Gimme Some VD: “Disturbing Behavior”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Shit just got interesting.

The subtitle tells us we’re still in Chicago. Stefan, Rebekah and Nick are settling back into “three musketeer” mode. Stefan excuses himself just in time to see Katherine (Yay!) waive him over to her.

Back at casa de Gilford, Elena’s trying to get back to normal by making chili for yet another Founders event. Damon appears to be helping? Or just flirting? Let’s face it: Damon is barely ever helpful. Alaric seems to be suddenly uncool with how close Damon and Elena are getting. Jealous much? Funny how he has been okay with all the crap Damon has pulled up until now. I suppose it’s possible that he is taking Elena adopting him seriously and is actually going to try to protect her.

Don’t get me wrong, I want Elena and Damon interacting. I want longing looks and tension, but I also want the damned show to recognize when they make Damon do something awful. Actually, what I want is for them to stop having Damon do something disgusting after they seem to be trying to reform him.

Katherine reveals that she knows what is going on with Klaus. She tries to get him to scheme with her, but he turns her down. I love how you can tell Nina Dobrev is playing Katherine just by how she stands. Her whole body language is different. The two exchange quips and I marvel at how Katherine actually makes Stefan interesting.

Jeremy wakes up and Anna is lying next to him in bed. She reveals that she has been around all along, but Jeremy couldn’t hear her before. They figure out that the reason he can see her now is because he was dreaming about her. It appears that he somehow has to be open to see her.

The door bell rings at the Gilbert’s. It’s Caroline and she brought Bonnie! Yay! Hopefully she’ll stick around for a bit. I suspect that she will since Matt seems to be mysteriously absent from the current plot lines. Jeremy runs down to greet her and is a bit freaked out by seeing Anna in a reflection. Man, this show lurvs love-triangles. This one weirds me out more than most. I don’t know why. At least one person in all love shapes on this show is dead.

Anyhoo, the Sheriff calls upon Damon to compel Caroline’s daddy, which he does — after testing his blood for vervain. Damon tells him to leave town and forget everything.

Back in Chicago, the three amigos go to the witch, Gloria, to try to locate Rebekah’s lost necklace. When Gloria does something witchy, the necklace burns Elena. She tells Klaus she found the necklace, but can’t tell them exactly where it is. She needs more time. Stefan again gives his “I’m not suspicious, no not me. Why are you looking at me? STOP LOOKING AT ME!” face.

To get Klaus and Rebekah away from Gloria, Stefan suggests that they all go eat some people. That’s our hero, folks!

At the picnic, Bonnie decides that she is going to try to figure out what is going on with the necklace. Caroline takes this opportunity to ask Elena whether she is considering switching up Salvatores. Elena denies that anything is going on with Damon. Caroline warns that no one can change Damon. Oh great, seems like this episode is all about foreshadowing Damon doing something awful. He’s kind of nice guy right now, so of course, it’s time for some bad behavior! Bonnie works her mojo and discovers that the necklace has magic of its own. Dun!

According to the theme of this episode, Alaric asks Damon to back off Elena. I find it interesting that everyone seems to be just waking up to the fact that Damon often does awful things — LIKE KILL PEOPLE —  all the damn time.

The gruesome threesome are also killing people and seem to be back to their old routine. But Rebekah is upset that Stefan no longer seems to like her best. Klaus beams that now he and Stefan are super besties!

Anna shows up again. She explains that Jeremy has to want her there when she tries to contact him. She warns against Vicki again and says she is all alone when he can’t see her. Man, that makes death sound awful. Are they saying this happens to all dead people? Or just dead vampires? I really wish they would give us more info.

Jeremy agrees to help Bonnie try to find out more about the necklace. Bonnie wants to know what’s been going on with Jeremy and of course, he says everything is fine. *facepalm* There is absolutely no reason for him to be hiding this from her. Of course he still cares about the two girlfriends he had that died! It isn’t like they moved out of town. They are dead. I have a hard time believing Bonnie would feel threatened by that. Something seems to go awry with the spell that Bonnie casts. Anna shows up to warn Jeremy that she feels something bad… just as a bunch of the books go up in flame. Yikes.

When Stefan confronts Gloria, she reveals that she heard the girls talking about him when she honed in on the necklace earlier. She wants the necklace in exchange for keeping her mouth shut. Stefan tries to attack her, but she puts some sort of super brain freeze on him and he falls to the floor. When Stefan wakes up he’s tied down and Gloria is performing some voodoo on him to find out where the necklace is.  Kinky! You’d think I’d enjoy seeing Stefan tortured more, but no.

Gloria is able to make a link with Stefan’s mind and figures out that Stefan loves Elena and did all this for her and… barf. I’m sorry, show, but I’m not going to forgive Stefan for killing all these random people just because you give me a montage of Stefan’s devotion to Elena. He’d rather kill all these people than risk losing her? He’s selfish. Knowing she’s alive in the world is more important than countless other lives. STFU, Stefan’s brain.

Katherine seemed to hear my cries to make this all stop. Just as Gloria puts all the pieces together, Katherine stabs her in the neck. And despite the fact that this alleviated my temporary pain, I am still disappointed that yet another person of color has been killed on this show. Why, show, why? Can’t you see how obviously problematic it is that all witches on this show are black? And they all somehow end up dead?

Bill shows up to the council meeting. Apparently Damon’s compulsion did not work!  And what does he want? He wants to control the council and put vervain in the water. Alaric and Elena don’t think that’s such a bad idea, but Damon scoffs at what he sees as Elena’s attempt at controlling him. He threatens to go kill Bill, but Alaric is tired of his whiny baby temper tantrum and stands in his way.

So Damon breaks his neck — after looking down to make sure he’s wearing his magic ring, sure. But still. Um, really, Damon? What an asshat. Elena appears to agree and yells at him as he strolls inside.

Katherine thinks she has Stefan’s plan figured out, and wants to join forces  against Klaus. He brushes her off. Oh Stefan, you truly suck at evil scheming. Why did you turn down the number one schemer on the show?

Caroline goes to Tyler for some comfort and it is so absolutely adorable.  How are they the cutest cute that ever cuted? Unfortunately, Elena throws cold water on the situation by letting Caroline know that Damon is off the rails.

Damon confronts Bill. He claims that he isn’t going to kill him, but keeps biting the hell out of his neck. I can’t stop thinking about how weird this must have been for Ian Somerhalder and Jack Coleman. Caroline bursts onto the scene and throws Damon off her father. Caroline and Damon fight and Caroline totally kicks his ass. Awesome.

Elena also yells at Damon about what an awful person he is being. Damon throws out the pathetic excuse that this is his nature and reminds Elena that he has always been like this. That’s… actually kind of true. As soon as the writers on this show decide to rehab Damon, they have second thoughts and then have him do something awful. I hate that. They want Damon and Stefan to be the romantic leads but they are both being selfish little pricks. Not. Sexy.

Anna appears to Jeremy again and he decides to let her go and tell Bonnie. Finally! And then they creepily show Anna begging Jeremy to hear her. Ew. That is super depressing.

Stefan, the king of stealth, is trying to open up one of the originals caskets when Rebekah walks in. Instead of realizing that he already made himself look suspicious, he starts fishing for information about the vampire hunter. Rebekah is far more intelligent than Stefan and calls him out on his vast array of lies. During the confrontation, she reveals that the hunter’s name is Michael. Man, I hope we get to see more of Sebastian Roche soon.

Damon makes Alaric an “I’m sorry for temporarily killing you” cocktail, but Alaric is not having it. He storms out of the Salvatore’s lair and goes directly to see  the sheriff and the mayor. He demands a spot on the council and calls them out on the fact that they are compromised because of their children being supernatural beings. He says that someone needs to look out for the actual humans in the town. Since he has adopted the Gilberts (awww) he wants to represent their family. I heart Alaric so much.

Caroline confronts Elena on her feelings for Damon. Elena rightly admits that liking Damon reflects poorly on her. I understand this sentiment all too well. The show has made me hate myself a little bit for finding Ian Somerhalder irresistibly sexy. Caroline’s father returns for one last scene to rain on her parade after she was a total bad ass and saved his life. Boo! Bill tells Caroline she will never be okay again because she is a vampire. Suck it, Caroline’s dad.

Elena joins Bonnie at a cafe and asks for her necklace back. Bonnie starts to fill her in about Jeremy’s dead girlfriends, but Elena vanishes…

… only to show up at Damon’s door, ooops! It’s actually Katherine! I don’t know if I will ever get tired of that reveal. Since she was denied by the first Salvatore brother, she has come to ask the second to be her partner in crime. Damon agrees to head out of town with her since no one likes him, everyone hates him, including his bestest boyfriend, Alaric.

Stefan wakes up in a dark room and Klaus says he is ready to find out what he’s been hiding from him. He opens up a door to reveal that they were, in fact, in a truck and are now in Mystic Falls. Uh, dun? I don’t get this turn of events. If Klaus wants to know what Stefan is hiding from him, why doesn’t he just compel him? Maybe we’ll find out next week?

Let’s just hope they stop raining on my fantasy parade and end Damon’s epic douche bag behavior. Ahahahhahahaha. Yeah, right. A girl can dream!


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