Do I need to get my hearing checked?

… or did someone spike the water cooler in the writers’ room with a dose of continuity this week?

First we get Lucky actually admitting that maybe — just maybe — living in a nice house with a loving family might not have been a soul-sucking hellfest that totally ruined Luke’s life:

SIOBHAN: Maybe it was a tribute to your father since you said Luke always wanted the place gone.
LUCKY: Yeah, but that was revisionist history. I mean there were plenty of times when he was happy there. He just doesn’t want to remember them.

Maybe Jonathan Jackson’s just writing all his own dialog now? Because I have been waiting for so long for someone — anyone! — to call bullshit on Luke’s revisionist crap. And maybe it’s sad to get this excited over one measly throw away line, but that’s what years of this idiocy has driven me to, so… yeah. That made my day.

(Speaking of Siobhan, are we supposed to hate her? Because she was pretty reasonable and awesome during that conversation, but her sudden and bizarre conviction that Elizabeth is a serial killing maniac who’s been faking her grief for her dead child is… well, it’s typical of this show, actually. But still: baffling!)

Meanwhile, ELQ is suddenly relevant again! And Monica’s alive! And she knows the truth about Jake’s parentage! And it only took him dying and literally every other person in town finding out first!

(I want to be annoyed at the contrivance of having Tracy be the one to break the news, but I’m really just glad for any excuse to have Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson sharing a scene. I’m easy that way. Sue me.)

None of this makes up for the wastefulness of only bringing Monica into this story two months after the fact, of course. But if we get to see her ripping Jason a new one, I’ll consider thinking nice thoughts about the show for a day. Maybe even a day and half!


4 thoughts on “Do I need to get my hearing checked?

  1. I’m pretty sure yesterday was our proof that what we’ve been seeing (and hearing) was Garin Wolfe’s tinkering with scripts Guza had finished before his firing. There is really no other explanation for the mention of like actual Quatermaines (Jimmy Lee Holt! Justus! Emily! Ned! Dillon!), seeing Monica and having her be told onscreen about Jake (Guza was clearly never going to have her told and if he ever did it would be off screen while she was at the spa) and Lucky remembering once again that Luke’s burning hatred of family life is utter crap. The other stuff is absolute par for the course but since a lot of Garin’s talk about what to expcet when his stuff starts has included the Qs…. i’m thinking this was his tinkering.

  2. Also loved the Monica comment that “she had been to EVERY conference ” apparently more great pot shots at Guza’s writing and efforts to bury her character.

    I’m loving Garin Wolf’s subtle changes already..dare we begin to hope again.

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