And the exodus begins…

Don’t you just love how — according show logic — Lexi Ainsworth is too young for sexytimes, but Nancy Lee Grahn and Carolyn Hennesey are apparently too old for anything other than hotflashes and campiness? Ah, the truncated lifespan of viable soap women.

I’ve heard different rumors about the reason for LA’s departure from the show. If the intent is truly just to age Kristina into a less-skeevy relationship with Ethan, I think it’s a mistake. Not because Kristina doesn’t currently look (and act) way too young for him (she does, IMO — sorry Ethina fans!) but because despite that fact, the actors still have a nice chemistry together.  And if the writing would just support a slow burn, platonic friendship instead of this immature, school girl, stalker crush, I think the rest would sort itself out in time.

In fact, Ainsworth has a nice chemistry with most of her extended family and it’s a shame to lose that. I’ve always liked her with Michael and Molly, wished I could see more of her with Dante, and when Sonny and Alexis were both in tears during his good bye speech at the party, it was hard not to see that as Maurice Bernard and Nancy Lee Grahn’s genuine bittersweet reaction to losing their on-screen daughter.

They did give her a nice send off, at least. Whatever behind the scenes drama is driving this, the mixture of pride, separation anxiety, and excitement over new possibilities opening up that comes with a child leaving for college was handled fairly well. Which makes me all the more irritated that apparently Krissy will last all of a couple of months at Yale before SORASing her way back into town, not having had the time to realize any of that potential.

Then there are the other, even less fortunate consequences of this story:

ALEXIS: Well, it turns out that she is not aware that you pulled all those strings.
SONNY: That you got me to pull those strings. And I am going to collect on the favor that you promised.

Can someone please explain to me why Alexis owes Sonny a favor because he got THEIR daughter into college? I mean, seriously. What the actual fuck? This is hitting me in the same rage place as fathers who say they’re “babysitting” when left with their own kids for an afternoon.

And clearly the “favor” will be cashed in to ensure she’s his lawyer again now that Diane has decided to give up her legal career in order to become a gossip columnist.* I’m not against Sonny and Alexis interacting more; in fact, I generally find Sonny more likeable when he’s with her — but I’d prefer that interaction not to be at her expense. God forbid she work for him on an even playing field without making a production out of the character’s’ most annoying neuroses! Dignity? What’s that?

(*Every little girl’s dream, right? I mean, money, prestige, and actually using your intelligence and expensive education are one thing, but making up rumors about celebutantes offers so much more personal satisfaction, I’m sure! Garin Wolf sure does write women well!)

In other “well, that was a damn waste” news, apparently Jonathan Jackson has had enough of this crapfest. Not that I can exactly blame him, since he’s spent half of the two years since his return in tears and the other half completely isolated from the rest of the cast having nonsensical Irish adventures.

What I can’t understand is how Jackson, like Vanessa Marcil before him, was squandered so completely. How hard is it to take beloved returning actors, both with multiple, rich connections to the canvas, and give them fun, meaty material that caters to the reasons why people became their fans in the first place? Instead, we’re left with a situation where both seemed to return for the sole purpose of tarnishing whatever happy memories remained of their once most popular pairings. It makes me tired. And sad.

The one silver lining to this is that with Lucky off being abducted by evil Irish fairies or Siobhan’s ghost (or whatever they’re going to do to get rid of him this time) (dear writers: please don’t let him abandon his children by choice and please don’t recast a fourth time) the way is clear for Matt and Elizabeth’s surprisingly adorable flirt-fest to continue:

I don’t know if Rebecca Herbst is just enjoying the chance to be happy for once (clearly, Jason Cook is just enjoying the chance to be on screen at all, the poor, underused muffin) but she was more natural and charismatic today during their banter than I’ve seen her in a while. The two of them have a nice, easy chemistry together, and — will wonders never cease! — they’re actually being given writing that emphasizes getting to know each other in an organic way. They debated metaphysics! And shared grade school love confessions!

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just so desperate for one ounce of joy on this otherwise unrelentingly grim show that I’ll take any scrap they throw at me. Whatever, at least it’s more entertaining than watching Sonny marking his territory like a rabid dog around any woman he’s ever slept with (seriously, he should just pee on Carly’s leg and get it over with), or  Sam possibly get raped to teach Jason a lesson (NOT ENOUGH UGH IN THE WORLD), or Jonathan Jackson literally sleeping his way through what we now know is his last full month on the show (just… WHY).

Have I mentioned lately that I hate this show?

And now, today’s One Life to Live moment of zen:

Téa is Sam’s second mom! Oh, my heart…


9 thoughts on “And the exodus begins…

  1. “Instead, we’re left with a situation where both seemed to return for the sole purpose of tarnishing whatever happy memories remained of their once most popular pairings. It makes me tired. And sad.”

    I thought they did a good job repairing the Luke/Lucky relationship and gave us some lovely scenes between them the first year and a half. And then Jake died and they made a farce of the aftermath and it all went to hell again. Hopefully, they will just send the character off-screen and can have shared custody with Liz and maybe they’ll be able to get him to come back for a cameo before the show ends.

    • I’m sad about the state of Lucky’s relationships with pretty much everyone in his entire family. I’m sad about the state of him and Elizabeth. I’m sad that we never really got to see him in a story that was actually good. It’s all just such a waste of potential.

      I think you’re right; at this point the best to be hoped for is that his exit story doesn’t damage the character further, and we get a nice cameo at the end of the show.

  2. I dont think Becky and Jason Cook are particularly sparkly or anything. I’d love for Liz/Becky to actually get paired with someone who is an adult and Jason Cook while cute, just seems like a high school boy. WHat I do like is that they are letting these characters be friends at least I hope so. I don’t want a romance but I wuold like Liz to actually have a real male friend like she had with Nikolas before the show ruined that with no sexual undertones. There is nothing particularly interesting about them together or sexy or soapy or angsty but they do have an ease between them and their scenes are refreshing compared to the dark msery on ths show. For couples unless they are teenagers, I am not a fan of cutesy/

    • I don’t think they’re exactly setting the world on fire or anything, but I could see it turning into a more sexual spark with the right writing. But again, at this point I think we’re all really just grasping at straws for any story that isn’t full of misery…

  3. ITA about Matt & Liz; very cute sparkly scenes. They do a have really good natural chemistry together and yes it is lovely to see Liz smile and laugh again. I am hoping we get more of them! God knows the show needs fun and sparkly. Between Franco, Sams rape or assault and Lucky’s totally ridiculous Irish quest, the show is both dark, depressing and yet still silly and not in a good way. Fairies, magic wells, bitty crosses and evil watchers? Really GH? I would sleep through it too.

    IA about JJ; they really totally screwed up his return and have mostly wasted his time on the show and Lexie should have been given a teen romance with an actual teenager instead of relentlessly stalking Ethan. At this point I really don’t understand re-casting a popular actress just to make her look old enough for a certain pairing.

    • I wouldn’t even mind the silly supernatural stuff if something would actually happen! The pacing for both the ghost on Spoon Island and wee folk in Ireland stories is sooooo sloooooow. Weeks of actors staring and looking perplexed as spooky music plays /= compelling tv. So, sure, bring on the campy silliness! But make it fast paced and interesting for goodness sake!

  4. I just found your website and it is hysterical! I am a huge Ethina fan and I truly believe that if Lexi’s Kristina had been written as young woman with friends, school, etc. and not like a 12 year-old people would have been more open to seeing her paired with Ethan. We didn’t need to see any explicit scenes — just give them a decent and believable storyline.

    Let’s not forget that Lexi was born in October 1992 and Nathan was born in June 1988. She is petite (which I love because her character had the opportunity to be fierce) and he is a tall strapping young man.

    Their chemistry is what brought me back to GH after almost 20 years. Now I’m only watching clips via You Tube because the writing has been horrible! I truly can’t stand the Loon In White (aka CasSUCKra) and feel that this storyline is making Ethan look like a complete TOOL/FOOL.

    I’m still hoping that Cartini realizes that the Davis family is not whole without Kristina and the only Kristina we want to see is played by Lexi Ainsworth!

    • Thanks!

      To be honest, my biggest problem with Kristina and Ethan getting together now is the disparity in their maturity levels. I don’t know how old Ethan is supposed to be, but he’s written as a sexually confident and experienced adult who’s been living on his own since he was quite young. Whereas Kristina has been written very much as a sheltered, spoiled teenager. I do see chemistry between the actors, but I would have needed a much slower build and Kristina to be written with a lot more maturity before I would be comfortable seeing them together in a relationship. But hey, maybe RC will bring her back!

      • Hey there! I think the current LOON In White storyline is making Ethan look like a complete BUFFOON!

        If the former regime gave the Kristina character more than just one continual storyline maybe the majority of the haters would have been able to accept Ethina.

        There was ZERO consistency when it came to writing for Kristina.

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