The Stages of Grief

Since my son was born, I haven’t been too active in posting on our blog. Not getting a full night of sleep for months can do crazy things to your sanity and your ability to put together comprehensible sentences. But if you have read anything I’ve written on this blog, you know that Robin Scorpio may be my favorite GH character of all time. She was around my age and we experienced many similar life experiences at the same time: first loves, marriage, a child — all heightened to soap opera levels.

So when I heard that Kimberly McCullough was leaving, I, of course, went through a true grieving process:

Denial: I knew this was coming for months, but I sat there with my fingers in my ears singing “La, la, la, la, la.” Apparently, I’m in good company:

When I heard that GH was having yet another regime change I thought maybe KMc would change her mind. When they rolled out the plot where Robin’s medication stopped working, and then resolved it quickly — despite the fact that I knew she was still going — it gave me hope. Silly, silly, me. And now that Robin’s body is burned beyond recognition (um, hello, dental records?) we all know that the door is open and Robin may not be dead, right? Right? RIGHT?

Anger: Such a familiar feeling when it comes to this show. I just can’t understand why they opened the door for an emotionally resonating exit for Kimberly McCullough by revisiting her HIV storyline and decided to drop it and do this. Couldn’t they have had Robin go into a coma after an illness? Couldn’t they have had all these veteran actors come back before she died? And having her die in the process of trying to keep Jason alive? PUKE. Jason, who kills people? You probably couldn’t find a bigger Jason/Robin fan and this plot point gave me rage blackouts. Thanks a fucking lot, show.

Bargaining: Hmmm, somehow the show does seem a little better already. Maybe KMc will see the improvement and want to come back? Maybe if we all actually watch each scene and get others to watch, the show will get better ratings and she will return? Please, please, pretty please?

Depression: Mac, Anna, Patrick, Robert, Patrick, Liz, Patrick… this has been a long couple of weeks and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get much better. Patrick telling Emma had me losing my mind. I do think the show has already gotten better with Carlivati, but I can’t help but associate it with all the grief I am feeling over losing Robin. Woe. I am so sad.

Anger… again: Seriously, who gives a fuck about how Jason is going to react to Robin dying? I agree with Patrick. It is Jason’s fault and they are just drawing this out to give Steve Burton the spotlight and showcase Jason’s grief. Eff off. We know Jason isn’t going anywhere. Let’s stop pretending this is dramatic at all. Also, can Patrick go on some anti-mob vigilante missions? I could totally get behind that.

Depression… some more: Edward and Luke and Anna and where the hell are my tissues???

Acceptance: Yeah, right. I don’t think I’m going to get to that point anytime soon. Thankfully, I am interested in many of the other plot points happening right now. Even Sonny and Kate are entertaining me since she has clearly lost her marbles. (How is it that everyone is acting like keeping a bloody wedding dress is even remotely in the realm of normal?!?) But please, show. If you want to ease my pain, stop with the Johnny and Carly sexy times. My poor heart can’t handle it.

To help with the continued grief over losing Robin (for now?) and all the possible future half-way decent story lines her character could have had with the new head writer, I present you with some of my favorite Robin clips:

Robin’s First Scenes

Robin Trying to get Anna and Duke Together

Stone’s Death

Jason and Robin’s First Kiss

Jason Carries Robin Off Stage at the Nurses Ball

Jason and Robin in Montauk

Robin and Patrick in the Cabin

Robin and Patrick Say I Love You

Robin Tells Patrick He is Going to be a Father

Robin and Patrick’s First Wedding

Emma’s Birth

Robin and Patrick’s Second Wedding

Robin and Patrick Sing Karaoke

Robin’s “Death”

So goodbye, Robin. We will truly miss you.

(But seriously, she’s going to come back at some point, right?) (Okay, so maybe I haven’t progressed after all.)

11 thoughts on “The Stages of Grief

  1. We know that Robin isn’t really dead so the current story line doesn’t bother me in the least. Yes, I get that KMc is choosing to leave the show and wanted Robin killed off, but we all know that these actors think that they’re not going to come back to a soap opera and wham they show up a few years down the road wanting their old jobs back! It was easier IMO to fake Robin’s death via the same type of nonsense that happened with Lucky back in 1999 than to kill her with AIDS in case KMc wants her old job back.

    Besides, we just had TIIC last year fire/rehire Becky Herbst and kill off Jake for no reason at all. GH ratings are in the toilet and there really was no reason to kill off Robin with AIDs when RC/FV could just fake her death.

    • I’m not saying they should have killed her off. I just think they could have done a better job with her exit. I wouldn’t have wanted her killed from AIDS, but there are other ways to use her illness and have her leave. If she comes back, the faked death aspect could lead to some interesting drama, so at that point I think I would be happy with her exit. But I think it is clear from my post that my reactions are not entirely rational. As with anything in the soap world, it will all be up to the actress as to whether we see Robin again or not. For me, it is hard to have her leave even if it does end up being temporary, thus this post.

  2. IMO Scrubs should have been broken up long before KMc decided to leave the show. It was time. The pairing had almost seven years together, Patrick had lost his edge and Robin was getting on my nerves and I like Robin. Instead of Lisa tossing Liz off of the boat, why not show Lisa and Robin in a fight that sends both women off of the boat? An unconscious Robin is rescued by a mysterious man, while Lisa’s dead body is found days later. Everyone thinks Robin died and we (the fans) see her being held captive by _______ fill in the blank. If KMc decides to come back to wrap up Robin’s story that’s a good thing, otherwise we (the fans) all know that she’s alive being held captive.

    I guess it truly doesn’t matter how Robin (died) fans were going to be ticked if it was AIDS related which makes it impossible for KMc to come back to GH. Or, if they faked Robin’s death and KMc chooses not to come back to the show. Of course, RC/FV could have always pre-taped any scenes that show Robin alive with Patrick and Emma.

    • I think Robin’s death was faked, similar to Lucky, but I can understand KMc wanting to leave the show and explore a career as a filmmaker. Even if I absolutely loathe the fact that Robin “died” for Jason. Given how incredible JT has been, and how amazing his scenes with KMc were when the writers bothered to give a damn about their characters, it’s sad to see Robin go. There’s still so much story to tell, after all.

      I really liked KMc’s videos, the JT one you linked to was especially nice in seeing his reaction to their “final” scene, and KMc was nice enough to share a video with Lexi for all the Lexi fans who have missed her terribly.

  3. I did read that KMc almost wanted to change her mind about leaving when she saw how the new exec producer/head writer team were coming in and doing things. Apparently everyone on the set have been super excited about the whole thing.

    I also know how you feel when your favorite character leaves. Tracy Q is my all time favorite and when she left the first time in 1980 I figured she’d come back because they usually do, but after 7 years went by i gave up hope of ever seeing her, only to have her come back after 9 whole years! (i was ecstatic)…then she left a couple more times after that…lol

    • I love Tracy too. I just wish they would give her a half-way decent plot. Maybe now it could happen? I think that is one of the reasons I am so disappointed about KMc leaving, because I think Robin could actually get a story worth her time. Oh well. Maybe some of the others will come back? Now with a number of veterans making at least guest appearances, a girl can hope.

  4. Loved all the videos (except the Jason/Robin stuff… couldn’t watch). Jeez, I remember Robin from that very first day. Honestly, I was a Jason and Robin fan back in the day, but I have come to hate Jason Q/Morgan so much that I really wish he would die. I know he won’t, but it doesn’t stop me from wishing it. I would have loved it if Patrick had just walked or crawled right out of the hospital just when St. Jason needed to be saved. I loved every moment of Patrick’s Jason-hating ranting and truth-telling about how not deserving Jason is of anything.

    Jason Thompson always does fine work and he has been especially wonderful with all of this. Kimberly’s interview of him was great. I’ve been a Scrubs fan from JT’s first day on the show and I’ve stuck with them through all the ups and downs. They have been one of the most believable couples on this show. KMc and JT have great chemistry and I love their work together. I would have been happy for Kimberly to stay and to have Scrubs remain together forever. In the more than six years they were a couple, I never tired of them. I, too, have harbored secret hopes that Kimberly would change her mind at the last minute and stay. I would have been thrilled with that.

    But if Kimberly wants to move on, more power to her and best wishes. I hope that the new writing team gives Jason Thompson more great stuff to do. And if Patrick were to, as you put it, “… go on some anti-mob vigilante missions? I could totally get behind that.” Amen. So could I. But only if he is successful and actually kills off Jason and Sonny. I know, I know… just let me dream, ok?

    • Yeah, it is amazing how they have ruined Jason for me. I never got sick of Scrubs either, because they got about a year or two worth of material while they were on and then were on the back burner the rest of the time. I am very encouraged by the writing so far of this team so I think JT might get some good material, but it means he will be with someone else (who would waste that beautiful smile?) and that will be hard for me to get behind. Although the best soap is when you can get the audience to root for a character with multiple other characters. Getting Patrick into another solid relationship is always the perfect time to bring Robin back from the dead!

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