Another day, another mixed bag…

Okay. Like most human beings, I’m fairly tired of Maxie being horrible all the time. But I guess the upside is that after a long period of Elizabeth being the show’s whipping girl, we’re supposed to be rooting for her again, right? I mean, I really don’t know how else to interpret today’s episode, where we have Maxie vindictively trying to get Liz fired and possibly arrested  juxtaposed with Elizabeth expressing empathy for Maxie’s INSANE PARANOIA while trying to convince Matt to give their relationship another chance.

Also, a character on this show remembered a thing that happened in the past! Accurately!

MAXIE: Lucky was moving on, and she was desperate to keep him!
MONICA: You know, I remember several years ago, where Lucky was involved with some drugs missing from here. It was never resolved but he did admit that he coerced someone into getting those meds for him. I also remember that you were dating Lucky at the time and you were also volunteering here at the hos–
MAXIE: That was totally different!

Thank you, continuity fairy! Please visit again!

(I love, by the way, that Maxie is ascribing her own motivations for stealing drugs for Lucky onto Elizabeth, who was actually only stealing meds to save him from an overdose.)

(And by “love” I mean WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MAXIE, Y’ALL? Between this and her whole “straight up getting a woman murdered and not feeling bad about it for a single solitary second” thing, I am really starting to wonder if the writers have surgically removed this character’s soul. BRING BACK MAXIE’S SOUL, WRITERS.)

Anyway, Matt and Liz! So adorable! I’d still like them to make out, stat. But I kind of also enjoy them as platonic, bickering friends? And Ewen wasn’t quite a creepy and gross today as he has been before. Granted, that’s a low bar.

Whatever, his goatee is stupid and I still hope he’s a serial killer.

Speaking of creepy: oh, Olivia. I can’t tell if you’re being a good friend or a really terrible one:

OLIVIA: You seem to have this notion that you can be with Sonny and still have things your own way.

Right, because it’s absurd to think you can be in a relationship with a man and still be allowed to make your own decisions about who to talk to and how to run your personal business!

The question: is Olivia intentionally painting a picture of an abusive relationship here as a warning to Kate that she should break up with Sonny, or is she truly just chastising her for believing she could date him and be independent? I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, but then she also said this…

OLIVIA: In the form of Jasper Jacks? A man who chased Sonny out of town trying to kill him? [Ed. note: I’m just going to assume that was a line flub, because… what?]
KATE: That’s all over now.
OLIVIA: Oh, no. It’s not. Honey, you know Sonny doesn’t give up on stuff. Oh, God. You haven’t even told Sonny you saw Jax, have you?
KATE: I haven’t had the time.
OLIVIA: Because you know how he’s going to react! He’s going to think you betrayed him with Jax just like Brenda did.

… so I’m going to err on the side of “creepy.”

Like, I can appreciate that Sonny believes Brenda “betrayed” him by (by daring to accept a ride from another man on her way out of town, let’s remember — my God, what a lying whore!) because Sonny basically has the emotional reasoning skills of a brain damaged toddler at this point, and expecting logic or an acknowledgment of reality from him is an exercise in futility. But I really, really wish that other characters wouldn’t validate his crazy like this.

And yet, here’s Carly, lining up on the betrayal train:

CARLY: Wow, you’re a little nervous, aren’t you, Kate? Maybe that’s because you realize however Sonny finds out the truth, he’ll know that you betrayed him.

I just… really? It’s not like I’m a huge fan of Kate right now, because ever since the recast, she has been pretty much the worst. But it bothers me that I can’t tell if the show seriously wants us to believe that the mere act of speaking to Jax is now a horrendous betrayal of Sonny or not. And I am getting really sick and tired of hearing everyone and their mother act like Brenda had an orgy with Jax in her marriage bed or something rather than simply… spending a few hours with him on a jet as she was already leaving Sonny for completely legitimate and unrelated reasons.

All that aside, I don’t completely hate the idea of Kate and Carly running a hotel together. Take the whole Jax/Sonny issue out of the equation and you have a classically soapy opportunity for business shenanigans and cautious frenemy-ship between two women who don’t really get to interact well with other women very often. All of which this show could really use. (Maybe Carlivati can make this not suck so much? Oh please, oh please, oh please!)

Ditto for Molly and TJ, who are working another soap classic: the good old, opposites attract, “smart, sheltered girl/rebel boy from the wrong side of the tracks” young love.

So far, this has all been pretty predictable and tepid. And they suffer from one half of the duo being Molly, who I often want to punch in the face. But the actor playing TJ seems to have some promise? And this dynamic is a classic for a reason. So despite some repeated cringe-worthy racial moments — like making one of only three black characters on this show an angry, illiterate wannabe mob thug who’s involved with a white girl going by “Desdemona” (like, really show? REALLY?) — I’m willing to give it some time and see how it plays out.

But here’s what I don’t get. What is it with this show wasting perfectly good, historically significant names of on completely unrelated newbies? (*CoughCooperBarretCough*) We already have a young, black legacy character of about the right age named TJ who could have been brought back. I’m not sure how it would really make sense for this TJ to be TJ Hardy — maybe if the “father” Shawn killed was a step-father Simone hooked up with after leaving town? But if the writers were truly unaware of the implications of giving him that name, it’s seems a little on the nose to have also named him “Ashford,” aka the name of the last actor to play Tom Hardy Sr., you know? It’s… puzzling.

16 thoughts on “Another day, another mixed bag…

  1. I’m not going to get into Olivia and Maxie all of a sudden are both taking tue crazy pills. WTF do they have Molly in all that make up? Haley was already a pretty girl and looked as old if not older than Lexie did. What is wrong with this show and the teen scene? It has not been the same since Goergie died and every guy wanted Lulu. This show… I cam’t even. RC needs to come on already. Fire the Wyndomeire twins, and hire some teen actors to play every Teusday and Thursdays or something. This show is just bad.

    Matt and Elizabeth need to happen that is all.

    • I can’t tell where they’re going with Matt and Liz — mainly because this is kind of what they did FOR YEARS with him and Maxie. They’d flirt and then nothing would come of it. It was a huge narrative tease. If Ewen *is* the stripper beater, and Matt somehow helps save Liz from him, then I’d say they’re on. Otherwise, it’s looking like another tease to me.

      • I don’t know why but for some reason I keep thinking Ronnie the bad cop is the beater. I like Liz and Matt too. Also I too want to throttle Molly everytime i hear her warbly little voice.

  2. I’ve always liked Olivia okay, but she’s been kind of an superfluous character ever since Dante’s paternity reveal, and that combined with her becoming The Worst lately has me wishing she would just go already.

    “And they suffer from one half of the duo being Molly, who I often want to punch in the face.”

    That, and the actress isn’t even 14 yet. I do no want to see her kissing anyone.

    • I really liked her and Johnny together, but I find her completely flat and uninteresting with Steve. I’m hoping RC will give her something to do that doesn’t involve micromanaging Dante’s life or cheerleading Sonny.

  3. I “watch” by getting the live thread recap on SOC.

    Cartini needs to bring it because this show is horrible. This show should just be called Carson Morgue because that’s all the former regime seemed to care about. Carly, Sonny and Jason Morgan. OY VEY!

    And now they have Emma drinking the Jason kool-aid too (today’s episode she says to Anna “let’s pray for mommy’s friend Jason”). ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS???

    • I’m not certain why the episode needed Emma to prop Jason, either. It’s not like we don’t have virtually all of Port Charles treating him like the Holiest of men to ever walk the Earth. I really would have preferred it if we focused on Robin and Anna’s reunion after all this time, maybe have Mac and Maxie interact with Anna as well, rather than focus on Jason’s and his brain issues.

  4. I `m not really happy that Molly is trying so hard to have friends and going about it the wrong way at that and there dressing her too old just like her sister Kristina.

  5. Did you guys ever think Franco’s Jason’s long-lost brother or something? Like Dexter-Style? I mean, I know it doesn’t add up with Jason’s past, but that has never stopped TPTB, has it? Also Franco sent JaSam a DVD with footage of Jason’s past… I’m just wondering, Dexter and Brian, Jason and Franco… He did say “You’ll never know how I came into your life” or something like that… Any one else think so?

    • I’ve heard this being speculated elsewhere, and while you’re right that I wouldn’t put anything past them at this point… I really, really hope it’s not true, or that if it was the plan, RC nixes it fast. DO NOT WANT.

      • Yeah, definitely a DO NOT WANT! here, too. I just want this whole Franco-mess to be over with, if I had Franco where Jason had him a week or two back, I’d have shot him in his freakin’ face, tied him up, shot him some more, poured a ton of gasoline on him and lit him up, then stayed until he was all ashes. That’s how you make sure someone’s dead, Jason! I mean, with Franco being an artist he should’ve at least expected Franco to make a show out of his “death”, and not get himself shot that easy if it wasn’t for art.

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