In which I stick my fingers in my ears.

You’re probably expecting me to say something about Robin apparently being blown up in a freak toxic lab gas accident yesterday. Which I would. If she had been. But since I refuse (REFUSE!) to believe that they would really kill off Robin Scorpio — or that she could really be dead in the service of saving effing Jason’s far less worthy life — I’m just going to table that rant until we see how this plays out.

(But seriously, they are killing me with this crap. KILLING ME.)

In slightly less depressing news — you guys, you guys! Remember that time we almost lost Dante? (No, not that time he was shot in the chest… or that other time he was shot in the chest.) I’m talking about that time we almost lost his soul when he verged on forgetting Sonny is a self-absorbed, murderous hypocrite who only pays lip service to loving anyone other than himself and who poisons everything he touches?

Then on Friday, we got this:

DANTE: I don’t want your damn protection anymore! I want you behind bars where you belong! And until that happens… you are dead to me.

Dead to him! Of course, we all know this new resolve was doomed to last all of five seconds. Dear Dante: Sonny taking a bullet for you doesn’t change any of the reasons you just told him to go fuck himself! Stay strong!

Oh, well. It was nice while it lasted. (Thanks for nothing, Kate, um, I mean, “mystery shooter.”)

Speaking of Kate, the greatest part about Sonny’s latest display of childish public tantrum throwing is that just about everyone was united in disgust over it. Including Kate, although she appears to have been watching a completely different show:

KATE: Oh, God, I’m a fool!
OLIVIA: For Sonny? Yeah, probably.
KATE: You know, I thought I could make it all right with him. And that would make it all right with me, which is just selfish if you think about it, because… because it’s never going to work.
OLIVIA: He always sabotages the thing that he wants the most.
KATE: His-his children are the thing that matter the most. Nothing is more important to Sonny… than his children.

Okay, let’s back this up. First of all, most sane people would consider the fact that their significant other puts his or her children first to be a GOOD THING.

But second… how in the hell anyone could watch Sonny’s meltdown over the fact that Johnny spoiled a night that was supposed to be about Dante pulmonary medicine how awesome Sonny is (and that’s not just me reading between the lines for the most unflattering interpretation possible; he literally said “Tonight was supposed to be MY night!” in the most outraged tone imaginable) — how anyone could hear that and come to the conclusion that anything other than Sonny’s own enormous, bloated ego is the most important thing to him… is completely beyond me.

Meanwhile, Maxie, in her continued quest to become the only character in the show to rival Sonny in self-absorption and hatefulness, first interrupted Robin at work to harangue her about the mess Maxie has made of her life (and how it’s all Elizabeth’s fault, of course)… and then to yell at Robin for how selfish Robin is for daring to have a good relationship with her mother (!!) and for caring more about saving her patient’s life than fixing Maxie’s problems for her (!!!).

Oh, and to accidentally start the gas leak that definitely did not kill Robin, because LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU ROBIN WILL LIVE FOREVER.

Ahem. Then, because that wasn’t quite enough reason to hate her for all eternity, Maxie headed over for an epic confrontation with Matt and Elizabeth at the benefit in which Elizabeth got to bring some old school cat fight mojo, and it was kind of awesome:

ELIZABETH: By the way, until I get my job back, my full time occupation is going to be making your life? A living hell.

Welcome back, Becky Herbst’s delightful bitchface! I’ve missed you!

So, all in all, the last couple of days have been way more watchable than the last several months combined. They weren’t perfect, but I’m seeing better pacing and more character moments already — and this is just with Ron Carlivati’s tweaking of Garin Wolf’s material.

You guys! I am legitimately excited about today’s episode. When was the last time any of us felt that way about this show?


17 thoughts on “In which I stick my fingers in my ears.

  1. Still can’t believe how much Jason occupied Robin’s exit storyline. I don’t think Jason’s Brain will be appeased until its eaten all of Port Charles. I hope, if Robin “died,” we get to see a memorial service, and not simply “hear” about one.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Dante’s anger at Sonny lasted all but one storyline, and will likely be promptly forgotten because Sonny took a bullet for him.

    • I actually like Robin being instrumental in finding a cure for Jason, because I like it when the show remembers that they have a history and I like it when we get to see doctors actually doing doctor stuff. But I will flip my shit if they end up killing her to save Jason. NOT A FAIR TRADE.

      • i’m not sure how but ron c said he tweaked the ending of robin’s story to leave room for her to return, so i’m guessing we somehow won’t find a body in that room…don’t know how but…lol…

  2. Yup, me,me,me! Yesterday was a good old fashioned cliffhanger even tho we KNOW what’s going to happen (eyes rolling here). It was sad listening to Anna talk about her little girl and Jason with gratitude towards Robin. I was also disgusted with the Sperminator’s one man show. So he got a little owie in the arm, big frigdgin deal. They should have at least made it his trigger arm. If I wasn’t already in love with Dante, I would be after watching him emotionally tell Poppa he wanted to see him in jail. I am not too much of an Elizabeth fan, but I loved her “Bring It” face with Maxie. Even thought it was all about Saving Super Jason, I liked the hospital drama. I really like seeing Monica more as well. Mob-tonia is seriously wearing thin. I also liked finally seeing Michael in a better setting as protective over Molly than the angwy angsty Mikey. Chad Duell talent’s need to be better used.

    • I don’t think you have to love Elizabeth to appreciate that was some classically soapy cat fight right there. I am so ready for this show to be fun again! *crosses fingers*

      I forgot to mention the Molly story, but I’m actually enjoying that as well, surprisingly. TJ trying to contain the mess he’d made entertained me, and pulling Michael into this story rather than having him in the middle of the Johnny/Sonny show at the benefit was a refreshing choice.

  3. Can’t believe the crap Sonny pulled either… And again, someone shoots at Dante, but that couldn’t be Anthony Zacchara, who freakin’ TOLD Sonny he’d go after his kids, NO, it HAS to be Johnny, right Sonny? Because you were so right every other time you blamed something on Johnny. Remember the time Michael went missing, and you blamed the Zaccharas and kidnapped Johnny? Or the time you almost blew up your daughter and then tried to throw Johnny down the balcony because it was CLEARLY Johnny’s fault? Yeah no, your people skills are excellent, Sonny.
    I can’t really think of one occasion where Johnny even tried to hurt Sonny’s kids, because that’s just not his way of dealing with things. But hey, as long as Sonny gets to blame someone and gets to have another one of his brain-short-circuits that will definitely lead to the most thought-out and rightful actions…not.
    Can’t believe Robin’s SL either. Plus they’re talking about a decision Patrick has to make in the spoilers. Really hoping that decision ain’t got to do with “turning off the machines”.
    What do you mean, “Kate and the ‘mystery shooter'” , does she have something to do with it? She sure did overreact.
    On the good side of things, I kinda really liked the Jason and Spinelli moments, I know you’re not a big fan of his, but I like the brother-thing those two got going on :)

    • Spinelli drives me insane, but I agree; those scenes were nice. I especially appreciated that they had Spinelli not using the nicknames as much during that conversation, too. It’s the little things, you know?

      Re: Kate, it’s just a guess, but assuming she’s got some sort of split personality thing going — which seems to be what they’ve been hinting — her anger about Sonny’s kids being the most important thing to him, plus the fact that she was mysteriously missing while he was shot (then came back with her coat on claiming not to have seen him) makes me think she might have done it, trying to hit Dante.

      • I don’t blame anyone if they totally don’t like this, but i’m a sucker for a good split personality story…i watch anything from sybil to us of tara and read books on it…lmao…and much as i loved megan ward and was against the recast, NuKate’s acting is actually pretty damn good.

        Oh my favorite part of the episode though was Tracy to Olivia when she criticized Anthony for lying to Johnny his whole life. “Like you did?’…hahaaa

        • I don’t hate the actress; I just don’t think she’s playing the same Kate Megan Ward was. Nothing about her is believable to me as a fashion maven, and MW’s Kate never gave the impression she regretted her choice or wasn’t comfortable in her own skin.

          I will say that NuKate’s freak out yesterday was one of the funniest things that’s happened on this show for a while. I’ll take a laugh if I can get it.

  4. I am also really disappointed in Robin’s exit story, gotta agree that it should not have been connected to Jason’s brain at all! I would have preferred Robin die of AIDS or of the infection that I read was supposed to have happened.

    With that said KMc and JT rocked yesterday and today. Today, JT looked like he was ready to throw up he was soo upset. It looked so real. Tomorrow should be another Emmy deserving episode when Anna finds out.

    Now my only question is if Robin is alive and Anna/Robert find out, how can they not tell Patrick and Emma??? That makes zero sense.

    Also looking forward to RS coming back. He was the reason I started watching GH, then got hooked on Scrubs. I hope that GH can keep me interested now that Scrubs is gone…..I am still a Days fan first :)

    • Well, I’m glad there’s room for Robin to be alive, but I don’t think that having Jason as the focal point was necessary, either. I really don’t need to see Robin’s death become all about Jason’s pain, or how he needs to put another item in his box of pain. The fact that the writers sidelined Sam’s POV and her feelings during her possible rape for Jason’s pain and how he was feeling gives me the bad feeling that we’ll see a repeat of that now, and I hope that the new regime proves me wrong.

      • I’m trying to have patience with the new regime. They inherited a huge mess of problems all across the board, and coming into the middle of a pre-written exit story for a beloved legacy character isn’t leaving them a lot of room to maneuver. Hopefully, with time we’ll start to see a change in focus away from making everything about Jason.

  5. Yes, I read some spoiler/interviews that said Anna/Robert and Robin were in scenes together. That was why I am confused. Seems to me they know she is alive, unless she is a ghost….but again, not to tell Patrick and Emma??? this whole thing is a big mess.

    I just hope that JT gets an Emmy for yesterday alone….he was awesome!

    • I agree, JT was absolutely amazing. From his interview with KMc, he probably did feel sad about her departure, but I think he’s been incredible in his scenes. He’s been the highlight of these past few episodes.

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