Gimme Some VD: “Our Town”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: hybrids running amuck! Boys having feeeeelings! Elena and Damon making out!

We open on the morning after The Kiss. Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and — because the writers of this show love us very much — this is how we find Damon:

For those keeping track at home, that is the second completely gratuitous bathing Damon scene of the season. (I love this show.) Damon’s still feeling the afterglow of it all, and even Stefan’s bitchy complaining that they’re late to meet Bonnie at the witch house can’t harsh his buzz. Or make him put on a shirt. Bless.

Across town, Elena deals with her feelings by continuing her quest to becomes Mystic’s answer to Buffy Summers, while Alaric gets his Giles on and offers some pointers. I continue to adore their family/slightly sexy vibe together. What? I can’t help that like Damon, I just want to ‘ship Alaric with everyone!

They chit chat about the mystery of the invincibility ring failing to completely heal Alaric, and about Jeremy, who’s apparently packing for his big, compelled move. Alaric can clearly tell something is bothering Elena (something more than all of the above). But she’s playing it close to the vest.

Over at the witch house, Bonnie’s trying out spells to get into the mystery coffin, which I don’t think I would want to be doing all by myself. I mean, what are the odds that whatever’s in there will actually be something good? She doesn’t get very far before one of Klaus’ hybrids shows up, but luckily, Stefan and Damon (who’s finally put some clothes on, sadly) show up just in time for the latter to rip his heart out.

Also, evil!Stefan? Continues to have the most awesome facial expressions:

Love him! Snark away, evil!Stefan! I will miss you when you’re gone.

At school, it’s apparently Caroline’s birthday, and the gang has a plan to put up lots of decorations to surprise her. Awww! Elena spills the beans to Bonnie about compelling Jeremy to leave town. Bonnie is… less than impressed:

… but she does keep the secret when chatting with Jeremy a moment later. Or does she? Because when she slipped and admitted he’d used the same wording as Elena, he got a look on his face that made me wonder if gears were starting to turn in the Littlest Gilbert’s brain. I guess we’ll probably find out sometime next sweeps.

Back at the witch house, Stefan and Damon pow wow about the coffins and lay out the situation very nicely for those of us (*raises hand*) who were getting slightly confused about the state of the Klaus family tree. So, there were seven siblings total, including: Klaus, Rebekah (daggered in Klaus’ possession), one dead in the old world, one dead in the new world (werewolves!), and Elijah and two mystery siblings (coffins!).

Then there’s the fourth coffin, which Team Kill Klaus is for some reason convinced will be able to help them with their mission statement. O…kay?

By the by, I guess the dead witches have decided to table their grudge against Damon for the moment, as he’s hanging out in the house in broad daylight, snarking at them for being unhelpful with the coffin and yet conspicuously not burning. In any case, Stefan reveals his new game plan: get the hybrids out of town by calling Klaus’ bluff. Damon is once again in the awkward position of being the voice of reason on this team. Uh-oh.

Caroline runs into Tyler outside the school. She’s upset about him nearly getting Jeremy killed last week, and wants to know what he plans to do about the sire bond. But Tyler doesn’t think there’s anything to do. At least he finally realizes that’s a problem?

Oh, these poor sad muffins! My heart is breaking for them. (And we haven’t even gotten to the worst part of the episode yet!) Tyler apologizes for the fact that they can’t be together and gives her a charm bracelet for a birthday present and it’s all incredibly angsty. FEELINGS!

Klaus has Rebekah all cozy in a coffin of her very own at his new house. Stefan pays a visit to lay down the law: send the hybrids out of town or he’ll just start killing them all. Klaus, by the way, is hilariously put out that Stefan hasn’t turned out to be a loyal friend to him. Yes, I wonder why, Klaus!

He and Stefan play a little game of chicken — does Klaus care less about Elijah than Stefan cares about Elena and co.? Sorry, Klaus. I think I’ve got to give the edge to evil!Stefan here. Who, by the way, caps off the scene by awesomely decapitating one of the hybrids. Team evil!Stefan!

Klaus is still fuming when Tyler shows up after an apparent summons. Fresh from his break up (for really real this time!) with Caroline, he’s a bit mouthier than usual, especially when Klaus orders him to go bite her to teach Stefan a lesson. Tyler flat out refuses and Klaus seems to relent. OR DOES HE?

Meanwhile, Caroline comes home from skipping school to find an ambush birthday celebration from Bonnie, Elena, and Matt waiting for her. They are SUPER adorable…

… but Caroline isn’t feeling it. Not just because she’s being sadly kept away from sexytimes with Tyler due to hybrid drama, but also because she’s stuck in 17 (“a filler year”) forever now, and her birthday is just a reminder of that. Don’t worry, Caroline! At least 17 looks like 25 on you!

Elena, because she is an awesome friend, comes up with an alternative plan on the spot. A funeral! In one of Mystic’s endless supply of abandoned dungeons in the woods! (Happy… birthday?) No, actually, it’s a really sweet idea: they’re going to say goodbye to Caroline’s old life so she can start living her new one. They give a nice eulogy, light some candles, and then — because they’re still high school kids, after all — proceed to get completely plastered. Heh.

Damon is filling his best boyfriend, Alaric, in on the latest Stefan drama as they head over to yet another council meeting/fundraiser (with Alaric amusingly pissy about the endless formal events they have to go to).

Along the way, they try to clear up the question of what the hell is going on with Stefan’s humanity “switch,” which can apparently be turned on or off… or be somewhere in between, like a dimmer switch. (Oh sure, why not? It’s not like this entire concept has made much sense before now, anyway.) Damon’s concerned because he doesn’t know where the switch is set right now, and that means there’s no way to tell how far Stefan will be willing to go. Convenient! Also: DUN!

Well, looky here! Doctor Meredith Fell is also in attendance and it turns out she’s a council member! There’s some flirty back and forth between her and Alaric, but I’m not really feeling it yet. (I guess I just really ‘ship him with teenage girls and Damon? Awwwwkward.)

Also awkward? Klaus is there, chatting up Tyler’s mom. He and Damon get into a snit right in front of her and I’m confused — when did she find out about hybrids and the missing coffins and Damon and Stefan being vampires? Because she sure doesn’t look shocked by any of it. Am I just forgetting a scene? Oh, probably.

(Also, did she just… inherit the mayoral seat from her husband? That’s… not really how it works.)

Anyway, Klaus has made a deal with her to adopt a live and let live policy with the council so long as Stefan stops being a dick. Good luck with that!

Over at the funeral: everyone is in their cups. Caroline drunk texts Tyler (hee!) and Bonnie (rightly) lets Elena have it for taking Jeremy’s choice away from him. Poor Cute!Matt is left playing mediator. Why do I have a feeling this isn’t the first time for that?

Damon and Sheriff Forbes chat about the hybrid problem. LIIIIIIIIIIIZ! I love her. She gets all feisty about not letting innocent people get caught in the crossfire between Klaus and the Salvatores and Damon gives her this look:

Oh, yeah. He’s into it.

Alaric overhears Meredith having a tense confrontation with her current boss and former prom date, aka Douchy McDeadSoon. He runs Douchy off, but not before receiving a warning from him that Meredith is a “psycho case” and not to get sucked in by her. Hmmm… I am certain that warning will not at all become relevant in future episodes!

While all this is going on, Stefan is sneaking into the party to do a little hybrid decapitating. But Damon catches him first and reminds him that if he keeps pushing Klaus like this, Elena is going to pay the price, since her blood is still the key to filling Klaus’ house with the pitter patter of more little hybrid boots. Stefan, like the honey badger, doesn’t give a shit.

Tyler shows up at the party dungeon and he and Caroline head outside for a talk, leaving Elena and Cute!Matt to have a heart-to-heart of their own. He confesses that he just wants them all to be happy and sees them as being stuck in this crazy supernatural life (although I guess he still doesn’t see himself as a part of it?). For her part, Elena confesses that she knows Bonnie was right about Jeremy, but that she can’t lose anyone else she loves. Cute!Matt looks very understanding, and I’m reminded that these two have actually known each other for a very long time.

Tyler wants to take back the break up because he was able to defy Klaus earlier. Oh, and also because he luuuuurves Caroline. OH MY HEART! Caroline is disbelieving and then happy and they kiss as the music swells… and then he totally bites her! OH, GODDAMNIT. They’re both horrified, and Caroline orders him to leave before collapsing against a tree. I am finding this all seriously distressing.

In another part of the forest, Elena and Matt are out looking for them because Elena doesn’t trust Caroline not to get back together with Tyler… and also they’re out of drinks. Heh. She makes an off hand, teasing remark about Matt being haunted by “the Fell ghosts.” HMMMM. But Stefan interrupts their drunken wanderings by knocking Cute!Matt out (not cool, Stefan!) and kidnapping Elena for a scenic little car ride along the bridge where her parents died. Fun!

Damon thinks Stefan is “operating on crazy right now,” and warns Klaus not to test him. But Klaus doesn’t really believe he would do anything to hurt Elena… until Stefan calls and tells him that not only is he getting ready to speed off the bridge, but he’s fed Elena his blood so that she won’t die; she’ll just become a vampire, rendering her blood useless for hybrid-making purposes. I have to say: this is a solution I hadn’t considered before and I’m not sure why none of them have at least talked about it.

ANYWAY. Elena is screaming and crying in the background, sounding genuinely terrified. And Klaus… blinks. He agrees to send his hybrids out of town. As soon as Stefan stops the car, Elena is out like a shot. She lays into him for basically recreating the scene of her parents’ death — which he knew, since he was the one who saved her that night. I… had completely forgotten about that. Huh.

Stefan looks a little abashed, but claims that her fear was necessary to convince Klaus, whose destruction is all that matters now. He also claims not to care what she thinks of him anymore, as they were over the second he left town with Klaus, and she just can’t admit it to herself. Oh, if only I could actually believe that were true!

Meanwhile, Cute!Matt has managed to find Caroline and bring her back to her mother’s house, where she’s slowly dying. Klaus shows up, having been begged by Tyler to come save her. Poor Liz, stuck between a rock and a hard place, finds herself making the same bargain she excoriated the mayor for earlier in the episode: her child’s safety in exchange for her support. (Although why Klaus would need the human support, I don’t really know.)

So Klaus goes into Caroline’s room, and they have what I can only describe as a weirdly… tender?… scene. I don’t know. Klaus seems almost sincere in his desire to help her, even though he obviously set up this entire turn of events precisely to work out as it did, solidifying his hold over the town leaders.

But he also gives her a pep talk about all the things she has left to live for, and actually seems to see her as a kindred spirit of sorts. Caroline finally admits that she doesn’t want to die, and he lets her drink from him. I… kind of want these two to become best friends now? WEIRD.

Time for the obligatory Damon/Elena sexual tension wrap up! After bringing her home from the bridge, Damon admits he’s a little proud of Stefan for getting one over on Klaus. They stand really close, gazing at each other intensely (as you do) for a few moments before Elena abruptly tells him he can’t kiss her again: it wouldn’t be right. He calmly agrees, but says it’s not wrong, just not “right” right now, then leaves her there with a smile.

I’m liking this new, more mature Damon! I’m guessing Elena does too.

The next morning: Elena and Bonnie say good bye to Jeremy. (Bye, Little J! I’ll… try to miss you?) Caroline wakes up, healed, and finds a nicely wrapped necklace from Klaus. Meredith Fell finds Alaric drinking at the bar and they flirt some more. And Cute!Matt finds Elena on the bridge, where she confesses that she does feel trapped, and worries that she’s let the girl she used to be down somehow — that she’s let her parents down. Awww, Elena! I want to give her a hug now.

Cute!Matt, because he is an awesome friend, agrees that she’s not that girl anymore, but that as someone who knew that girl pretty well, he thinks she’s doing pretty well.

Then he throws her a mini-funeral of her own, which makes Elena smile. I also desire to give Cute!Matt ALL THE HUGS.

But wait, there’s still the cliffhanger–hey, it’s Douchy McDeadSoon, living up to his name!

And according to Liz, showing Damon the body, he was killed by a human. (Or a ghost, perhaps?) DUN!

Next week: Bonnie’s mom! Ooh, intriguing!


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