Gimme Some VD: “The Ties That Bind”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Locked coffin of mystery! Also, Stefan is hiding Klaus’ family, Klaus had a million and one temper tantrums, and Tyler freaking bit Caroline.

We start this episode again in Bonnie’s dream. This time she’s in a cemetery by her grams’ grave, messing around with the mystery coffin. Klaus appears and taunts her about opening it.

And then finds herself locked inside the damned coffin! Ick. Scenes like that always make me feel claustrophobic. She screams and cries until it suddenly opens and a woman is standing over her.

… and it turns out Bonnie is actually telling Elena about her dream so that she can help her. She thinks her dreams are telling her that whatever is in the mysterious coffin can help kill Klaus. Elena is a bit baffled that no one told her about this before. Stefan promptly shows up and chides Bonnie for doing so. Elena (rightly) challenges Stefan, asking him if he is going to kidnap her to keep her from telling anyone. Stefan tells her not to tempt him. Douche. Bonnie tells Stefan that she needs Elena’s help to find the woman in her dream. And who is this mysterious woman?

Bonnie’s mom! Dun!

Elena and Bonnie go through a ton of bios, trying to find the right Abby Bennett. Bonnie talks about how it is strange to look for the woman who abandoned her. Did we know this about Bonnie? I have an awful memory, so I’m not sure. Elena tells Bonnie she could just leave it up to Stefan and his fat mouth to figure out how to open the coffin. Bonnie disagrees. She says the coffin is “spelled” shut so it is a witch problem.

Damon comes swaggering in with info on Abby Bennett Wilson that he obtained from compelling some poor soul. Damon wants to go with them to find Bonnie’s mom, but Elena is obviously uncomfortable and tells him that they don’t need his attitude along for the ride. But his attitude is so charming! Heh. He makes the absolute cutest puppy dog face in response, but she holds firm. Elena, are you made of stone, woman?!?

Bonnie, because she is not a moron, has picked up on the weird vibe. Damon reveals that he and Elena kissed. Elena’s reaction to this seems to be a mixture of shock and shame.

Across town, Tyler goes to Caroline to apologize for biting her. She’s not having it, but he has brought her Dad back to town to help him resist his sire bond. Caroline’s dad also seems to be repentant for his last visit. That’s good. I was all set to get my hate on.

Alaric and Meredith are hanging out at the bar. She’s pretty and all, but I don’t find her interesting yet. Know what would make her more interesting? Murder. When Damon shows up, he fills Alaric in about her douchy dead ex from the end of the last episode, and implies that Meredith could have something to do with it. Aww… I think he just doesn’t want to share his bestest boyfriend.

Stefan comes home to find Klaus hanging out at his place listening to some jarringly hip pop music. (Wouldn’t Klaus be more interested in listening to something more classic? I’m entertained by the thought of him having the same nostalgia for 80’s music as I do and listening to a bit of Hall and Oats “Private Eyes” as his stalker music.)

Stefan is still trying to use Klaus’ family to get him to leave town by threatening them for the umpteenth millionth time. Klaus points out that the crazy act has not made him any friends. Well, except for me, that is.

Road trip! Bonnie tries to get Elena to deconstruct her kiss with Damon in the car ride to distract her from her mixed feelings about seeing her mom. Elena doesn’t want to talk about it and claims it won’t happen again, but Bonnie keeps prying, trying to find out if it was good. Has she seen the way he looks at her? Of course it was good! Elena’s non-answer confirms all our suspicions.

The girl talk is interrupted by a call from Stefan. Elena lies to him about where they are, but Stefan has secretly found the info about Bonnie’s mom and already knows where they are heading.

Klaus calls one of his hybrid buds, who says he could be at his side at a moment’s notice. Instead, Klaus has a different plan. He has sent this random hybrid dude to go see Bonnie’s mom. Uh-oh.

Bonnie and Elena arrive and some guy greets them. He introduces himself as Jamie and seems surprised that Abby’s daughter has arrived. Turns out that Jamie is Abby’s kind of adopted son. Abby comes home and Bonnie is clearly very emotional about this reunion.

Caroline’s dad is chaining Tyler up. Kinky! He says that Tyler needs to turn into a werewolf to break his sire bond, so that he won’t feel grateful to Klaus for making it so that he doesn’t have to turn. I guess the goal is for him to get used to turning so that it is no longer something he wants to avoid? Tyler starts the process and starts screaming, and it is gross.

Bonnie tells Elena that she’s doing okay, but it’s obviously a difficult experience. Abby reveals that she was best friends with Elena’s mom. She tells the girls that 15 years ago Mikael came to Mystic Falls looking for Elena. It turns out Abby was the one who lured him away and put him in the grave where Katherine found him. Interesting! Also, this somehow made her lose her powers. Hearing this story clearly does not help Bonnie feel any better about being abandoned. She is pissed.

Damon goes to see Meredith to stake his claim on Alaric and to try to find out what she knows about her ex’s death.

Meredith gets him into a quiet room and lunges at him with a vervain syringe. Bad ass! Hope she doesn’t hurt his pretty face. :( Meredith starts to take some of Damon’s blood and is startled as he starts to wake up.

Tyler is writhing in pain: a lot, some more. Caroline’s daddy keeps pushing him and finally Tyler asks Caroline to leave. As soon as she does, her father kicks it up a notch by hitting him with an axe. Harsh, dude. Then there is more screaming and groaning and cracking. Gross.

(But also hot? What? DON’T JUDGE ME! — Tenillypo)

Anyway: Tyler freaks the fuck out, breaks his chains, and attacks Caroline’s father. DUN!

Abby tells Bonnie that she didn’t come back to her because she realized she had a chance to start a new non-witchy life. And it turns out she also didn’t know that Bonnie’s grandmother is dead. Sad.

Stefan shows up and starts throwing a grade A temper tantrum of his own. He is mad that Elena didn’t tell him where they were going. Double douche. Evil!Stefan is not as interesting when he is all controlling and threatening. I might just need to take back my bestest, super friends 4eva friendship bracelet from him. Jamie agrees, because he shows up and tells him to cut out that shit. Stefan tries to compel him to leave, but instead he comes back with a bad ass shot gun. Yikes.

Abby hears the gun go off and interrupts the touching mother/daughter moment she was having with Bonnie by drugging her. W. T. F.

Damon shows up at Alaric’s while he is working out because the homoerotic sexual tension between them was not high enough for this show’s liking. Excellent. Damon tells Alaric what Meredith did, and Alaric gets pissed that he went to see her. (I’m sure he’s really upset that Damon put himself in unnecessary danger. What would he do without his snarky sidekick?)

Elena is trying to talk Jamie down, but it doesn’t work. He runs to help Abby put Bonnie in their car. She takes her to the crappy extra hybrid dude. Abby tells Bonnie that if she doesn’t tell her where the coffins are, Jamie has been compelled to kill himself. Abby somehow mystery texts Bonnie that she should warn her friends.

Jamie tells Elena and Stefan the deal, and Elena lawyers her way out of her capture. It looks like the gun that Jamie fired on them had wooden buckshot in it and Stefan is seriously hurting from it.  Is it bad if I think he deserves it? Even a little? Elena tries to get the pieces out of his chest. Uh, really? That is totally disgusting. If it is “scraping against his heart” as Stefan says, she’d need to dig into his chest to get them out.

Damon finds Klaus at the witch house. He’s all smirking and cocky, but the witches bitch slap him with magic for it.


His threat to kill the Bennetts cause them to reveal the coffins. But there are only three! Where is the fourth? Bonnie told Damon that Klaus was coming and he moved it. Awesome! What the hell is in that thing?

Alaric confronts Meredith about her attacking Damon. She tells him that she uses vampire blood to help patients in the hospital. That’s… noble, I guess?

Elena tells Stefan to stop being a whiny bitch while she helps him. Heh. He apparently took time out from his pissiness to notice that Elena no longer has any tolerance for BS and that she is different. I have no idea why, but I guess it is this glimmer of connecting with her that makes Elena decide to tell Stefan that she kissed Damon. She says she felt guilty that he didn’t know, not that it happened. I don’t understand why she owes him anything at this point, but I’m not biased at all.

Stefan doesn’t say a word and walks away. Elena goes after him and Stefan admits that he shouldn’t have kidnapped her. Oh, now you’re sorry? Despite this, he also says she shouldn’t have gone out on her own either. She agrees and says she didn’t plan on kissing Damon. Stefan just says that she is better than both he and Damon. This is true.

Abby tells Bonnie that Jamie is her family even if they aren’t related by blood. She also wants to help Bonnie. Even though she didn’t want her magic anymore, Abby thinks she could get it back, and she would do that to help Bonnie. Awww!

Meanwhile, Caroline’s father is in the hospital, looking pretty healthy for having been mauled by a werewolf. Oh wait, was he the patient that Meredith was helping? I totally missed that. Oops. Tyler says he feels more like himself. Dad says that means they need to continue. Tyler starts to back out of the agreement and says that he can’t go through that again, but daddy dearest makes it clear that he’d better if he ever wants to be around Caroline again.

Back at the Gilbert homestead, Alaric reveals to Meredith that he is a vampire hunter and shows her his super special power ring.

They start making out when Elena interrupts. I’m not super psyched about this pairing, but I’d rather Alaric get some play than not. Alaric gets all apologetic. Elena thanks him for being there when they needed him and they have a sweet moment together. Awww. They are such an adorable non-family.

Stefan comes home and Damon tells him that he got the locked coffin out of the witch house before Klaus got there. Then he asks about Elena and Stefan punches him in the face.

Oh, whatever, Stefan. Now you care? This is all too little, too late for me. Considering all the damage he has done to Elena recently, I don’t think he has any room to get mad about anything she does. Damon shrugs it off as the bigger man does, and shows Stefan that he has a dagger in his possession. And where did he get the dagger?

From Elijah’s chest, of course! Cut to Klaus, telling his hybrid dude he isn’t quite ready to wake up his family yet. But too bad, so sad because Elijah is back and happy to announce it by ripping the heart out of his precious hybrid!

Yay for Elijah!!

Next episode: More angsty pining and flirting. (Hopefully!) And more Elijah!

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