This show is an exercise in nausea.

Judging by the recent happenings in Port Charles, I can only assume Bob Guza’s bucket list for the end of his time on the show looks a little something like this:

1. Kill a hooker. Make sure it’s completely gratuitous.
2. Sexually assault Laura’s daughter in the whorehouse where Luke and Bobbie grew up. That’s respecting history, right?
3. Frame Jax for rape, which is hilarious because remember that time he was raped and we played it for laughs? Hahaha… good times.
4. Make Sonny and Brenda so irritating and boring that even their fans will cheer when she breaks up with him.

I feel like there aren’t words for how gross and unentertaining nearly every single story on the canvas is at the moment. For the record, when I hoped that Dante and Lulu would go on an adventure that had nothing to do with Sonny, watching an extended scene of Lulu thrown around and nearly raped at knife point wasn’t part of my fantasy.

And I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the brothel story has put way more emphasis on poor Luke’s pain at having had to sell his sister for sex than it has on Bobbie’s pain at having been sold. (And forget the plight of the the women who are STILL being sold — including one we know has frequently been sold to Luke — in that same place. They barely merit a thought.)

After all, this show is nothing if not consistent when it comes to making abuse of women all about men.

Speaking of which, I’ve never really cared for Jax much as a character but seeing him go out like this is awful. Just awful. I couldn’t even watch the PCPD scenes when he desperately begged the mediator to tell the truth.

But of course it had to be this way, because we couldn’t have Brenda leaving Sonny just because she’d caught a clue and realized the mob was dangerous and that Sonny, who’d confessed way back on the first day they were reunited to setting a car bomb that nearly killed his teenage daughter and to deliberately shooting his son in the chest… kind of sucks now.

BRENDA: You know what the truth is? I’m so sorry I didn’t see this before. The truth is that you used to stand for something and now you stand for nothing. […] I’m a mother now. This is my boy. I don’t want him to think that it’s just okay to destroy an innocent person’s life and then come home, kiss your wife and act like everything’s fine. I don’t want him to hurt people. I don’t want him to kill people. I don’t want him in this life. And I know that what you really want from me, is you want me to be silent. And I won’t.

As crappy as this entire story has been, Vanessa Marcil and Maurice Bernard really sold that scene. Her voice breaking as she told him wouldn’t be silent anymore was great. As was the devastated look on his face after this awesome and long overdue burn:

BRENDA: After I realized that you did this to Jax, I knew in my heart that I don’t like you anymore.

It’s a little irritating that it took Sonny doing something to Jax to make her see how unlikeable he’s become, but whatever. I’ll take it. I want to regret that Brenda’s leaving, but the truth is she hasn’t been very likeable herself during the last year, and the old Sonny/Brenda magic wasn’t strong enough to overcome this toxic writing. I’d rather her go now than stay and further tarnish the memories I have of this character and this couple any more they already have been.

Bon voyage, B! We’ll always have Puerto Rico. And the sex caves.

As for the rest of the show… anyone want to take a bet on how many more sexual assaults we’ll have to get through before the new material starts? I mean, Sam hasn’t been menaced in a while. Clearly, that can’t last.


5 thoughts on “This show is an exercise in nausea.

  1. great post. Such a shame the writers/show wasted VM and MB’s chemistry for a year! This scene proves that they still have it – inspite of terrible writing. i will miss her. I would take VM and MB reading the phone book. sadly i don’t have much of a reason to watch this show. i hope she comes back, and i hope good writers will write a story that honors their history, and the former glory of the show.

  2. I have always loved Jax as a character, which is why I haven’t been able to watch any of this recent crap. And I have hated Sonny for as long as I have loved Jax. I wish Sonny would be DESTROYED as character. I might watch that. Poor Jax and poor Ingo.

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