In which YouTube presents my rebuttal…

Home sick today and lacking the energy to properly rant. But some things just shouldn’t be allowed to go unchallenged:

LULU: Yeah, but then she realized that trying raising a son on the run is not the best idea, so she convinced dad to settle down and–
ETHAN: Live small. Something Luke is fundamentally incapable of.
LULU: And then I came along and she was more determined than ever, and as much as she tried to make it feel like a home, dad always felt it was a cage.
ETHAN: Yeah, it’s kind of a no win situation, I think.
LULU: She was trying so hard to do something that was never going to happen. I think that’s what eventually broke her.

Um, revisionist bullshit says what? First of all, I wasn’t aware that the reason for Laura’s breakdown was now considered a mystery.

Look, Lulu: Lord knows I can’t blame you for trying to repress what really pushed your mother over the edge; that story was a clusterfuck of stupidity. But if I have to remember this crap, then so do you. So unless your issues with Dante include the retconned realization that you accidentally killed your step-father’s mistress years ago, leading you to kill him in a psychotic fugue state… I think you’re safe.

But no, you and Ethan are right! Poor old pathetic, weak, fragile, no-fun, wet-blanket Laura totally held Luke back and ruined his life by tying him down into a nightmare of fatherhood and suburban responsibility. And when she finally realized that it wouldn’t work, she lost her mind! I mean, Luke was calm and resigned when he finally chased her down to sign the divorce papers, while she desperately stalled for time, pretending not to have a pen and reminiscing about the horrible past he had hated so much…

Oh, wait.

Okay, fine. So the divorce was cordial and at Laura’s behest. But before that, she totally had Luke in a cage in that house! Look at him struggle to get out!

Hmmm… well, he seems pretty happy there, even in the face of various troubles with money and the mob.

But as if one child wasn’t bad enough — then she saddled him with a second one and you know how much Luke hated being a father, right?

All right, so what if he did actually love his kids? Poor, delusional Laura was still a naive fool to believe her family could ever find happiness in that horrible house they all hated so much…

In conclusion: suck it, Lulu. Shut up, Ethan. Fuck you, Luke.

And, show? It doesn’t matter how many times you try to rewrite history. Not buying it now, and never will.


13 thoughts on “In which YouTube presents my rebuttal…

  1. …and thank g-d the clips exist, because they are the easiest tool for calling BS on this “home as trap” thing. Thanks for stating the obvious

  2. I mean, do the writers even realize how that sounds? Trying to make Luke live in a house drove Laura literally INSANE? What?? I pretty sure it takes more than bickering about domestic arrangements to drive one to insanity.

    Not to mention the never ending misogyny from the suggestion that only Lulu got the “crazy” gene, because she and Laura are both women. Even though Lucky stares for hours at end on pills and goes on trips to look for magical wells in Ireland. And Nikolas was, well, Nikolas. And he’s not Laura’s son, but all Ethan does is talk to inanimate objects now. (good job writers, trading in Ethina for never ending scenes with paintings and fake stone walls in Wyndemere!)

  3. also, I need for Ethan to never again comment on Lucky and Liz’s relationship either. He just needs to shut up about relationships he never witnessed or people he’s never even met.

  4. OMG. Those times in that house, Laura friendship with Mary Mae; Lucky, Emily, and the dog (what was his name?) — some of my favorite scenes ever on GH. What a dishonor to Genie’s work, and to Claire Labine, too. So glad I hardly watch anymore. They need to put this pale imitation out of its misery.

  5. Wow, thank you for this (and all the clips too!) You said what I have been thinking for so long. I will never understand why TPTB think it is better to trash the Spencer legacy than to work from it. I love the Lulu character, but I really wish someone would remind her (i.e. set her straight) on why her mom went into a catatonic state instead of saying that “life” just broke her!

    • Lulu’s SORASing makes it a little complicated — she was actually quite young when Laura had her break down, so I can’t blame her for not remembering it clearly. On the other hand, they’ve aged her so she should have been much older and had much more time with her mother and should damn well know better than to think she was this weak, pathetic, delusional woman. Ugh. So much hate.

      • You’re totally correct about how the SORASing of Lulu messes up this time line, but the writers aged her memories for the Lullaby Massacre when that was brought up the last time. I believe she was telling Dante about it sometime after Brenda returned. Originally she was a baby when that shoot out occurred, but the dialogue written was of her remembering it and correctly too as if she were a young child. If TPTB can correctly do it once, they should be able to finally fix the mess they’ve made of Laura’s memory. Her write out story was truly craptastic and a slap in the face to GF and long time LL fans, but to further desecrate a horrible story with this is… words are inadequate.

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