star opposite Tristan Rogers. LMAO! So, she’s going to play the “ex” of Tristan Rogers character and they have a son who was recently killed named Ethan! Older fans know that TR used to play Robert Scorpio, who was married to Holly, who just happened to had some phantom affair with Luke that produced a son named—-ETHAN! How hilarious is that? What a bunch of buffons (Guza, Frons, Phelps and company) over at GH. You had a golden opportunity and not only did Y&R just snatch it from you but they are going to use the same actors and premise to do it way better. What a bunch of goofs…

  9. Well you know that because Jason didn’t go there was no point in showing the memorial service because then we might realize OTHER PEOPLE ARE MOURNING JAKE AND NOT JUST JASON. We might have people comforting Lucky and Elizabeth and GOD FORBID. (you know since Jake would be alive and all if Jason had been in his life so clearly his death is their fault and deserve no compassion or sympathy.) Too right about the giant holes we would see if they did a memorial service. No Audrey. No Bobbie. No Laura. No Leslie. No Monica. No Edward. (You know since the Qs always act like they have no connection to Lucky) No Sarah (ok I don’t want her back but she did just spend six weeks with the boy. Wouldn’t be unheard of) No Jeff Webber. No Nameless Mother Webber. They might of had to remember that neither Liz or Lucky is actually Catholic so the show’s instance to have every memorial service procided over by Father Coates would be…

    You know I remember very well the railroad job they did to Genie Francis when they were ushering her off the show. This is making that look almost classy and well thought out.

    • Sadly, GH isn’t worth watching anymore. I didn’t think it could get any worse than it was last year at this time, but it has. Brenda has sucked the life out of GH, Sonny and the GH budget. Guza can’t write an original story anymore. Many fan favorites have been put on recurring status and never used or fired. Viewers write, call and email but TPTB refuse to listen to what we want. Why bother watching anymore? It’s just too frustrating.

      I’m switching to Y&R where I can see some of my favorite actors and enjoy good storytelling.

    • Yeah, it’s not just that they don’t have the money for all those people, or whatever practical considerations… it’s that they can’t even be bothered to mention their names — how hard is it to show Liz having a one-sides phone conversation with Sarah or her mythical parents? How hard to show flowers from Laura? Or have Carly telling Joss that Grandma Bobbie is coming to watch her that night. So very little effort could make such a big difference in terms of viewer suspension of disbelief. But they don’t care. They just don’t.

      • Or even just have Steven mention that he called them? They’ll bring back Lady Jane for every other time Joss gets a bump on the head but not this time? No Helena swooping in to try take her “heir” (or whatever she’s calling him now) Aiden away from Liz because she’s so weak from grief and that would actually make her covuluted plan in regards to Aiden’s paternity make sense?

        I would argue the writers do care…just not about that part of the story. They are far more concerned with the Jason vs Luke aspect of it (Why? Just…Why? Besides the obvious “because it involves Jason duh”). Let’s also not forget this was written during the time they didn’t seem to realize Becky Herbst had…fans who wanted to see her and see Elizabeth get a story. I’m sure they totally thought she was leaving anyway so why waste time to give her an actual part in this storyline. And they already gave Jonathan his Emmy reel moments for the year so really his usefulness to the story is done.

  10. As a fan of GH since the very first episode watching with my mom whenever I could – first, I want to say ALL the acting has been AMAZING since this happened. But I remember the buildup, and development of the BJ/Maxie story and this just pales in comparison. I still cant say or hear BJ’s name without tears:( I still LOVE Maxie after everything we have been thru together:)

    This was just so glossed over it is ridiculous. My 20 year old daughter and I watch together and are alternating between tears over Jake/Lucky/Liz… and laughing at the lack of continuity. Laura at least has the reason of being in another country – where is Bobbie?? She lived thru this herself, you would think she would be there for her nephew and her daughter!!

  11. I just don’t know what to think anymore. Honest to God, I don’t know what to think. They have completely destroyed this show.

    The characters the writers seem insistent on shoving down our throats have become not just ‘unlikeable’ but downright despicable. I didn’t think I could possibly hate Carly more than I do at this point. Her obsession with all things Jason is sick. Sonny and Brenda sitting there selfishly giggling and laughing…? Yes, that endeared them to all of our hearts, did it not? I suppose FruzaPhelps think that since the wedding got them good ratings, that anything the blissful couple do is just jim-dandy fine with us. And then, Jason. The writers in their infinite wisdom decided to try to make this story all about Jason’s grief. Instead what they’ve given us is a grown man sniveling and crying about the son he never knew…never got to spend any time with…never heard his first words…blah blah blah…but who decides not to go to his memorial!!??? Nothing? He couldn’t even man-up to go to the service to (at the VERY least) offer his sympathies and condolences to someone he supposedly once loved deeply and who has been there for him for years…someone who saved his life on more than one occasion and was fiercely loyal to. And, by God, this was his ONLY BIOLOGICAL SON! If the intent of the writers was to have the majority of viewers HATE this man, then they have accomplished what they set out to do. I could not despise Jason more at this point. I feel truly sorry for Steve Burton. His character has always been the mobster with ‘the heart of gold’. Now he’s just an unlikeable schlub whose brain damage has increased to a level where he is no longer recognizable. To think that he is living with this woman who says it’s “okay” for him to skip the memorial is even more deplorable. She should have told him to get his ass over to the memorial and start acting like an adult. We all do things we don’t want to do, Jason. You.Effing.Crybaby.

    Ironically, the asshats at GH can pull history out of their behinds when it is something like Jason reading JosLump a book about …. you guessed it… AFRICA….as Snarly looks on lovingly but forget anything to do with the Q’s, or Grams, or Bobbie, or Monica, or….the list goes on.

    I hate this show. HATE.IT.

  12. I didn’t really think GH could get any lower but they just love to prove me wrong, I see. As if killing Jake Webber wasn’t bad enough they have to spit on his memory too. Enough is enough. I quit you GH.

  13. This story has been so bad it’s hard to blame anyone but the writers. I can’t continue to expect characters to act in character when the writers continue to write them completely out of character. I agree that Sonny should have been at the memorial and I believe that he would have gone, for him not to, is completely out of character. The birthday celebration definitely could have and should have waited but that’s on the writers/producers. But Sonny and Brenda not going isn’t the overriding problem. This memorial service wasn’t even televised…still SMDH @ that one. Lucky wasn’t on the show today, Jason didn’t go to the memorial, Luke (even if he felt he shouldn’t be there would went anyway) didn’t go and it was “talked about” so the viewers would know there was an actual memorial, and oh yeah, people were dressed in black. There have been so many things wrong with this s/l from the beginning that I am indifferent to what continues to happen. Why keep expecting better writing/producing/storytelling/editing/directing with the same people at the helm? It’s insanity to do the same thing over and over but expect a different result each time. Until TIIC change, nothing will.

  14. I completely and totally agree with most everything that’s been said above. As if the Jake/Jocelyn story and not showing Jake’s memorial with most of the cast there wasn’t bad enough, DATV had to go an add insult to injury with the Guza/Burton Q&A that’s now online. Talk about epic PR fail. All it served to do was point out that there was no point to this story and that Guza and donkey’s have a lot more in common than previously thought, if that’s even possible.

    • i know! and the fact that jason is going to discuss having another baby not even a month after his son has died, wth?! gh sucks. i think ratings will start to show that people aren’t buying this. After VM leaves again, I truly have no reason to watch this show. Did you all see that TV guide interview where Guza tries to tease more jason and liz interaction…. they haven’t shared scenes in 3 years, and barely any since their child has died! and now all of sudden we’re supposed to believe they’re going to give us scenes with them. please.

  15. tenillypo– to continue my post above – I checked out today’s S&B scenes. had an old school feel to them – esp the second part, MB and VM just have it. that kind of chemistry should not be wasted on these terrible stories, i’m happy we’re at least getting them in scenes by themselves, and she’s not stuck in Rome or Jason’s jail.

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