Gimme Some VD: “The New Deal”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Stefan was entertaining, Damon was pining, and the plan to kill Klaus failed.

We open with Bonnie taking a trip to the witch house, which happens to be as creepy as ever.

She wanders through the dust and horror movie lighting down to the basement. Why would anyone go there?!? She finds four coffins and upon opening one, she discovers Klaus with Rebekah’s necklace in his hands. A creaking noise makes me jump and simultaneously jolts Bonnie awake.

Jeez, so it’s going to be that kind of episode, I see.

Elena is running to some fairly light-hearted music. Ever notice that they freaking love music on this show? It is often super distracting. What was I saying again? Oh yeah, the music.  It stops and turns into “sounds of menace” when Elena notices someone is following her. She turns a corner and said creeper comes out of the bushes all apologetic and polite. Phew!

Elena talks to Bonnie about the fact that she’s been feeling super paranoid lately and wonders why Klaus is waiting to make a move. Bonnie talks about her dreams and Elena suggests that maybe there is some “witchy” significance to them. Bonnie blows off that idea and asks about Stefan, who seems to be MIA still.

But hey! Damon is still around! And getting day-drunk and trying to get his  best buddy, Alaric, to join him. He also calls the impending confrontation with Klaus, “Klausageddon.” Hee. Alaric says he’s not there to spend quality time with Damon (yeah, right) but to see Jeremy. It seems that Jeremy has fallen back into his emo, sadpants ways and is partying and getting F’s on his homework. Oops, looks like he was fired too. Hat trick!

Turns out Jeremy is doing said drinking and shooting stuff (yikes!) with Tyler. But no worries, ’cause Tyler can’t be hurt by that crazy crossbow that Jeremy stole from Alaric. In fact, he helpfully reminds Jeremy and the audience that since he’s a hybrid, he needs to have his heart cut out or his head cut off to die. Well, I’m certain that won’t become relevant later.

Meanwhile, back at the grill, Damon is being extremely flirty with Elena. Elena does her best not to flirt back (so hard!), but they are interrupted by Klaus, the eternal buzz kill. Turns out the runner was in fact one of Klaus’ hybrids, for Klaus has decided to hang in town until Elena and Damon tell him where Stefan is. Dun! Elena tries to get all bad ass and tell him to take a hike, but  it looks like Klaus is just taking that as a challenge. Crap.

Bonnie decides to go check the witch house out — and who is there waiting for her? Stefan, in all his snarky glory. Guys, I seriously love Evil!Stefan. I know that he won’t stay evil forever and that makes me want to type a million sad faced emoticons. : (((((  Ahem. So, Stefan followed Bonnie there because he wants help hiding Klaus’ family.

Alaric and Elena stage a Jeremy intervention. It seems like Jeremy is the only person in town who isn’t totally creeped out by Tyler’s new allegiance to Klaus. In defiance of Elena and Alaric, Jeremy commits bone-headed move number 7,021 by inviting Tyler into their house. Hmmmm, wonder if that is going to be a problem later? Tyler tries to explain the difference between being sired and being compelled.

He reiterates that he is loyal to Klaus because he freed him from having to turn into a werewolf. I recently did some rewatching of season two and although the sired plot point bugs me because I liked Caroline and Tyler together, it makes a lot of sense when you see how painful and out of control turning into a werewolf was for him. During their questioning, Tyler reveals that he would go to cult-like lengths to do what Klaus asks, including ripping out his own heart. A little over dramatic, don’t ya think?

While all this is going on, Klaus and Damon are sharing some drinks over at Chez Salvatore while Klaus whines about Stefan. He decides that Damon needs a push to help him find his brother and makes a mysterious phone call to execute a plan. We cut to Jeremy getting off the phone (uh-oh). Tyler awkwardly makes his exit. While Alaric and Elena are distracted, Jeremy slips out — without his ring.

They find him standing in the middle of the road with an SUV speeding toward him. Alaric takes off in a dead run and pushes Jeremy out of the way just in time to get hit full on by the vehicle. Holy shit!

And who was driving? Mean-ass hybrid minion!

Later, Tyler checks in with Klaus in what appears to be some sort of fortress he’s building. He assures Tyler that his part in the plan was all for the greater good. Uh huh. Tyler’s blank “does not compute” look is really freaking me out. Hopefully he’ll do some serious rebelling soon.

Damon and Elena realize that Tyler was hanging out with Jeremy to get him off the vervain and susceptible to Klaus’ compulsion. The idiot in question’s reaction to this is to have another major meltdown and say he wants to just leave town. Oh, Jeremy. Always pouting.

Bonnie admits to Elena that she knows where Stefan and the coffins are. Damon and Elena go to confront him and, as in season two, the witches give Damon a special “fuck you” by making his ring not work. Wonder why the witches like Stefan? Because he’s hiding the coffins from Klaus? I mean, he’s killed plenty of people lately. I certainly wouldn’t rank him any higher than Damon at this point in the moral category. Anyhoo, Elena asks Stefan for his help and he tells her that she is SOL. Harsh, dude.

Damon decides that he will fight against the witchy mojo to go talk to Stefan. There is a brief moment where he touches Elena’s hands to give her the car keys. Aww. They are so freaking cute with their friendship and their Victorian hand porn.

Stefan and Damon practically kill one another, as brothers do. Damon tortures Stefan into admitting that he messed up the plan to save Damon. *sniff* These crazy kids and their emoting. Stop it you guys, you’re embarrassing me!

Jeremy confronts Tyler about practically getting him and Alaric killed. Tyler does the blank stare thing again and I want to punch him in the freaking face. Tyler warns Jeremy that he should go stay inside because Klaus will continue to go after them. I guess he thinks he’s helping? STFU, brainwashed Tyler.

Alaric’s ring doesn’t seem to be working, because he comes to only to start coughing up blood. Elena calls the paramedics, but creepy asshole hybrid minion compels them to leave. Don’t they have to look someone in the eyes to do that? Or is this yet another thing that hybrids are so totally awesome at?

Random hybrid dude tells Elena that he can save Alaric with his blood if she just invites him in. NOOOOOOO, ELENA! DOOOOON’T DOOOOO IT! Thankfully, Elena is a smart lady and doesn’t give into el creepo. But then just when she seems like she might be getting desperate enough to let him in, he keels over from a arrow to the back. It’s Jeremy! Who is apparently tired of taking this town’s shit and ready to kick some ass. He tells her that hybrid Creepster McsStalkerpants is not dead yet, and swifty remedies that by chopping off his head with a meat cleaver. HOLY FUCK!

I think Elena and I are of like minds at this point. That was effed up. Wow. I mean seriously, what does it take to chop someone’s head off with a KITCHEN KNIFE? That is some seriously crazy shit.

Damon tries to harass Stefan into revealing why he saved him. Awww. He just wants him to admit that he still loves him! Silly boys. And although they both can’t express how they feel, they agree to work together to find a way to kill Klaus. Brothers unite! Now that they have joined the same team again, Stefan shares that the coffins are being hidden in plain sight by the witches. I’m… not sure how that works. But, okay?

Alaric is at the hospital checking himself out after miraculously recovering from internal bleeding and a host of other issues. Dr. Meredith Fell is introduced briefly. I guess she’s supposed to be inspired by the Meredith character in the book series? I forgot that there even was a Meredith character in the book, which is surprising since the name holds special significance for me. That’s how memorable this character was. (That shouldn’t surprise me since the book wasn’t that memorable either. For the love of god, don’t read the books. You will want to poke your eyes out with a fork. The writers of this show have spun gold out of shit.)

But I digress. In short, Meredith is a Fell, so there will probably be some more interesting town elder plot to come and for that I am psyched!

Elena sells Jeremy’s safety to Klaus for Rebekah (or Rebekah’s frozen body, to be more accurate.) Before turning her over, Elena reminds him how pissed off Rebekah is at him and that Klaus can’t hold Elena as leverage over Stefan any more because he’s the one that made  Stefan  not care about her. Take that!

So it sounds like Damon had to give Alaric blood to heal him, but they didn’t show it, so it’s kind of unclear? Anyway, for some reason, the ring only brought him back to life  without healing him completely this time. Something is different with it. Intriguing! Jeremy is all mopes again about how awful this life is and blah, blah, blah, I just can’t feel bad for him.

Damon tries to console Elena. Nina Dobrev is doing a great job selling Elena at a breaking point. She is clearly vulnerable and desperately wants to feel safe. Good thing Damon is around!

Klaus brings Rebekah back to his lair, but puts the dagger back in her. Presumably because she is going to be pissed at him for killing their mom? I am still not clear about why Klaus keeps all his family around in coffins. He’s such a whiny man baby.

Alaric, Damon and Elena decide that Jeremy should be compelled to leave town. Jeremy obviously isn’t initially impressed, but doesn’t protest. Damon tells Jeremy to leave and have a good life. Is Jeremy gone for good? The question for me is more, do I even care? I know, harsh. Sorry.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Stefan are trying to open the fourth coffin. Stefan couldn’t open it physically so Bonnie concludes it must be closed with a spell. Mystery!

Elena feels guilty about compelling Jeremy yet again. Damon tells her she did the right thing because at least he’ll be alive. Elena tells him how much she appreciates everything he has done.  Awww! This apparently causes a slight crises of conscience, so Damon reveals that Stefan ruined their plan to kill Klaus in order to save him. Double awww! Old Damon totally wouldn’t have done that, but new Damon feels guilty and wants to be honest with her. So sexy!

Elena is confused by Stefan’s actions and is not sure what it ultimately means. Right there with ya, girl! Damon gives a heartfelt confession that when Stefan went bad, he thought he could finally stop feeling guilty for wanting her. *sigh*

Then he declares that if he’s going to feel guilty about something, he’s going to feel guilty about “this” and… kisses her. The kiss between them is amazing. Just the right amount of hesitation, passion, and eye gazing. It was awesome, you guys! It was epic!

Was it good for you too? I can’t wait for this week’s episode!


3 thoughts on “Gimme Some VD: “The New Deal”

  1. Damnit, you had to go and link that Veronica Mars clip at the end, didn’t you? Now I’ve been sucked into a LoVe YouTube hole…

  2. Heh. Couldn’t help it. It came to mind as I was trying to describe that scene. It was the first time that it occurred to me that I like Elena/Damon as much as I liked Logan/Veronica.

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