In which I climb onto my soap box a little.

Before I get to the ranting, there are three pieces of good news:

1) Rumor has it that as of this writing, we have seen the last episode with Garin Wolf and Shelly Altman as head writers.  Expect another gleeful post this evening if Ron Carlivati’s name pops up in the credits today.
2) Even with the aforementioned duo at the helm, the show still managed to pull of a holiday episode where no one was shot or raped! (Readers, I was flabergasted.)
3) And Grandma Anna’s back!

Taking that last first: yay, Anna! Even if I know she’s back for a story I’m going to hate, it’s still nice to see Finola Hughes’ delightful, toothy face hugging Robin. I didn’t even grit my teeth too hard at the recurring “Anna doesn’t want to be a grandma” joke this time! (Mostly because they managed to tone down the “Grandmothers = Old Women = DISGUSTING” implications. Yay, restraint?)

It also doesn’t hurt that she and NuEmma (who still cannot stop smiling during all her scenes) are totes adorable together:

And aside from Anna, the rest of the Valentine’s Day show featured some actual, old school romance from a couple who seem to enjoy one another’s company:

(I actually like Lulu working at the PCPD? I mean, it would be nice if she had loftier ambitions than filing, but at least there’s a chance for more organic involvement with a variety of stories now. And I like it when characters have jobs we actually see them going to.)

Then yesterday, after a predictably shrill insta-reaction of Carly blaming Sam for Jason’s latest brain problems (like, I’m so sure that if it was possible for anyone cause Jason’s brain to explode, it would be Sam and not you, Carly), we got Carly and Sam apologizing to each other and generally acting like human beings. Meanwhile Jason and Robin had another history-respecting conversation that might have made me tear up a bit:

So that was nice. (Of course, because this is still General Hospital, we also had Jason and Sam settling in for a romantic viewing of a gift from her maybe-rapist. But you can’t have everything, I suppose.)

And then there was this:

SONNY: I called you this morning. I couldn’t get through. But I’m sure you have an explanation.

You know what I hate? I hate when this show forces me to get defensive on behalf of a character who is awful. And Kate? Kate is  awful. But this whole thing where she’s lying to Sonny about things that are none of his business anyway and somehow that’s supposed to make it not incredibly creepy that he’s basically having his goons stalk her, breaking into her office to sit waiting for her in the dark, and expecting her to account for her whereabouts to him at every single second? THAT IS NOT OKAY.

Guess what, Sonny? Sometimes people don’t answer their phones. It’s called: they’re in the shower, or in the middle of something important, or they just don’t want to talk to you right then. Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to avoid Sonny, what with the complete disregard for what anyone else wants (Dante), constant paranoid accusations (Kate), and veiled murder threats (Jax). What a charmer, that man.

But Sonny’s latest abusive boyfriend schtick was but a blip on the rage-ometer compared to Maxie’s epic attempt to justify her heinousness yesterday. Let’s take a look, shall we?

MAXIE: Here’s the difference. Yes, it may have been pathetic and deluded for me to pretend I was engaged to a guy when I wasn’t. But it wasn’t illegal. Stealing drugs is, especially considering the fact that Elizabeth is a nurse! It’s abusing her power at the hospital!
MATT: Oh! Do you even know–do you even realize how hypocritical you sound right now? Are you listening to yourself when you talk?
MAXIE: You got that right, Matt. I am a hypocrite. I probably have done things that are just as bad as Elizabeth–
MATT: Probably? Probably?!
MAXIE: –but the difference is I don’t stand up on a pedestal. I don’t climb up there and put a halo on and decide to look down at everybody else and decide that I’m better than them the way Elizabeth does.

What was that–I can’t even… WHYYYYYYYYY? Like, that whole scene almost deserved a slow clap of appreciation for sheer, jaw-dropping gall.

First, as Monica pointed out yesterday, the fact that Maxie has the balls to act indignant over someone at the hospital “abusing their power” to steal drugs for Lucky in order to “sink her claws into him” is amazing. Second, you know what else is illegal, Maxie? CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT MURDER. I mean, my god.

(Poor Matt doesn’t even know about that last one and even he was rendered practically speechless by her chutzpah here.)

Third: I have been hearing the same “Elizabeth is worse than everyone because she pulls the same crap and then acts like she’s perfect” refrain from Liz haters for years. And I Just. Do not. Get it. When has she ever pretended to be perfect? The woman castigates herself over her mistakes all the time! She worries that she’s a bad mother and horrible person, and she’s frequently miserable over her own stupidity! If other characters have occasionally granted her a halo she didn’t earn, that’s not her fault, and the show has certainly more than made up for it with gleeful scenes of public shaming for her various crimes. Elizabeth is constantly and viciously being called out for her shit.

But Maxie and Carly — who both pretty much decided one day that Liz was their enemy solely because she had a relationship with a man they wanted — have always been desperate to convince themselves that deep down, she really is just like them. But the truth is… she really isn’t. That’s not a value judgment. It’s just a fact: Carly and Maxie as both trouble-making bad girls. Elizabeth? She’s a people pleaser. Her problem isn’t that low self-esteem drives her to seek constant validation that she’s the center of every man’s universe; it’s that she subsumes her own desires beneath what she thinks other people want and expect from her — until those desires finally explode in usually self-destructive ways. Liz rarely schemes so much as falls into terrible decisions and then exacerbates them with months of lies.

All of which is an extremely long winded way for me to make the point: BULLSHIT, MAXIE. And further — self-awareness is all well and good, but there’s nothing noble to be admired about acknowledging your own hypocrisy while making zero effort to do anything about it.

(I don’t like hating Maxie this much, guys. Hold me?)

(Also, apparently, people are being mean to poor Jen Lilley? Don’t be mean to Jen Lilley, people. That’s not cool. I may hate Maxie right now, but that’s not Lilley’s fault, and neither are Kirsten Storms’ health problems. She has to play what she’s given.)


20 thoughts on “In which I climb onto my soap box a little.

  1. A hearty “Here, here!” about Maxie! I mean, I know her and Carly’s antipathy towards Liz is really about their own Issues and low self-esteem, but Maxie really, really sounds crazy when she goes off about Liz, who has DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO HER, EVER! She doesn’t care for the woman who fed her husband drugs, SLEPT WITH HIM IN THEIR BED, and carried a pillow-baby for several months in an effort to hold on to him. The very gall of that Liz!

    I, too, have no idea what people are talking about when they’re on about Liz putting herself on a pedestal. I’d like to see this pedestal they talk of, because it must be the shortest one ever. She doesn’t think she’s better than anyone else. Quite the opposite! She’s constantly flagellating herself, and especially in the last few months, the whole town is more than happy to help her. She’s never gotten away with a damn thing, which is more than Maxie, Ms. I Had A Woman Killed And Don’t Even Feel Bad, can say. Liz is a Lying Liar Wot Lies (Mostly About Paternity Issues), but she’s not a schemer, not a plaaaaaaaaaner, and not a manipulator.

  2. “Gee, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to avoid Sonny, what with the complete disregard for what anyone else wants (Dante),”

    Too bad Dante doesn’t realize the quickest way to get Sonny never to speak to him again is giving him a quick hug and pat on the head. That or revealing that he is actually a girlchild instead of a boychild.

    Yeah, Liz drives me crazy a lot of the time but she hasn’t pretended to perfect. If they “look down” on others like Maxie and Carly it’s because Maxie and Carly have done specific crap to them, it’s not like Liz decided to go out of her way to call Maxie an evil harlot out of the blue one day.

    • If Dante was a girlchild, then he’d opposed to Dante dating anyone. Don’t you remember his logic to Alexis regarding why Ethina was bad, and Mabby was good? “He’s a boy.” :-/

      I’m honestly wondering how Kate fell back in love with this man, especially given how controlling Sonny is.

  3. I really enjoyed Anna’s reunion with her family. It was nice to see Patrick and Robin happy, and Emma was awesome. I wasn’t so happy that Jason’s Brain had to disrupt the scene, and that it looks like Robin’s finale will be focused on fixing Jason. I’m hoping that we get to see Mac and Maxie reunite with Anna, too!

    I feel bad for Jen Lilley. She’s doing the best with what she was given (just like Lexi Ainsworth). Maybe the new PTB will give her better? I’m honestly not sure why the writers are writing Maxie this way, but then again, these are the writers who paired Ethan with his sister’s doppleganger.

  4. Liz is probably one of the only people who has actually paid for her “crimes”, everyone and their grandma goes to the hospital to yell at her and publicly abuse her or stalk her for petty things, even though they have done far worse and never paid for anything
    . carly yells at her for being jason’s friend, but if she weren’t jason would be dead. she blames liz for her sleeping with sonny yrs ago.
    lucky who has slept with sara, cheated on liz with maxie and sam and threw that skank in her face, calls her all sorts of heinous names. then when she broke up w/him for cheating on her he stalks her as does his entire family b/c she has to save lucky, but when she wants forgiveness for sleeping w/nik though they aren’t married he treats her like crap as does his family, he is also an arsonist who never got into any trouble for plus stole drugs to frame jason and got his teenwhore to steal drugs for him, her has physically,verbally and emotionally abused her.
    maxie has an irrational hatred like carly and maxie is the one that slept with liz’s husband and stole drugs from the hospital to keep lucky high so he would screw her, then faked a baby and miscarriage to keep him and make him feel guilty, now she has asked az to help her and gotten someone killed
    .luke killed her son and the cops didn’t even question him and jason let him live, even though he hunted down franco for maybe raping the skank who has used sex as a weapon against tons of people.
    sam watched jake get kidnapped, hired goons w/guns to terrorize her and her kids, told carly that jake was jason’s, and slept w/lucky to get back at liz for sleeping w/jason and having a kid, even though she was riding her cancer stricken mother’s husband in her mom’s home to get back at her with her little sisters in the house. liz was always helping the skank, she told jason to give the skank a second chance,she got her out of the hospital, she helped save her life even though she could have lost her job, she sneaked a phone into her in jail and many other times.

    • The thing is, people have to do stupid, horrible, unforgivable things on soap operas… and then they have to be forgiven for them. It’s just the nature of the beast. My point above was not that Elizabeth is better than any of the characters you named (well, except maybe Luke. But nearly everyone’s better than Luke at this point). She’s just not worse. And she certainly doesn’t think she’s perfect.

      luke killed her son and the cops didn’t even question him and jason let him live, even though he hunted down franco for maybe raping the skank who has used sex as a weapon against tons of people.

      I’m sorry, I don’t care how much of a raging asshole Luke is. Hitting Jake was a accident. Franco raping/assaulting Sam wasn’t. There is no comparison between the two, and I really don’t understand what Sam’s sexual history has to do with it either way.

      (Also? Hating Sam is fine. Calling her or any other woman on this show a skank? Really kind of isn’t. At least, not on this blog.)

    • yeah liz is a saint, except where she changed the dna results and then crazy heather kidnapped danny and almost killed him, sams character was trashed in 2007-08 and im so glad thats in the past

  5. Standing up and clapping for your post. Elizabeth is continually crucified by herself as well as others for her actions. I just can not fathom why the writers continue to bash her over and over again for actions that are miniscule compared to other females on this show. I’m still waiting for Sam to pay for at least one of her crimes. I’m doubtful it will ever happen, but oh well. SMDH.

    • I think we’re starting a good period for Liz, honestly. She is clearly supposed to be the character you’re rooting for; they’ve made Maxie so over the top awful, it’s hard to imagine any other motive.

  6. The writers are ruining Elizabeth. No, she’s not perfect, but far better then Carly and/or Maxie ever can be. I miss the original Liz from 97′. That’s what made me fall in love with GH at the age of 12!!!! I will always miss the original L&L2, but it’s time to move on. I really liked Liz and Jason there when they were together and the baby dying is just so not fair. Liz has gone through enough and the writers are just making it worse. I really hope they give her a good story line soon, either with Ewen or Matt, both are ok with me.I still believe Ewen is the mystery guy on the beach XD

    • Oh, I think Ewen is definitely the mystery beach guy! Which doesn’t endear him to me, because he basically left her to die of hypothermia. That plus his habit of inappropriate and creepy behavior with his female patients makes it hard for me to take him seriously as a good guy. But maybe RC will take the writing in another direction?

  7. I just read that Ron C’s name is credited as head writer as of Tuesday, but he consulted on this week’s scripts which could explain why the tone seems a little improved already.

    • Yes, and I think you can definitely see signs of his tweaking this week. Especially today — in the pacing if nothing else. Excited for next week!

      • Yeah, it was really noticeable how the pacing and the scene endings were different. I liked it better. Also, it seemed like the stories were a bit more evenly spread about the canvas, instead of focusing on two or three of the stories and then switching. Although that may be due to the fact that the party was going to bring the all the characters together. Either way, it feels a bit different and I like the change.

        • Things definitely seemed more integrated and balanced. And we got a double cliffhanger on Friday! When was the last time that happened?

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