Gimme Some VD: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Tyler became a hybrid, Matt can see dead people, Stefan became actually bad and they found Michael.

Elena wakes up obviously still shook up by the events of the previous night. She runs into Alaric in the hallway, who waves her off because he appears to be hung over.

We cut to a scene where Alaric is showing Elena how to fight. He claims that she isn’t strong enough to make one of the gadgets work and she needs to buff up. Elena is a bit defensive about this comment and asks Alaric what else she can do. Alaric clarifies that although she could use some physical improvement, she is the strongest person he knows (awwww) and she can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to.

Bonnie, Caroline and Elena stand outside the school, getting ready for the first day of their senior year. Elena says this is technically her anniversary with Stefan because they met on the first day of school last year. I have a problem with this statement for two reasons: 1) It has only been a year since they met? Each season wasn’t a year long? That is what I’ve come to expect from the so-called high school shows. I am so confused. In case you haven’t noticed, my memory is horrible. 2) Your anniversary with someone is not the day you met. The fact that the show counts that as the start of their relationship only supports my feeling that they just told us how in love with each other Stefan and Elena were instead of actually building it on screen. Yawn.

Anyway, Elena is going to buck up and move forward. Yes, Elena, do that.

We go back to chez Salvatore, where Stefan has left random ladies on the staircase and has a few other girl toys (i.e. snacks) playing twister. Charming. Rebekah shows up complaining about Klaus and bringing her suitcase to crash with them.

This seems to have the makings of a sitcom. Three wacky roommates, all with different personality quirks: one’s a serial killer, the other’s a serial killer and the third is a…wait for it, reformed (sorta) serial killer! (“Stefan, you left your dead bodies all over the kitchen, you card!”)

Jeremy approaches Bonnie to talk to him about his dead girlfriend troubles. I was completely wrong before; Bonnie is totally jealous of the dead girls in his head. Um, okay. Maybe you don’t have a very secure relationship if you are jealous of someone that most people can’t see. That’s fine by me. Somehow, Jeremy and Bonnie have zero chemistry. Move on, Bonnie. Find someone to be hot with.

Matt is also still seeing Vicki. She shows up when he is feeling lonely. Poor woobie Matt! She implies that she could maybe come back. Uh, oh. I’m sure this isn’t going anywhere good. Tyler shows up and we are left in suspense as to what that exactly means. Tyler is clearly lovin’ life, which means something bad is going to happen pretty quick.

Damon calls Katherine. She’s still hanging with Michael, but can’t get him to wake up. Damon then calls Elena to tell her that she might want to stay away since Rebekah is their new roommie. He then cutely dodges her questions about what Stefan is up to and I kind of love him for it. I admit that I have previous emotional ties to Ian Somerhalder from when he played Boone on Lost so anytime he shows playfulness or vulnerability those emotions get stirred in me.

Elena tries to tell Caroline that she isn’t in the mood for the bonfire, but Caroline is still into the idea that this should be the BEST YEAR EVA!! and pleads that she has to go. Tyler comes by to give Caroline a “happy first day” kiss and Caroline realizes that not only has he been drinking blood, he has some on his shirt. Tyler protests that it was only a bag of blood given to him by Rebekah . Caroline has the same reaction that I have:

Tyler is still on his hybrid buzz and doesn’t understand what Caroline’s issues are.

Elena excuses herself just in time for Stefan to menace her in the hall. He is actually kind of creepy. I love that he makes a comment about not wanting to be a senior for the hundredth time. This is a criticism I hear about teenage vampire stories a lot. It is fun that the writers seem to acknowledge that.

Alaric comes in to try to protect Elena (double awww). Stefan easily throws him against the lockers and goes on his merry, evil way. Elena and Alaric agree that they need to do something about Stefan. As class starts, Stefan takes a seat next to Elena. It’s clear that his physical presence is a threat and it is making me seriously uncomfortable. And what could make this situation better? Rebekah joins the class, too! Doesn’t the administration at this school ask for any forms of ID? I suppose they could just compel people to let them in. Another argument for vervain in the water supply.

Matt tries to find Vicki to find out what she was talking about. She says she has help from the other side to try to come back. Jeremy comes by and acts like he doesn’t see Vicki, but then reveals to Anna that he saw them talking. Vicki explains how she can do it, while Anna helps Jeremy fill in the blanks. Vicki begs Matt for his help. Anna warns Jeremy that nothing good can come of this. Matt agrees to help Vicki. Uh-oh.

On the football field, Caroline is surprised to find Rebekah has joined, uh, the spirit squad? the cheerleading squad? Some sort of lady-filled activity. Rebekah implies that she is after Tyler, which does not seem to be a surprise to Caroline. Tyler decides he is done with his workout and compels his couch to let them out of practice to get drunk at the bonfire. Caroline warns him to not be so blatant about his mind control. Tyler tells her to relax and gives another “being a hybrid is awesome” speech. Again, Caroline and I have a similar reaction:

Elena is running on the field and Stefan joins her. He shoves a guy that Elena runs into and at first I think that reaction is weird, until he calls Elena “the human blood bag,” making it clear that he is only protecting her because Klaus told him to.

Katherine feeds Michael a random person and that wakes him up. Despite the fact that Katherine woke him from being asleep for god knows how long, he kind of has a fit that she fed him human blood. I guess we are starting to get the picture as to why this vampire is a vampire hunter. No human blood for him! Let’s hope that doesn’t make him as mopey as good!Stefan.

Damon finds Elena trying to work out because she is feeling threatened by Stefan. He calls her Buffy (hee!) and asks her what her plan is. She asks Damon to help her try to do something about Stefan. He responds by giving her a sexy lesson in how to kill a vampire.

So. Hot.

Alaric, Damon, Elena and Caroline go over the plan to capture Stefan. Elena will lure Stefan away from the bonfire, Alaric will shoot him, Caroline has her family dungeon ready for him, and Damon will distract Rebekah. Tyler comes in and Elena asks him for his family’s vervain supply. He says that they can’t use it on Stefan because that isn’t in Klaus’ best interest. Crazy says what? Damon realizes from all the Klaus hero worship Tyler has been spouting that he has been “sired,” meaning that since Klaus made him, Tyler feels loyal to him. Damon says it is really rare and implies that there is no way to fix him.

Matt does a ritual with his blood that allows Vicki to become corporeal. After the fact, Matt realizes that Vicki had to make a deal to stay in their world. She admits that she agreed to kill Elena. When Matt reacts to this, she TOTALLY HITS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A WRENCH, WHAT THE FUCK? She is the worst.

Jeremy talks with Bonnie about the Vicki issue and Bonnie keeps being a crazy, jealous girl. Fortunately, she realizes that bringing back the dead might be the bigger issue here and goes to try to stop Matt.

Elena puts on a show that she has been drinking. Damon cutely distracts Rebekah and Stefan accuses Elena of being jealous, which she totally is.  Elena leaves the party and Stefan follows her.

Bonnie calls Matt and he tells her what happened. Vicki is at the party, already smoking pot. Seriously? Pot is the thing that you missed most about this life? You have a sweet, awesome brother that you treat like crap and that is what you get all wistful about?

Caroline brings Tyler home because he is being a d-bag. Heh. And she confronts him about how he has been acting. Tyler apologizes and tells Caroline that she is best thing about him. That’s a little co-dependent, but still absolutely adorable.

Stefan finds Elena drunk on the bleachers. Her plan works perfectly and Alaric shoots Stefan with a vervain dart. They put him in the car, but Vicki is ominously standing on the side lines with that stupid joint. But the stupid joint has a purpose: to light a fire that engulfs Elena.

Meanwhile, Matt and Bonnie are trying to undo the spell that Matt and Vicki did. Elena struggles against Vicki to get out of the car. The spell Bonnie is doing starts to work and Vicki is called to them. Vicki pleads with Matt that she just wanted to stay. Bonnie tells Matt that she is only still there because of him. Matt says his goodbye and lets her go. Poor, poor baby Matt. Now that Tyler is being a dick, I think I might be shifting my loyalties back to Matt and Caroline. Also, Vicki, you suck for eternity.

Elena gets out of the car and saves Stefan just before the car blows up. Oh, man. Too bad. Damon sweetly takes care of Elena after her brush with being burnt to a crisp. Elena comments about Damon being cozy with Rebekah. He admits he was faking it, just as she was faking her interaction with Stefan. Alaric throws cold water on them by telling Elena it is time for them to leave.

Tyler’s schmoopiness appears to have earned him a shag, but not an over-nighter. Somehow Tyler walks around in a tied on blanket. It is a thing to be marveled at:

Rebekah appears to have been waiting in the other room while they knocked boots, because she immediately comes in the room and offers Tyler a drink from a random teenager. Tyler barely resists before sinking his teeth into her. Jeez, Tyler. Way to make an effort.

Michael asks Katherine to take off the chains. She obliges and recommends that he eat some more blood to regain his strength. He says he doesn’t eat living things and attacks Katherine. NOOOOOOO! Katherine! She better not be dead for reals!

Elena tries to get Alaric and Damon to kiss and make up. Alaric isn’t ready for that yet. It still hurts too much! Stefan gives some BS speech about how Elena needs him and how he will protect her and blah, blah, blah. Again with the speechifying! Stefan comments on Elena saving him, seemingly touched by the effort. But the implication that Stefan may be having second thoughts about his behavior because Elena saved him was just a fake out. Stefan calls her pathetic for still hoping he can be saved. I’m glad they haven’t gone the “love will conquer all” route with their relationship, at least not yet. Elena tells him that it actually makes her strong and totally stakes him with her gadget. Go Elena!

Bonnie is avoiding Jeremy’s calls. Anna confronts Jeremy about bringing her to him. They both admit they can’t stop thinking about each other and apparently Bonnie had every right to be freaked out. Not only that, but it seems like some of the magic done that day has had consequences – Jeremy and Anna were able to hold hands… and… Mason Lockwood is back to terrorize Damon! Dun!

Is Mason out for revenge? Or will he help Damon and co. with their little hybrid problem? Stay tuned for next week!


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