Things I’d rather do…

… than sit through another Sonny murder trial:

1. Wade through raw sewage.
2. Play team building trust games with co-workers.
3. Be locked in a tiny room with a dozen screaming Bieber fans.

And of course, the fact that he was actively plotting to murder Jax when someone else got there first won’t stop anyone from crying about what a horribly persecuted victim of police brutality he is when he’s inevitably acquitted.

On the other hand, this story had already given us the singularly entertaining sight of Carly slapping the hell out of him, along with this sterling moment:

CARLY: You know, Jax was right. You destroy everything that’s good and decent.
SONNY: I get that you’re upset.
CARLY: Upset? Jax could be dead. Josslyn may never see her father again and it’s all your fault. You did this, Sonny!
SONNY: You want me to rot in hell?
CARLY: No, because hell’s not good enough for you. I’ll come up with something that is.

And this:

CARLY: Brenda was right to leave you. Your life isn’t safe for a child. Or anyone.

And… all of this:

CARLY: I kept trying to manage both your lives and I was wrong. Jax was the better parent. Jax was the better father.
SONNY: What does that make me?
CARLY: It makes you scared.
SONNY: Of what?
CARLY: Being alone. It makes you scared of being alone. And you know what, Sonny? You talk such a great game. But you refuse to put your kids first. And you don’t have to worry about pushing people away to keep them safe, because no one’s going to want to be around you now, not after what you did.
SONNY: Don’t even try to turn my kids against me.
CARLY: You’ve done that all on your own! And all this time we’ve been worried about how we stop Michael from following in your footsteps? Hell, he’s never going to want to be like you now. Not even your own son!
SONNY: There’s a difference between wanting something for your kids and wanting them to be like you.
CARLY: Michael will see you for who you are. And so will Morgan. And the they will hate you like I do.
SONNY: You don’t mean that. Cause otherwise you would have cut me out a long time ago.
CARLY: No, see I always found a way to forgive. because I was always afraid of what would happen if I didn’t. I knew you were capable of ripping your life apart and I didn’t want to be responsible.
SONNY: And now?
I’m done with making things okay for you. I don’t give a damn anymore. And I want you to stay away from me and I want you to stay away from my kids.
SONNY: Let’s not forget one thing, okay? They’re also my children.
CARLY: Not anymore.

So… that was nice.

(Also: how many other people desperately wanted her last line to be “As of right now, you don’t have any children”?)

(Also, also: first she thanks Robin and then she admits Brenda was right about something? Has Carly been secretly lobotomized in the last two days?)

Elsewhere on the canvas, while I’m not quite at Two Todds! levels of giddiness over any of the plots, it definitely seems like an effort is being made to foster more cast integration. Let’s see, we’ve got Elizabeth interacting with both Matt and Dante; Siobhan and Ethan talking more in the last two weeks that they have, um, ever; Sam and Monica, Matt looking like they might be gearing up to give him his own actual plot; Lulu getting pulled into the Spinelli/Jackal saga; Robin and Jax; and all the ELQ shenanigans with Tracy, Skye and Anthony.

It’s vaguely promising even if it’s not exactly setting my world on fire. Yay, progress?

And now, today’s One Life to Live moment of zen:



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