It’s like Christmas and my birthday all at once!

You know how sometimes when you’ve hoped for something for so long, if doesn’t seem real when it finally happens? Well, join me in dream land, kids! There’s some breaking news that’s relevant to all our interests:

“Brian Frons, president, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group announced today that Garin Wolf has been named head writer of ABC’s Emmy® Award-winning daytime drama, ‘General Hospital.’ The appointment is effective immediately.”

Immediately! As in right now! As in… right at this very moment, someone other than Bob Guza is in charge of Port Charles for the first time in almost a decade.

Holy crap.

I’m not familiar with Garin Wolf , but apparently he did some work during the writer’s strike? (But according to Nancy Lee Grahn, not as a scab. So I guess that’s good.) I remember thinking that the upturn in quality on General Hospital was the only good thing about the strike. Then the Guz came back and a bunch of promising plots were dropped, Claudia was ruined, and… well, you know the rest.

In other news: is this real? Can someone pinch me?

(Runner up title for this post: “Ding dong, the hack is gone.”) (Then I thought — no, that’s too mean. The dude just got fired.)

(Then I thought, is there really such a thing as too mean when it comes to the man who joyfully slaughtered half the cast, got his rocks off abusing female characters over and over and over again, and repeatedly patted himself on the back while ripping off the work of better writers and insinuating they were the hacks? Is it possible to be too cruel to the man who subjected us all to the horror of Elizabeth and Nikolas, Sonny schtupping his best friend’s baby sister, and Courtney’s… existence? Can the mastermind behind Jerry Craig, Toxic Balls: the Uncontainment and the Scorpio-Drake blog wars really still have a soul left to insult?)

(Then I thought: this is way too many parentheses. Just post the damn thing, already.)


11 thoughts on “It’s like Christmas and my birthday all at once!

  1. Best day in a long time for GH fans :)

    Garin Wolf has been with the show for 15 years and opted for FICOR status during the strike, as did several other writers in daytime especially in daytime, taking over the head writer duties. GH got so much better then too so things are definitely looking up now.

  2. ::sobbing:: I am sooo haaapppeeee…. ::sobbing::

    You articulated, exactly, what I’m feeling. Stunned. I’ve wanted it for so long and holy shit, it happened. FINALLY!

    You’re right, it’s like a culmination of every birthday, Christmas and the 4th of July all at once.

  3. Yeah Garin Wolf went FICO and did a lot of work during the writer’s strike. I loved him. Remember how Lucky was seen a lot during the strike and was written as smart and competent and he was played by Greg Vaughan so it was REALLY shocking? And how Claudia came on as this smart powerful woman in her own right? That was Garin. I’ve been praying for him to take over for Guza since the strike.

    And you forgot to mention…Guza failed to make the gimmie of a ratings bump with Vanessa’s return happen at all. HOW DO YOU MESS THAT UP???

    There is no such thing as being too mean to a guy who literally thought his viewers beleived the people they watched on TV were real (No seriously…he said that…soap fans confuse fantasy and reality) and thought Claire Labine had ONE GOOD STORY in her entire run. NO SUCH THING.

    • It’s kind of amazing the lengths they went to in order to mess up VM’s return. Let’s see… take a beloved character and spend the better part of a year keeping her as far away from any of her existing friends or two wildly popular romantic pairings as possible. Throw her into a bizarre retconned romance with a new character who already had a popular pairing his own. Abruptly drop that after months of tediousness and throw her back with one of her old romantic leads. Immediately have them get married with zero build up. And… scene.


    • My feeling is that even if it gets canceled in the next year, I would rather end it with someone else at the helm than Bob Guza. At least then, there’s a chance it will go out on a good note.

  4. I by no means am a Guza fan. In fact after years of watching GH I had to give it up when Sonny shot Dante storyline was turned into Sonny being a hero. But I will forever be grateful that Guza (or whoever works in the casting department) brought the awesomeness that is Sebastian Roche. As Mr. Craig he was genius and he made Jerry Jacks uncringe-worthy. But on that note hopefully in another month when the new writing starts showing in the action I will be able to watch the show again.

    • I love Sebastian Roche, but the decision to turn him in Jerry Jacks was a terrible one, IMO — his entire existence as a character is history destroying, and the fact that he’s able to waltz in and out of town with no repercussions after everything he’s done makes everyone look like an idiot. He also gave Guza an excuse to run wild with his favorite trope: women being sexually menaced. I’d be happy to see Roche come back under a new writer to see what better uses could be made of his talent and charisma. I guess we’ll see.

  5. Sebastian Roche is awesome – I just love him in anything he’s in (Fringe, Supernatural, etc.) He was the bad guy of PC I could actually stand to watch!

    However – word on everything else. omg, Guza is gone!!! Happy dance and high-fives all around! :::snicker:::

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