Flames! Flames… on the side of my face!

Today, while all thee Spencer men (!!!) were busy having conversations (WHY?)  with imaginary or inanimate objects… this happened:

HALLUCINATION LUKE: Your mind is quite a muddle there, captain. Although I understand why. All those blackouts. All those days spent in self-loathing. All that time you alternated between the bottle and the pleasures of the lovely Lupe, trying desperately to block out all the ugly memories…


I realize that I have already given this waaaaaaay more thought than anyone on the writing staff, but would it kill someone to acknowledge the fact that “the lovely Lupe” was brutally murdered because she tried to help Lulu find Luke? Or that  Luke was able to enjoy her “pleasures” because she was sold to him by the man who killed her?

Here’s the thing: I don’t expect soaps to be a forum on the abuses heaped on sex workers around the world. But if the show is going to go there by continuing to have one of it’s nominal “heroes” reference his many, many interludes with prostitutes, then it really owes it to the audience to treat the subject with a modicum of respect.  They could start by not romanticizing it.

And it would be especially nice if — while spending pages and pages of dialog  bemoaning how simply awful it was for Luke to grow up in a whorehouse run by his beloved aunt (who might not have been a saint but certainly wasn’t Javier) — at least some lip service could be paid to the reality that most men who visit brothels like that one have no way of knowing whether or not the girls are truly there of their own free will. But a lot suspect (correctly) that they are not.

And then they use them anyway. Just like our Luke.

But happy 30th anniversary, Laura! I think I’ll celebrate by standing in the shower until this unclean feeling washes away.

8 thoughts on “Flames! Flames… on the side of my face!

  1. I really wish Bobbie (who?) were around to slap Luke about the head about a million times.

    Luke of all people should know that prostitutes are people, good and bad, and not dirty sluts who need to be shunned and purged. But he of all people should ALSO know that they’re hardly ever there of their own free will, and are victims of horrible abuse. HE WOULD NEVER USE A BROTHEL! I hate this show.

    • I totally agree BN. The real Luke would never use a brothel for many reasons just like the real Luke would never have cheated on Laura. If nothing else, Luke has always been protective of Bobbie and she worked for Ruby as a teenaged prostitute; it’s hard to believe that real Luke would step foot in that place again much less as a willing customer knowing what Bobbie must have gone through, as the show has only sort of gone there over the years. This Luke is just awful and can leave the show permanently anytime though.

  2. The Clue reference…classic. It’s amazing that you still find the words to write about the things that go on on this show. I sadly, because I used to looooooooove this show, just SMH in disbelief.

      • I understand. You deftinitely say things better than I could ever hope to. GH holds a special place in my heart and I can’t leave it completely. I wish I knew how to quit it…

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