Another one bites the dust…

Noooeeeesssss! Kimberly McCullough is leaving GH! My heart hurts. I can’t imagine watching this show without a little Scrubs to take the edge off. What’s worse is that I imagine that they’re going to either kill Robin or completely rip Scrubs apart to make this happen. “As storyline dictates,” my ass.

Anyway, good luck to Kimberly and her directing career. I hope she finds success and happiness (things she has not felt on GH, I’m sure).

I’m getting to the point that I just want them to announce the ending of the show and pray that many, many old favorites return.  I feel like that would be easier than having the only good things that are left on GH torn off piece by piece.



7 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust…

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine a way they could lose Robin but keep Patrick without either killing her off (terrible) or making her into another implausibly dead beat parent (ever MORE terrible). This is going to be a trainwreck.

  2. “I’m getting to the point that I just want them to announce the ending of the show and pray that many, many old favorites return. I feel like that would be easier than having the only good things that are left on GH torn off piece by piece.”

    I’ve been there ever since the fake Laura portrait appeared.

    • I could not agree more. Just end it now. I only tuned back in when Vanessa returned, and once I saw how they destroyed her storyline I was done. GH was once my favorite show and now I can’t even bring myself to watch. I wish all of the actors the best and hope that they all find new jobs, but it is time to end this show.

  3. Gotta agree with you tenillypo. I have not been a GH fan until the past few yrs b/c Rick Springfield came back, then I fell for Robin and Patrick. This is awful.

    I read someone on another board say they were happy with this b.c they didn’t like the pairing and now Patrick could go back to being what he was b4. I do not get that opinion b.c they have been the only bright spot on this show, making magic out of garbage. If it does end with her death, both will deserve Emmy’s!! KMc was robbed of a nomination and JT was robbed of the win. Those confession scenes were acting at its best.

    Once she leaves/scrubs ends, it will only be Days again for me….

  4. I’m done with this show.

    They had to push me REALLY far for it to get to this point, but it’s finally here. I feel like everything good on GH is being ripped away piece by piece. Robin was my favorite character, but it’s not just KMc leaving that did it. I mean, in the last year, they have gotten rid of Ingo Rademacher, Tyler Christopher (okay… actually, I’d be lying if I said I missed Nik considering how awful everything involving him had become for the last few years, but still. Legacy character! Connections to core families! Awesome history!), Kristen Storms, Lexi Ainsworth, Jonathan Jackson, and now Kim McCullough. (And if they had their way, it would’ve been Becky Herbst, too!) I’m sorry, but that is just WAY too many legacy characters and fan faves to go in one year. I know some of them chose to leave (and Kristen is sick) but the combined impact is terrible for the show.

    And who are they replacing them with? Maggie, aka Lisa 2.0 (because we all loved the original Lisa SO MUCH)? NuKate (what was wrong with the old acress anyway? And did we really need another round of SKate? Scratch that, did we really need another round of Sonny/ANYONE? Let him be happy with Brenda or else don’t make me suffer through his sleazy, un-charming attempts at seduction)? NuMaxie (it may not be the actress’s fault, but I feel they have taken away everything that made Maxie’s character even remotely complex or likable)? The unromantic, vaguely racist mess that is Carly/Shawn (seriously, why does he have to be in a subservient role all the time? I’m sure it’s unintentional, but the implications are soooo bad, especially considering this is the show’s ONLY interracial couple)? Lisa, who will probably rise from the grave to torture us yet AGAIN? A zillion more rounds of FRANCO? I could not care less about any of these people. Even characters who used to be beloved, like Sonny and Luke, are unwatchable because the show has made them completely horrible. I can’t even. There are no words. HAAAAAATE,

    • Seeing all of this laid out in one neat paragraph does make me question why I continue to torture myself with this crap. That’s why there is a large part of me that wish it would just be canceled already. It would release me of the hold the show still seems to have. I am a sick individual.

  5. OMG! I am so so glad to read I am not the only person thinking…This new maxie sucks, even if the one we loved had to leave for medical issues, then make her disappear to France on some Kate fashion thing. The new Kate, is horrible, I fastforward (thank goodness for DVR) through all her scenes, and hello I have already seen Kate and Sonny, just like Franco and torturing Jason, and Maxie and Spinelli and Lisa and her torture of Robin and Patrick. Really? Was there a shortage of writers that they just said hey give me that script we used a couple years ago, its a new Kate so maybe the will fall for it. Yuck. Once OLTL is off and Desperate Housewives leaves, I was torn to stick with ABC because of GH but I can’t stomach anymore stuff I have already seen and hated when I first watched it. Yuck.

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