In which everything was puppies and rainbows forever!

… well, no, not really. (Like, seriously, Siobhan? What. The. Hell.)

But hey, it was better than it has been. Because yesterday on General Hospital? Bob Guza was not in charge. Here’s how you can tell:

1) The Cassadines are making a comeback!

And it looks like the show might remember Alexis is actually one of them! And it was goofy and kind of awesome!

2) Something nice was said about Laura Spencer! And Stefan got name checked! Twice!

HELENA: You are trying so hard to be like your mother but you’re not. No, your mother… your mother was the queen of adventure. You’re trying to be Laura Spencer because you have no idea who Lulu Spencer really is.

(Is it wrong that I was kind of hoping she would actually stab Lulu? Not kill her, just… wound her a little, maybe. I mean, I love Lulu, but she has been super annoying lately. Also, it’s past time Helena actually did something evil rather than just bluster menacingly.)

3) Scrubs got naked! Adorably and sexily and non-condescendingly!

(Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Epiphany came back! And I realized I had actually missed her!)

4) Monica was on screen! And criticizing Jason! And making funny jokes about all the non-stop medical conventions she’s been attending for the last five years!

JASON: [Tracy] shouldn’t have said anything at all.
MONICA: She shouldn’t have had to.

Damn staight.

5) Elizabeth showed some humility, self-awareness and grace! And Sam was actually pretty awesome and non-crazy! Plus, we got a Elizabeth/Jason/Sam scene that managed to be respectful to the fanbases of both couples!

(And to the smaller but no less devoted third fanbase that may or may not consist entirely of me, who kind of want Sam and Liz to make out all the time, because damn… that pep talk was kind of hot. Just sayin’.)

ELIZABETH: I really need to stop leaning on all the men in my past, all my kids’ fathers. That sounds really bad, doesn’t it?
SAM & JASON’S FACES: *awwwwwwwkward*

SAM: Elizabeth, please don’t let other people define who you are and label and judge you, because then it happens so much you start judging yourself. I mean, I know. We’ve all done things we’d like to go back and redo in a different way. We just, we can’t. We’ve got to take responsibility when the responsibility is ours to take, and from what I know and what Jason believes, you are not responsible for Jake’s death. And yes, we lean on places that we know will hold us up and that’s why you’re hear. And I understand that.
ELIZABETH: I don’t know why, but that really…
JASON: Really helped?

JASON: We have a connection. That’s just the way it is.
ELIZABETH: It was so much more than that.

That’ll tide me over for a while. Thanks, Wolf.

Then… there was this:

SIOBHAN: Unless you think the more you unravel, the more of a chance there is that Lucky is going to come run to your rescue. Or maybe you want to sink so far down that there is no getting up.
ELIZABETH: Why would I do that to myself?
SIOBHAN: Maybe you think that if you can’t hold onto Lucky’s heart when you’re alive, you’ll haunt it when you’re dead.

I… what? So now, in the world according to suddenly BATSHIT Siobhan, Elizabeth is a cold blooded murderer, unrepentant baby killer, and so desperate for Lucky’s love that she’s basically suicidal? I’m still so baffled by this characterization turn, I don’t even really know what to think. FIX IT, GARIN WOLF. FIX IT NOW.

Otherwise I think we’re off to a good start. Gratuitous nakedness (hi, Johnny!), campy foreshadowing, conversations that are long overdue, lots of history mentions and a few returning vets. Best of all? No Sonny, Carly, or effing Jackal, PI.

A girl could do much worse, you know?


13 thoughts on “In which everything was puppies and rainbows forever!

  1. Oh, Tenillypo, I agree with all you said, but I think I am so much more excited than you!!! I thought that yesterday’s episode was all sorts of freaking awesome!!!

    Scrubs loving YEAH!!! Epiphany – yeah I didn’t realize I missed her either, until I did a little happy move when she appeared – Cassadines, Laura RESPECTFUL mention, Stavros, Helena calling Lulu on all her crap, and NIKOLAS lurking at the end, looking all dark and princely – loved it.

    Jason and Monica (though I did want Monica to rip into him more and not be so apologetic about her anger) and an actual JASON/SAM/LIZ GREAT (!!!) moment that felt like a true triangle and not just unceremonious propping of Jason. I loved the look of shock on Elizabeth’s face when she saw the engagement bolt, and her acknowledgement at the end that her and Jason was so much more. He was going to marry Liz and it was unceremoniously dropped when Michael got shot, and now Jason is moving on with marriage and babies after not allowing himself to do that with her and that was shown… I repeat, IT WAS AWESOME.

    Jason was sympathetic to Liz and still totally committed to Sam… AND SAM..I’m going on record. I do not favor Sam, don’t hate her per se, but not a fan…until yesterday. I was like wow, she was allowed to make a kind, encouraging comment to Jason’s baby mama, and it appeared genuine. WOW!! Now if rumors be true and Sam stands up to Carly, and they start going at it again, I may start loving her.

    And best of all. NO SONNY!!! NO CARLY!!! AND NO MABBY..

    Also, agreed on the gratuitous Johnny nud-i-TEE. Enjoyable. LOL.

    • Yeah, I could have done with more Monica anger as well, but what we got was at least well acted and written. And I’d thought they’d forgotten this whole plot, so… I’m happy.

      I thought the whole engagement ring reveal was very soapily done. And it was nice to have Liz be the first person to find out, along with an acknowledgment of her past and importance to Jason. It’s the little things, you know?

      (I know a lot of Liason fans seem to take Sam hatred as a primal calling, but I just can’t get into that. She’s never been one of my favorites — and there have been times when I hated her — but when she’s not being crazy and awful I see no reason to hold a grudge. And I really dig her weirdly sweet and protective relationship with Liz since the whole Russian attack thing. I wish they’d be real friends.)

  2. I have not nor will I ever be a fan of Jason/Liz as a couple or even really as friends but I do recognize the role they played in each other’s lives and I appreacited the closure yesterday’s scene brought to an entirely icky part of GH’s history (AKA….YOU ALL BEING IN RECOVERING FROM A DRUG ADDICTION IS SO MUCH WORSEE THAN BEING A HITMAN YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW) While Jason/Liz scenes normally drive me around the bend (primarily becuase the sole purpose seems to be to justify the fact that Jason is totally right to put anyone and everyone before the woman he currenlty loves) given teh fact this show spent unexplainable HOURS to tell us that Lucky and Jason had put the past behind them I was glad Liz was afforded the same opportunity.

    Garin did an interview whre he said he really had no idea where some of the stories ere meant to be headed when he started as the headwriter (of a show where he was a scriptwriter for many years mind you…an ASSOCIATE HEAD WRITER no less) so he just had to pick them up and kinda go with where he assumed they were heading. THis is my reasoning for batshyte crazySibs. I mean I’ve always seen her as a plot point more than a character so I can see the difficulty there but yeah….I can’t…what?

    There was more history in yesterday’s show than in the entirity of Guza’s entire run!

    • Siobhan’s never been a particularly well-fleshed out character, but she went from zero to sixty on the crazy scale in the space of about five seconds after the accident. I’m starting to think there might be some brain damage…. Right now she sounds like she’s been taking her talking points from some of the more vehement Liz-haters online, instead of what she should be, which is a woman slightly threatened by her husband’s ex. Oh, well. Hopefully he’ll either tone it down or provide a reasonable explanation soon…

      • she absoltuely sounds like the vehement Anti Liz haters online. In fact i think i read some of Sib’s words on a message board the other day. I agree that the basis of a genuinely soapy triangle between Liz/Lucky/Sibs is already present without making Sibs a nutjob. Since they insist on Sibs still wearing that bandage even though everyone else with a brain injury has those things off in the space of three episodes…I’m thinking brain damage isn’t that far off the mark as an explanation since I’ve not heard anything about Erin Chambers leaving the show any time soon. (which you know is the other explanation for a character’s sudden decent into crazy town)

        • Well, she was clutching her head yesterday like something was wrong, so maybe we’re in luck… here’s hoping!

  3. Question, does anyone think that perhaps the Jason/Elizabeth/Sam scene was a hint of a triangle to be revived… I don’t know why, I did. And I frankly would be thrilled, I think GH wasted a huge opportunity in not playing that triangle to its fullest. And GW says he loves triangles.Spoiler…. there must be a reason that they are having Elizabeth be the one to hit Jason and throw him into the coma…. it could have been anyone else… just wondering…

    • No idea. I find of thought it could be him just trying to give Liason fans some closure after being kicked around so much by Guza? But that spoiler seems odd. I’m kind of torn because Jason and Liz were one of my favorite couples when they were well written, but I’ve been burned by the story choices the last few years that I’d almost rather them just be friends for a while then get my heartbroken again.

      On the other hand, if we got a story that did their relationship justice… well, I just hope it’s done in a way that doesn’t make Sam and Liz crazy enemies again (or Sam a crazy villain again). Because I love their tentative truce.

      • I agree with you… it’ll be interesting, GW does like triangles… and let’s face it Jason/Elizabeth and Jason/Sam have large fan bases. so it would be definitely worth the watch. Jason/Elizabeth and Sonny/Brenda are my two favorite couples ever… (more so S&B) and Guza tried to ruin both. Which thankfully for youtube is impossible to do. (Can’t take away the great scenes that already happened, and i’ll just block out the BS ones).

        But I would love a Jason/Elizabeth/Sam triangle… and more so, I still think killing Jake was a mistake, and i would be down for a reveal that he’s not dead.

        • I agree killing Jake was a terrible idea, but it’s hard to think of a way to bring him back that wouldn’t be completely ridiculous. I mean, I guess you could say Jason, Liz and Lucky were all in on it and trying to protect him from Franco or something. But it would be such a huge retcon it would be kind of hard to pull off.

  4. You’re not the only one in that third fanbase. I’m a huge JaSam fan, but I often say that the only way I’d be happy with a Jason/Sam breakup is if Sam and Liz got together in the aftermath to make sweet, baby-proof love.

    Also, as long as we’re on that road, I wouldn’t complain about a Carly/Olivia pairing. Take THAT, Dr. Ducklips Webber.

    • Carly/Olivia would be awesome. Also, Alexis/Diane. I mean, they’re practically already married as it is. Mac, who? So many awesome lesbian opportunities, so little time…

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