I think the GH writers might be watching too much South Park.

I’ve spent entirely too much time lately trying to figure out what the point of Lisa’s latest plot is. All I can figure is that she’s subscribing to the Underpants Gnome philosophy on plan making:

Phase 1: Drug Kristina.
Phase 2: ???
Phase 3: Profit, er Get Patrick to love her.

And misogyny is alive and well in the mob portion of Port Charles, where men can apparently decide who they allow their wives to be friends with:

SONNY: [to Jax] I let you guys be friends because that was what Brenda wanted.

Oh, how big of you, Sonny! STFU, seriously.

When the show’s charming leading men aren’t dictating who their significant others should spend time with, they’re giving them faux support. I mean, I’m paraphrasing here, but how else to explain this:

JASON: I can go to your doctor appointment with you, Sam.
SAM: OMG, I can’t believe you would even consider doing something so self-sacrificing! I know you absolutely hate doing anything that isn’t related to killing people or running around town after Michael. I feel blessed to be able to spend every day telling you how awesome you are. You don’t actually need to be supportive of me; just telling me that you would like to be supportive but can’t is more than I deserve!



4 thoughts on “I think the GH writers might be watching too much South Park.

  1. Wow. This makes me so glad that I apparently FF’d through both of those scenes. I probably would have burst a blood vessel with rage.

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