Sadness. In picture form.

I’ve been trying to compose a post about Robin’s funeral for days now, but it’s hard to type while CRYING HYSTERICALLY. And hard to be coherent when all I really want to do is point at pictures of Jason Thompson and flail.

I mean, look at this:


So anyway, I’m just going to use this post to document all the moments that broke me the most. You know… for posterity. And further crying.


1) These faces! Look at these faces!

2) Emma, not wanting to say goodbye to mommy:

I don’t know what they had to do to that little actress to get her to stop smiling for once in these scenes. (I assume Frank Valentini tortured a puppy in front of her or something?) But good GOD. She and her sad little eyes are killing me:

p.s. I’m pretty sure they’re killing Liz too.

3) Anna, part one:

ANNA: Do you believe in God?
LUKE: No. I’m not big on mythology. But I do believe that love has resonance, that it gives our lives meaning.
ANNA: Well, Robin gave my life meaning, you see. Every day. She was the reason for everything.

She and Luke are fast forming a (platonic! very platonic!) friendship that I really like. I mean, he still sucks a lot, but when was the last time the words “Luke” and “I really like” were used that close together on this blog without “his fiery death” following soon after? It’s practically a miracle!

(Also — wait, what? Luke… believes that loves gives life meaning? Who is this man, and what has he done with this guy?)

4) Quartermaines!

TRACY: You know, Daddy. I know you feel bad sometimes that you’re still here when so many others have passed. You know that I–I’m glad you’re still here. I need you. You can’t leave me.
EDWARD: I’m too ornery to die.
TRACY: That’s what I love most about you.

The most heartbreaking part of this scene was the knowledge that John Ingle recently lost his own wife, but hearing Edward talk about Lila while looking at all the pictures of dead Qs (so many!) will never not kill me. And I’m glad the show hasn’t forgotten his special bond with Robin. Also: Jane Elliot — awesome or awesomest? (Don’t answer — that’s a trick question.)

5) Maxie:

MAC: Maxie, if you don’t go to the funeral, you’ll always regret it.
MAXIE: You know what, Dad? I barely even remember Georgie’s funeral. It was just one, big, painful blur. I wasn’t consoled. No one made me feel better. And I definitely didn’t get closure. I don’t know. I guess it’s the way I’m wired.

I know Jen Lilley’s been taking scenery chewing to the next level the last couple days, but before she completely lost her mind in the church, I thought some of her best work was when she was refusing to attend but not explaining why. Saying she doesn’t even deserve to be hugged? Oh, my heart. And Spinelli’s sincere concern and frustration has done wonders for not making me hate him.

6) Anna, part two:

MAC: Maxie refused to come to the funeral.
ANNA: Oh. Maybe Robert and her are onto something. Perhaps we should all just run away!
MAC: Hey, hey. We need to do this.
ANNA: I don’t know if I can. I feel like I’m going to start screaming and I’m not going to be able to stop.
MAC: You can. You can do this. Okay? For Robin.

ANNA: Thank you.
MAC: For what?
ANNA: Everything. Raising her. Being her father when Robert and I weren’t here — ever. For being her constant. Thank you.
MAC: You know what? I should be the one thanking you. For the incredible gift you gave me. For every single day — for every single day that I had with Robin.


7) Brotherly love:

Matt’s been on this show since 2008, but it still feels like his connection to Patrick has been barely explored. I love that we’ve gotten to see him supporting his brother this past week. (Also? The beard is growing on me. Slowly.)

8)  Mac. Just… Mac:

MAC: I miss your mommy, Emma. I know you miss her too. I’m gonna tell you something that I always used to say to Robin. We’re family. We’re Scorpios. And there’s nothing we can’t get through together.

Yeah… is any explanation even needed?

9) Memories:

I swear, every time I would start to get myself back under control, someone behind the camera would sense it (you know… from the past, where they were filming) and pan to the left to show a glimpse of that damn slideshow. And I’d be set right off again.

And the flashbacks! Oh, wee Kimberly McCullough! Oh, Mac with an afro! Oh, Sonny back before your name was a four letter word! I love you all!

10) Emma again, actually saying good bye to mommy:

Again, Jason Thompson: you are the flail-iest! Also, his whole confession/confrontation with Anna over the affair was just gut-wrenching. Maybe more so because I totally wasn’t expecting that to come up and now my heart is just breaking for them both, because it’s literally the worst timing ever. (And therefore the soapiest.)

You may have noticed that Jason’s angst didn’t make the list. That is because his angst makes me want to punch him. Repeatedly. But never fear! He is making a very special appearance on the (much shorter) list of Things That Amused Me in the last week:

Oh, always industrious props department! Thank you for answering the burning question: what do hit men recovering from brain surgery (without any actual scars of bandages, natch) read in their downtime?

Then, in the grand tradition of completely random and gratuitously naked locker room conversations, we got this:

What? What was that even–??? Readers, I DIED laughing. So random! So wonderful! So very, very pasty!


12 thoughts on “Sadness. In picture form.

  1. JT continues to be absolutely amazing in his scenes, and I’m glad JJY is actually treated like he belongs on GH for a change. He deserves an Emmy. I’m pretty sure by now that he could read the newspaper, and make it Emmy worthy.

    Jason’s behavior makes me want to punch him, too.

  2. Gotta agree with you and the post on Serial Drama. JT deserves every award out there. Today, from what I saw, was no different. Love RS and JT together. Here’s to hoping they give RS more reasons to come back!

    I could not stomach Jason either. Although him with Liz today was good. There was so much crying today, first Patrick and Anna, then Starr and Sam and then even Liz and Jason!

    Hope there is good things in store other than another Sonny/Jason feud.

    That first pic you have is of the BEST scene I have ever watched on a soap and I have watched soaps forever! That is a credit to JT and KMc. You could feel them and their sadness. It was awesome and awful all at the same time. Ripped my scrubs heart out. I really hope she comes back if GH is cancelled. I am soo going to miss the two of them together :(

    • All of the scenes with Patrick imagining Robin with him at the house the morning of the funeral were so, so brutal, and that first picture was the most devastating, IMO. They really captured the heaviness and surreality of grief, I think. Well done, team.

  3. Beautiful pix, and the tie scene between Jason and Kimberly did me in. Jason and Kimberly have the best chemistry in daytime, and the scenes with Patrick “seeing Robin” on the bed, in the shower, helping him tie his tie, and telling him he had to be strong for Emma and that he had to go to the church on his own for the funeral just prove that so, so much. Dear Daytime Emmy Gods, give Jason Thompson his Emmy award already, please!

    And Brooklyn…wow! I love to see her smile in the scenes where she’s supposed to keep a straight face, so to see her absolutely nail the scenes where Emma told Liz she didn’t want to say goodbye to Mommy, and then send off the picture in her daddy’s arms and say: “Goodbye, Mommy!”….just go right ahead and give her an Emmy while giving Jason his Emmy for this storyline, too!

    Oh, wow…the confrontation between Anna and Patrick on the GH roof after Maxie’s meltdown was another moment that put Jason and Finola Hughes together in a terrific scene. Anna hinting at taking Emma away from Patrick and Patrick looking her square in the eye and saying calmly but firmly…”don’t even think about it,” Jason and Finola work so well together, and the scenes since Anna got to town have proven just that!

    And I agree, the scenes with Matt and Patrick were fabulous. Jason Cook and Jason Thompson work so well together and, in my opinion, not often enough…so that when we do see the scenes with the two brothers, it’s always so good. I hope we get to see them in a scene with Rick Springfield! Matt, Patrick, and Noah would be a great family moment!

    I, too, feel “punchy” about Jason’s angst and Sam’s need to control everyone, including Patrick (which to me was so wrong) in the situation about the surgery, and then to tell the photo of Robin in the church, “don’t look at me like that!” WTH?

    And sorry, but I didn’t give a flying fig about Ewwwww-en and Sam in the locker room (WTH was Sam doing in an employees only locker room…well, employees AND Carly AND Sam only, apparently…*roll eyes*). Only Patrick should be allowed to be only wearing boxers or briefs, or hell, just a towel…in the GH locker room, thank you very much!

    And whoever decided that a major surgical procedure such as what Patrick performed on Jason didn’t require stitches or bandages or anything resembling a scar…GMAB! Make it look realistic at least!

    Looking forward to your next edition of Despair in the Afternoon!

    • Yeah, as long as the story is compelling, I don’t care so much about the little details like Jason wearing a black t-shirt out of surgery or not having a bandage. I mean, I find them funny, but I don’t really care. At least it’s not Nik coming out of brain surgery with a bandage on his neck! Heh. Ah, soaps.

      The whole cast has been amazing for this whole thing, but JT and FH have really been above and beyond, IMO. I’m looking forward to them making up shortly.

  4. I hope Finola Hughes sticks around. I’m really enjoying her this time around (i wish Robin did tell her about Lisa Niles…would love to see Anna take her out!)

    I was very excited that they changed Jake’s to ‘The Floating Rib’, a nod to the Gloria Monty period. That was THE place to dine in PC with Susan Moore as the hostess-with-the-mostess. Don’t quite think Coleman’s bar is anywhere near that establishment’s calibre, but i really liked it!

  5. The funeral was great! I even didn’t mind Sonny’s speech about Robin and actually having the decentcy to leave once done with his monologue/eulogy (although he could of left when Patrick asked him to….but that would have been too decent of Sonny and my brain wouldn’t be able to compute that). I have always loved the Sonny/Robin friendship and I am glad he got to say some sweet words, one caveat, I felt both Mac and Sonny waxing poetic about Stone was slightly inappropriate in front of Robin’s grieving widower, but whatever I love Robin/stone.

    On another note, do you think anyone, anyone has informed Brenda? And do you think Sonny saying that he wanted to make things right to people that meant a lot to Robin means he is going to immediately go to Rome and beg for Brenda’s forgiveness? NO? Stop Laughing! Seriously, though can someone tell Brenda or at least mention she was told? I would complain about Felicia, too, but we know that will be cleared up soon.

    • Sonny leaving “out of respect for Patrick” — but only after ignoring Parick’s wishes to give a self-indulgent 10 minute monologue was so beautifully in character. It was douchey, but I’m glad we got it, because his relationship with Robin was so important for so long, and I loved seeing the flashbacks.

      I really wish we’d had some mention of Brenda being notified and unable to come for some reason. Especially since she was in town not that long ago and renewed her friendship with Robin. Maybe we’ll still get something, who knows… It’s not a deal breaker for me but it would be a nice touch.

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