They’re just trying to piss me off now, aren’t they?

Today, while Lucky literally fell asleep waiting for something to happen in his plot — I sympathize, Lucky! truly! — his father and brother were busy destroying more of his childhood for no other reason than (I can only assume) everyone who writes this show actively hates everyone still watching it:

LUKE: Ethan, I disrespected my marriage with Laura over and over again. It wasn’t a secret I kept from her. She knew about it. But she wouldn’t kick me out. Not completely.
ETHAN: Right. Guess that made running away easier?
LUKE: It made me feel like I was loved unconditionally.
ETHAN: That is a powerful gift. One that you abused over and over again.
LUKE: Because I didn’t want to feel like a fly trapped in amber. And if you’re lucky, maybe one day you’ll find the same thing.
ETHAN: That has to be one of the worst things you have ever said to me.

I don’t–I can’t even… What? Why? Didn’t we just have this conversation?

It’s funny. To read this blog lately, you might assume I was a huge Luke and Laura fan. But the truth is I was introduced to them in the 90s, when they were middle aged parents and I was a teenager hooked on Sonny and Brenda. They were never my favorites. I enjoyed the variety the Spencer family brought to the canvas. But I also struggled to reconcile their brutal history with their loving present. Luke could be obnoxious. Laura could be a pill. Lucky was judgmental and sanctimonious as hell at times. I am not willing to die on the altar of their perfect family, okay?

But here’s the thing: I really, really resent being told that the things I saw weren’t the things that I saw. And lately, it’s getting hard to tell if the writers have more contempt for Laura or for the audience.

So now, we’re meant to believe she had Luke trapped in misery even before dragging him into suburban hell?


And suddenly, Laura was such a limp dishrag with no pride or self-esteem that she knowingly allowed Luke to be unfaithful to her over and over again for years — because what? The privilege of being dragged around the world with a small child being chased by mob goons while granting unconditional love to a cheating rapist husband was just every little girl’s dream?

Oh, fuck you, no, Garin Wolf.

You know, we’ve talked a lot about Luke’s feelings around here. Screw Luke. Let me tell you what I know about Laura Spencer. I didn’t always agree with or understand her choices (see above, re: rapist) but she sure as hell wasn’t a woman who didn’t know her own mind.

She didn’t share her husband:

She didn’t suffer disrespect:

Her forgiveness was not unconditional:

And she didn’t back down from a fight when it really mattered to her:

Oh, look at that. She didn’t beg her husband to change, either. She just kicked his sorry ass out of her house. Funny how that’s the part neither he nor Lucky ever seems to remember.

Seriously, unless this is all leading up to Genie Francis literally kicking the ass of every single member of her family, I am so very done with this shit.

And now, your One Life to Live moment of zen:

TODD: Tina… that was very unexpected. Thank you.
TINA: You’re welcome.

Take every feeling of rage I felt during General Hospital, reverse it and magnify it by ten. That’s the level of joy Tina booping her baby brother’s nose gave me, y’all.


9 thoughts on “They’re just trying to piss me off now, aren’t they?

  1. I’m with you SO HARD, Tenillypo! I wasn’t always the biggest Luke, Laura, Luke & Laura, or Lucky fan, but ferchrissakes, they weren’t THIS, whatever it it is they’re trying to sell us! Laura could be a bit smug and sanctimonious, but she sure as hell wasn’t a dishrag. Luke could be a bit thoughtless, but he wasn’t a drunk. Luke and Laura could be sickening with their Great Love and “Angels” and all that, but they were a great love story. THEY WERE HAPPY! Luke didn’t feel like a trapped rat or shtupp whores or cheat on her all the time! HE WAS A HAPPY FAMILY MAN! Laura wasn’t a fragile porcelain doll! WHY DO THEY FEEL THE NEED TO SELL US THIS SHIT?!!!?

    • Right? It’s not that I want them to portrayed as perfectly happy always — they had their ups and downs; they got divorced, for god’s sake! But they weren’t a non-stop misery fest. They actually liked each other! And they were a functional family unit for a really long time. It wasn’t an abusive home. It makes me really sad to see all that torn down so carelessly for no reason.

  2. I skipped that scene today for the sake of my sanity. GH is going to break ME with this stupid, stupid storyline.

    At least we had the David girls today. Except oh wait, they fired one of them for the lamest of reasons.

  3. This ill conceived revisionism of who Luke was, who Laura was and what their life was like between the airdates of 1993-1996 particularly…..

    Makes me want to find the fax number @ the studio and fax in my own scripts with a cover sheet that says “NO! Do this instead!”

    Or, throw up.

    Or both.

  4. Thank you, thank you for this post! And your earlier post regarding the Spencer family history as well. I just don’t get it. GW claims that he loves history, but apparently he only loves CERTAIN history, and thinks he can ignore or outright re-write the rest as he sees fit.

    Like you, I have always found the rape aspect of the Luke/Laura thing creepy. But the one thing that made it work, that HAD to be there to make it work, is that after that they had a completely healthy relationship. Not that everything was always perfect or that Luke never made a mistake. But he treated Laura with respect.

    I’ve always been a big fan of the storyline where Lucky found out about the Luke/Laura rape, and his reaction to it. (Unlike the Spencer angst going on right now, that was character-driven angst that made sense and where both sides were understandable.) One scene which really stands out to me in light of the recent re-writes of history is this one:

    In this scene, Lucky and Luke get into a fight. Lucky is (totally understandably, in my opinion) horrified by what he’s just learned about his father, especially in light of how he used to idolize him. “The man I knew would never have done this!” he tells Luke. “The man I knew protected my mother; he didn’t degrade her.”

    But it’s Luke’s answer that’s really interesting, in light of what the writers would like us to believe about Luke and Laura’s marriage now:

    “I have always honored my wife” he retorts. “We created order out of chaos, and we’ve been faithful to each other for sixteen years. And you will not diminish that!”

    Now, granted, I have issues with this whole “created order out of chaos” thing when the “chaos” in question is rape. But in spite of that, Luke’s answer is powerful. Sixteen years of being faithful to each other and making their marriage work is no small thing. (Since this scene was in 1998, and Luke and Laura didn’t divorce until 2001, it would have been almost 20 years by the end.) Now the writers want us to believe that Luke was never faithful to Laura or treated her with respect. That not only makes Luke’s character look like a monster, it disrespects Laura as well. Having her fall in love with her rapist is rife with creepy implications to begin with. But re-writing history to have her fall in love with her rapist and then put up with years of abuse, betrayal, and disrespect is another ballgame altogether. It makes her character into some kind of twisted Love Martyr, and that is simply NOT who Laura Spencer was.

    • It really is the damage this does to the rape reveal that makes it most enraging to me, I think. Because that storyline was handled so delicately. And they managed to make something really very unbelievable at least make sense for those characters. And they really showcased Laura’s personal strength while doing it.

      This retcon takes all that away. It re-victimizes her, after the fact. It turns Luke into an absolute monster. And it cheapens and devalues EVERYTHING we actually saw on screen during that time.

      (That clip you found really puts the nail in the coffin — if we’re now to believe that Luke was insincere during the rape reveal conversations, then there is nothing about this character worth saving or caring about. Nothing.)

      • I totally and completely agree with everything said here. Anyone else wondering if this is part of why Michele Val Jean left as that story was her’s and very personal to her too.

  5. And you know what else? When they just blatantly re-write history like this, it makes it feel like even what’s happening in the here and now doesn’t matter. Why should it? It might just be written out of existence in a few years, the minute the writers decide they don’t like it or it’s inconvenient for some gimmicky plot they want to do.

    Take today’s scenes with Robin and Patrick and Emma, for example. SO CUTE, right? I going “Awww” the whole time. Except my enjoyment was more than a little spoiled when I was watching Patrick earnestly talking into a video camera about how much he loves his daughter and how she is the joy of his life, and it just occurred to me, “In a few years, this won’t even matter. The minute they want to, they’ll just re-write history the way they did with Luke, and Patrick will never have wanted to be a father.”

    I mean, they even ALREADY did that, and Patrick had only been a father for like 2 years or something at that time! It drove me NUTS when they tried that whole “Patrick is such a playah, he feels caged by Robin and their baby!” idiocy the minute they wanted an excuse for him to cheat with Lisa. Listen, was Patrick a total womanizing flake when he came on the show? HECK YES. But one of the things I loved most about the original Patrick/Robin love story was seeing both of their walls come down, and watching the character development as they both learned to trust their love. Patrick’s character grew a lot in those years. He learned to get over his fear of commitment, and found that he was genuinely happier being with one person whom he could truly trust and love instead of having a zillion one night stands. When he said he had never been happier than he was with Robin and Emma, I believed him. And then suddenly Lisa came around, and it was all “Ah noes! Patrick can’t stand being married to Robin! He feels so trapped by their life with Emma!” And now he’s back to saying that he’s never been happier than in the life he has with Robin and Emma. But why should I believe him now? I mean, it certainly LOOKS like he means it, because Jason Thompson is a good actor. Just like it sure as heck LOOKED like Luke meant it when he said he loved his life with Laura and the kids, or when he looked down at baby Lulu with pure joy all over his face, or when he angrily told Lucky that he had been faithful to Laura for 16 years, and nothing could diminish that. But evidently all of that means nothing. It doesn’t matter what characters say, or do, or how a character has always been written. All of that can just be re-written at the drop of a hat, apparently. So why should it mean anything at all? What’s the point in getting invested in any of these characters or relationships when the writers might just decide later on that it never happened that way at all?

    • When they just blatantly re-write history like this, it makes it feel like even what’s happening in the here and now doesn’t matter. Why should it? It might just be written out of existence in a few years, the minute the writers decide they don’t like it or it’s inconvenient for some gimmicky plot they want to do.

      THIS. This is what I always say to non-soap watching friends who can’t understand why I’m complaining about realism on a soap opera. The thing is, you can do absolutely anything on a soap — no matter how ridiculous — and make it work. But you cannot damage internal consistency. Otherwise everything falls apart. The rules of your universe can be unrealistic as hell, so long as they are consistent. When you lose that, you lose the thread that hold it all together, you lose the willing suspension of disbelief, and you lose audience trust.

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