Anyone else get crushed by that anvil just now?

I’m getting that missing time feeling again. Did I miss a scene where Brenda and Suzanne made up and became besties?

Because the last time I remember them sharing a scene, Brenda called her a heartless bitch, threw her out of the house, and told her she’d never see her grandson again… and then on Friday, they’re giggling together like school girls and making plans for years of future play dates with Lucian.

It doesn’t help my feelings of disorientation that Sonny (!!) has suddenly become the sole voice of reason (!!!) in the Corinthos house, all “hey, maybe this woman who lied to you for years with the sole purpose or ruining your life doesn’t actually have your best interests at heart” or “hey, maybe we should get a DNA test and make sure this kid doesn’t have any legal guardians left alive before you start a college fund for him” or “hey, maybe raising kids in the mob isn’t a great idea after all”:

SONNY: You need to take a hard look at the way Michael grew up. Kidnapped, shot, imprisoned… that’s not the ideal childhood.
BRENDA: Sweetheart, any damage that has been done to Michael is because Carly is his mother. I’m sorry, but that’s just the truth. The girl has a screw loose. And she has made a lot of selfish choices that have really affected her children.

Well, sure. But since the most selfish choice Carly ever made — from which every horrible thing that has ever happened to Michael can be directly traced — is making Sonny his father… you’re not really helping your case here, Bren.

(Also, I love that Sonny is suddenly able to be so honest and realistic about how he can’t actually guarantee safety for children under his “protection”… so long as his parental rights aren’t actually in question. Big of him, as always.)

I guess this is the writer’s version of “subtle” “foreshadowing,” since the rumor is Vanessa Marcil will be leaving soon. And I guess it could actually be worse in terms of screwing up my happy memories of Brenda and Sonny forever. I mean, I’d much rather them part (again) on amicable, loving terms for a plot-related reason that — while completely contrived and ridiculous — at least doesn’t make either of them look like complete assholes. That’s better than some awful and out of character betrayal or fake death. (Erm, again. On both counts.)

At the same time… ugh. Really? Why bring her back at all for a reunion so bungled and half-assed if it wasn’t even going to last longer than a few months? Yes, the wedding was nice and all, but the months and months leading up to it were a complete waste of potential in which Brenda and Sonny barely interacted, and Dante was nearly ruined for no reason at all other than Guza’s inability not to have his favorite toys in each other’s faces at all times, regardless of whether or not it makes sense or, you know, is actually entertaining in any way at all.

Meanwhile, we never got to see Brenda introduced to Patrick (and as far as I can tell has still never even met Emma), never got to see her interact with Kate at all or spend more than a single scene with Brook Lynn — her other supposed best friend in the world’s kid — never even got a reunion scene with Mike (who the writers couldn’t even bother to have show up at her wedding), barely got any scenes with the Qs… and the list goes on.

(But hey, according to Brian Frons, GH is in “good creative shape,” so no worries about cancellation, kids! MY EYES ROLL FOREVER, SRSLY.)


2 thoughts on “Anyone else get crushed by that anvil just now?

  1. i don’t get how the show has
    a) michael wanting to join the mob
    b) michael telling jason he’s going to be a good father
    c) michael telling brenda he wishes he wasn’t raised in the mob
    d) sonny saying kids in the mob is bad
    e) jason and s deciding now is the perfect time to have a baby

    what?! what what?

    does not compute.

    in other news, i personally would like to see sonny and brenda have a kid before she leaves the show… or perhaps she leaves and learns she is pregnant…. dum dum da dum

    if GH is going to be off the air in a year or two. (or three)- part of me hopes VM stays- esp if it is just for one more year.

    i just want them to have her come back to escort MB off the show.

  2. I too am at a loss that now Brenda is friends with the Hooter Heaver :”she brought back my son”. She friggin TOOK HIM AWAY FOR 3 YEARS TOO, HELLOOOOOOO!
    I get that Michael praised Carly to Brenda. Let’s face it, the blonde beast is his mom, but come on, you’re talking to the woman whose wedding she tried to destroy. It does kill me how Sonny calls Lucian “the boy”. It’s amazing how The Sperminator expected other women to accept/deal with his kids. I mean Michael shot Kate didn’t he? I was never a vested fan of Brenda but watching her with Sonny makes my head tip back in narcoleptic boredom.

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