They’re dropping like flies, huh?

So, now Ingo Rademacher’s been fired, too? I’ve never been a huge fan of Jax, but it’s weird to think of the show without him. And sad to be losing one of the few non-mob leading men, just when the writing change meant there was a hope for some balance to return to the canvas.

Now I’m worried that this news together with the rumors that Vanessa Marcil’s heading out again sooner rather than later means we’re looking at a Jax/Brenda happily ever after, riding off into the sunset together with Joss and Alec? I really hope not, and not just because the thought makes my S&B loving heart cry, but also… it would be really crappy to have Jax’s legacy on the show end with him abandoning Morgan and kidnapping their daughter from Carly.

(Although suddenly the decision to throw Carly and Sonny back together out of left field for Alec’s rescue makes a little more sense. Get ready for round nine hundred of the Sonny and Carly catastrophe, kids!)

(Ugh… I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.)


4 thoughts on “They’re dropping like flies, huh?

  1. Well, a Jax/Brenda reunion and them running off together would make my Jax & Brenda loving heart soar. I was a fan of Sonny & Brenda …. until the day Ingo showed up. I have been a Jax & Brenda fan from the beginning. Sonny can just go ride off into the sunset by himself or with Jason in a pine box as far as I am concerned.

    And really, from the post-wedding moment that Jax suggested Sonny use the gun on himself, we all knew Jax’s days in Port Charles were numbered. No one gets to call the slimy mobster out like that without paying a price.

    To make it complete, since we all know TPTB will paint Jax as the bad guy anyway and his legacy can never be a good one as long as the mobsters are the romantic leads (which I will NEVER understand or accept), I suggest that he kidnap Morgan as well and take him along. Screw Sonny over in as many ways as possible is my motto.

  2. i totally agree with everything you wrote. Hopefully the new headwriter will keep Ingo on.
    Vanessa Marcil actually just started tweeting (she loves S&B!!)! And yes, sadly she is leaving, but i hope they don’t have S&B divorce…. because I think it would be great to have her come back to end the show with Sonny or usher Sonny out. Plus, storyline wise, it would not make sense to finally get them together to rip them apart. If they’re smart, they’ll write Brenda off preggo by Sonny. And leave the door open….

    But another round of sonny/cannot even type her name, and jax and brenda, come on GH.

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