Ladies Love Cool Jason. Tru fax.

Poor Sonny. All he wants is for someone to pay attention to him but all the ladies in his life are totes obsessed with one of two J’s. Between Sam (rightly) chewing him out for his inattention to Jason and… every other woman in town reading him the riot act over Jax’s “death,” Sonny’s really not having the best week. And you know it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving douchebag.

Speaking of Jax, I guess we’re now meant to believe that he’s just happy to let everyone in his life — including his best friend, a kid he’s practically raised and nearly adopted, and his own daughter — suffer through believing he’s dead so long as Carly cuts Sonny out of her life?

I’m sorry, but that is nuts. There is no way in hell you could ever convince me that Jax would willingly abandon his daughter over this. No way. And it’s not like Carly hating Sonny’s guts (like that will last — does he not remember how many promises she made to keep away from him after Michael was shot? That didn’t even last for the entire coma!) is enough to guarantee Josslyn’s safety. Sonny’s enemies don’t give a crap about whether or not Carly and Sonny are on speaking terms. And Franco only cares about getting in Jason’s pants. So basically, by doing this, Jax is giving up his daughter and abandoning her in a lion’s den. What the hell ever, show.

Since Ingo Rademacher was out no matter what, though, I’m glad they decided to give him a better exit than we initially got. And all the acknowledgment of Jax’s better qualities over the last few weeks has been a nice change from the hit job Guza pulled on the character during the custody mess. But man… couldn’t we have seen him leave after losing his memory, or being rescued from the harbor and held captive by Helena or something? Anything other than this stupidity which will totally justify everyone in town hating him if they ever manage to bring him back?

Oh, well.

Anyway, back to Jason. I’m going to be blunt: the fantasies didn’t really work for me. I appreciate the writers were trying to do something different, and Lord knows I would never complain about getting Stuart Damon back, even if its only for a day.

But they weren’t really satisfying for me otherwise. These women really need to work on their fantasizing techniques. When your life sucks, ladies, your fantasy is supposed to be happy! Not an object lesson in how everything will always suck no matter what you do! (And Monica? I think having a kid with a slight drug problem but otherwise a good life is preferable to having a kid who KILLS PEOPLE FOR MONEY, but maybe that’s just me and my wacky priorities again.)

Also, I know this wasn’t possible for practical reasons, but I refuse to believe that Monica’s fantasy wouldn’t involve Emily and AJ alive as well, and probably Ned and Dillon home. At least a mention of them would have been nice even if the actors couldn’t be there for obvious reasons.

Then there was Liason. I’m sorry, what was that, exactly? So weird. First of all, it’s a little hilarious that even in her effing fantasies, Liz is still telling baby lies. Girl, you need to branch out a bit. Seriously.

Anyway, Steve Burton and Becky Herbst continue to be very pretty together. (And his refusal to completely remove his shirt for love scenes continues to amuse me. Dude. Let it go. It is actually okay if you don’t have perfect abs of steel at all times.)

But their whole dynamic in the entire fantasy was so strange. Like they were two random characters who happened to be played by the same actors rather than an Elizabeth and Jason who have any of the history together that we’ve seen. I get that the “lesson” was supposed to be that she doesn’t really understand him as he is in real life — and I think there’s a plausible argument to be made that she doesn’t understand that the Jason she loves would be a completely different person if he’d never joined the mob — but then, I’ve never gotten the sense that that is what she wanted from him. I think we’ve seen plenty of evidence that Elizabeth at least likes a lot about the person being in the mob molded Jason into. She just doesn’t want to deal with the consequences of that. So it was weird that her fantasy presented him as a Generic Romance Dude who basically had nothing in common with real Jason other than some hang ups about being naked.

(I submit that a true Liason fantasy would have involved him leaving the mob for her and the two of them jetting off to Italy or wherever to live on a villa with Cam and Jake while she paints all day and he runs a bike shop for tourists or something. And if the writers still wanted to make it a lesson for her, they could have had one of Jason’s old enemies show up and kill Jake to demonstrate that nothing would have changed even if Jason had left the mob after Jake was born as she’d wanted.)

All that aside, I thought the montage of Significant Moments in Jason Morgan’s Life was well done and I was glad to see Elizabeth included as much as she was (and Courtney completely cut out! Oh, that was sweet). It was also really nice to see Robin’s importance acknowledged. Well played, show.

And now, your One Life to Live moment of zen:

VICKI: You know, Dorian, you are my friend. And in a very odd way, I love you. I’m truly sorry if I’ve caused you pain.
DORIAN: I hate you. I… hate that you just said that. I wanted to be the bigger person.
VICKI: So… be it.
DORIAN: Oh, I’m forgiven? Lucky me.
VICKI: I think I’m going to miss you.
DORIAN: I know I’m going to miss you.

Much love to Robin Strasser. She will be missed.


9 thoughts on “Ladies Love Cool Jason. Tru fax.

  1. Wait, Dorian left? I had no idea that was happening. So sad. It is like a sign before the end.

    Also, I agree totally about these fantasies. I didn’t see a point in them at all and I didn’t enjoy them. However, the montage of old episodes makes me wish that SoapNet would do a retrospective of old GH episodes much like they are doing for AMC. Maybe if it gets canceled? Bah.

    • Yeah, apparently Strasser had to leave for health reasons, which is doubly sad. The storyline was pretty rushed and silly but they did a great job at her goodbye scenes with the Cramer women and Vicki, and then a really nice montage. I’m agog at how much more respectfully OLTL treats its female veterans, seriously…

  2. totally agree with everything you wrote about the Jason/Elizabeth fantasy. It was a bit WTF. And sorry the conclusion that Elizabeth never knew Jason was contrived and not believable to me. Also, they just lost their son, her dream absolutely would have included Jake being alive, and Jason and Elizabeth living together as a family.

    I want Garin Wolf to utilize the Jason/Elizabeth/Sam chemistry – not waste it. give us a real triangle.

    Also on youtube…. i watched this last night –

    Still have not forgotten this chunk of time, and I’m shocked that GH ignores this. and that the character of Jason does. That windshield shard must be responsible.

    Personally, I would love if Jason truly woke up a little differently…. a mobster with a conscience, now that would be a nice change.

    i am interested to see what happens with Matt & Elizabeth….

    • Rachel….whyyyyyyyyyy?????? why did you have to go and post that dern link…Now I’m all caught up in Liason circa 2007! Ahhh Crap!

      Two awkward things.. Its written by GUZA and IT’S great..yes it was during the period when KeMo was in contract talks and written to be a horrid shrew, so yes Sam was blatantly being villified…and yet…I liked her BETTER then! Go figure…As bad girl Sam with Lucky, SHE ROCKED.

      But the Liason loving is just….gosh…swoon worthy. I mean THAT’S the heartwarming hitman I love. And Liz, my goodness, RH is just too pretty for words. Ya know JJ can act yes I give him that, but geesh Greg Vaughan was formidable standing next to Jason. I almost (ha) wanted to root for him. That man was off the wall, Foine… Foine… Foine.

      Okay I’m done swooning. Rachel, I blame you for this emotional upheaval! LOL..

      • ha! sorry! if it makes you feel any better, I only hurt myself, because I too lost 3 hours watching old Jason and Elizabeth clips on youtube!

    • I think I remember that clip most because I was shocked they actually let Elizabeth get a little mad at Jason for blabbing about Jake all over town and then lying to her about it for months. She let him get off too lightly, if you ask me, but I’m still glad they at least addressed it…

  3. Love the LL Cool J shout out!

    Sticking to my “I REFUSE TO LET GH UPSET ME… YET AGAIN!! MOTTO, I refused to watch Sam’s fantasies. But I still MUST cry FOUL to the Liason “dream’ or whatever it was…complete BS and a complete let down. Yes, I expected it to be, so I wasn’t AS annoyed, but still, c’mon on, really? She doesn’t know Jason after all? And so now are they eluding to Jake as her attempt at trapping Jason by having his baby? Ohhh..kay. I read alot of other sites with so much Liason fan venting in fury; I fear that Wolf’s favor is quickly fading.

    BUT OLTL has been ROCKIN’ these last few weeks (TWO TODDS!) so I have another venue to get a genuine soapy fuel up, so I’m good. The Cramer girls farewell party for Dorian – tears. And then the finale with Vicki, complete emotional wringing. LOL.

    • I never really expected Wolf to change course from Jason/Sam to Liason, so I’ve been pleased with what acknowledgment of Liason we’ve gotten, but yeah, the fantasy was bungled a bit, IMO. Oh, well. I’m happy we got the montage and that great scene where Liz found out about their engagement.

  4. I totally agree and was totally disappointed re: Jason and Elizabeth

    I as a fan was short changed even in a vision or dream or whatever it didn’t make a lick of sense and should have been something more for this large fan base they had a huge opportunity here to write “for” them instead of “against them” but its the same ole’ dribble…instead they infer his current relationship is the best because as we all know nobody understands him more than a woman who has no expectations for him to change out of being a murdering criminal oh that’s right he just ices the badder criminals.

    there are a thousand scenarios I could have come up with other than Elizabeth being near a storyline re: a baby but that’s how the powers want to keep her branded since 2002 “about a baby” keeping a paternity secret, in a triangle resulting in who is the daddy. As their fan I found this vision insulting but that’s the order of the day.

    She could have went scuba diving…or hand gliding with Jason but oh noooo bang me over the head with this character re: babies. Monica’s vision did offer me a WoW factor with Jason trying to take a toke.

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