The more things change…well…

Maybe it’s just the novelty of seeing her interact with a man not weighed down by decades of shared painful history, but I’m enjoying Elizabeth and Matt as flirty confidants. I mean, just look at them:

So cute and happy! So lacking in betrayal and unnecessary paternity lies! I’d forgotten what that was like.

It does beg the question, though: what was the point of short-sightedly killing off Siobhan if they weren’t planning on throwing Lucky and Liz back together post haste? And if they are still going for an LL2 revisit, then why are they teasing the audience and poor Matt with picnics and smiles? With Siobhan still in the picture, this triangle could have been a tasty quad — both Lucky and Elizabeth in emotionally healthier relationships with new people, but still drawn back to each other’s drama in spite of themselves. Now it feels way more lopsided and less interesting.

Still: picnics! Smiles! I… am surprisingly on board with these things.

Then, of course, there’s this narrative breath of fresh air:

JASON: But the results are all good. It’s supposed to be like nothing ever happened at all.

Oh, thank God. For a minute there I was afraid something that happened on this show might have actual consequences or meaning! HAHAHA. No, not really. How could Port Charles possibly survive without its hitman savior? Clearly that is crazy talk. But what a load of pointless buildup with absolutely no pay off.

There are two bright sides. One, Jason’s brain surgery bandage would make the perfect Olivia Newton John, “Let’s Get Physical” era Halloween costume:

(And Sam could go as Olivia Newton John, circa Grease era! I mean, I’m pretty sure those leather pants are already part of her every day wardrobe anyway…)

And two, Jason being exactly the same as always means there is someone left who can call Michael out on his ridiculous Sonny bullshit:

JASON: Sonny’s the one that made the mistakes. He’s crossing lines that he would never cross if he was thinking clearly.
MICHAEL: I don’t care what mom told you. Dad is not having a break down. He knows exactly where he is, he knows exactly what he’s saying. He’s perfectly fine. He just feels really betrayed right now, and he should.
JASON: So, you’re okay with the fact that your sister lost her father?
MICHAEL: No, that parts sucks. Okay, but a lot of kids grow up without their real dad. I did.

Yes, and look how lovely you turned out! Shut it, Michael, you ungrateful ass.

Of course, his mother, sister and girlfriend have all tried to point out the same exact thing to Michael, and he’s responded with temper tantrums and accusations of betrayal. (Free Abby! Seriously! She’s dull as dirt but deserves better!)

But I will say this much for him: watching Jack Manning — One Life to Live‘s version of the snide, entitled, daddy-worshipping brat — swan around town spewing his unpleasantness at every single member of his family has lent me a new appreciation for our little Michael. Sure, both of them are zealously devoted to the murderous psychopaths who raised them. But at least Michael is capable of accusing his family of betrayal without giving the impression he wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire, you know? And he somehow refrained from giving Morgan the news of Jax’s death by shaking him and screaming at him. (New Michael Corinthos motto: “Less obnoxious than Jack Manning!”)

Hey, at least it’s something?

And now, today’s One Life to Live moment of zen:

STARR: Dani, Jack called me a traitor. And he said that I’m not his sister anymore. So I just want to know from you. Am I still your sister?
DANI: It doesn’t matter which man that we feel closer to. Okay? We’re still sisters, me and you. And we always will be.

BLAIR: I’ll catch you. It’s okay. I’ll catch you.

So many supportive Delgado/Manning/Cramer ladies! Love them.


4 thoughts on “The more things change…well…

  1. I don’t get the whole Jason needs brain surgery, “oh my, who will he be when he wakes up” dramatic buildup either. If he was just going to wake up and be the same, what was the point. BORRRRR…RING….Served absolutely no purpose and it’s just plain lazy writing. Oh, perhaps it was to promote (pimp?) Sam’s dedication and devotion? She held a bed side vigil whilst his true love Sonny, could care less and was running around town shooting up best friends, and killing his kids stepfather. Hmmm…

    I’m loving Matt and Liz. It is a breath of fresh air to see her happy and smiling for a change, and showing us a young man who actually appreciates her finer qualities. Still gushing over the line “every one needs a Liz in their life.” Better than bashing her… And Lucky is depressing.

    • Lucky’s HAIR is depressing. I keep meaning to screencap the horror, but I think my brain is subconsciously trying to protect me by making it slip my mind when he’s not directly on screen.

  2. While I am totally with you on the GH stuff you are obviously new to OLTL because while the Cramer women Starr and Blair always support Delgada’s you will have to search and search and search to ever find a scene where Tea-Ugh has ever done anything for Blair as for Danyella as long as Starr continues to cater to the most perfect princess they are fine.

    • Honestly? I don’t care what’s happened before. I’ve always loved Tea and liked Blair. And coming back to the show to find them on friendly terms — and to see Dani and Starr being sisterly — makes me really happy. Hence, the moment of zen. It’s really not any more complicated than that.

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