Gimme Some VD: “1912”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Stefan is a blood addict, there’s an Oak tree that can kill the originals somewhere out there, and Meredith totally shot Alaric!

We open in Mystic Falls in 1912. Another Sheriff Forbes discusses the murder of a council member with a Salvatore ancestor. Mr. Salvatore doesn’t seem to be concerned, but he should be because he totally gets stabbed a minute later. OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR, SHOW.

Back to the present! Where the Mayor and the current Sheriff Forbes are talking about the fact that they have a suspect in custody for the current day council murders. And who is the suspect? Alaric! Uh, what? Alaric wakes up confused and disoriented in a jail cell. Liz reveals that Meredith has claimed Alaric threatened her and then she shot him and then — THEN! — she healed him with vampire blood. Um… sure. That sounds like a bullet proof story.

Oh, and did I mention that she also accused Alaric of stabbing himself? WHAAA? Damon agrees with my assessment and gives Liz crap for listening to crazy-ass Meredith. So Liz threatens to throw Damon in there too. Hee. Damon and Alaric as cell buddies would be amusing.

Across town, Matt and Elena are having a run while Matt tells Elena that he talked to Bonnie. It seems she’s at Abby s place, where Abby has decided to become a vampire. Did anyone ever really have any doubt? Undead is way more interesting than dead dead. Elena wishes she could help and feels pretty damn guilty about being the reason Abby got vamped. But her self-flagellation is cut short by a call from the Sheriff’s office informing her of Alaric’s arrest, so she busts ass over to the jail… where she runs in to Damon, who is snarking it up big time. Elena’s a bit disgusted with his pissiness — rightly so, I think. Ever notice that Ian Somerhalder does these waaaay over-exaggerated facial expressions when Damon is supposed to be being his most bad self?

Yeah, it more translates to hilarity for me. Anyway, Damon says now that Elena hates him, everything is back to normal. Elena responds with a warning that he is going to be all sad and alone if he keeps this up. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’ve heard all this before. Can we have a new verse, please?

Back at the Salvatore residence, Stefan is doing some agitated meditating when Damon arrives home. Watch out — Stefan is having withdrawal! And Damon doesn’t help much because his snarkometer is up past 100. He makes a joke about Stefan feeling guilty about lying to a chipmunk and I can’t help but picture this scenario. Sadly, this is likely to be the most interesting thing Stefan will do in this episode now that he’s back to being Mr. Emopants.

Damon also makes a wonder twin reference and now I am imagining Damon hanging out in a comic book store in the 70s, wearing a leisure suit as he eats the kids who hang out there. Ahahahaha! Anyway, it turns out Damon is actually there to look at the family archives because he seems to remember there being council members killed in the past. And when was this? 1912. Of course!

Oh, look. Another damned diary. And oooh! Another flashback! We’re back in 1912, where Stefan has apparently returned to Mystic Falls for the funeral of that Salvatore who was killed. Damon’s there too — in a dapper little bowler hat! — and still pissed about the whole making him become a vampire thing. But Stefan wants to make amends with a drink.

Present day Damon also wants to go get a drink with present day Stefan. (Who calls Alaric Damon’s “best friend,” by the way. Heh. Don’t you know it is soooo much more, Stefan?) Damon thinks Stefan can help him solve the current murder mystery.

Rebekah is at the bar, too, trying to find out more about the big bad tree from the Mayor. Turns out the Salvatores are the most likely candidates to have information. Oh, fun. So now Rebekah has an excuse to chat up the boys! Meanwhile, Damon is telling Stefan that he thinks he should go back on the blood. Cold turkey clearly doesn’t work. Rebekah crashes the boys night out to ask boring logging questions and Damon makes some gross comments about them sleeping together. She expresses my displeasure and tells him to take a hike.

They keep blathering on about the past and end up stumbling upon a memory of a vampire called Sage. Intriguing! Again, Damon makes another gross lady comment. Can we go back to the sweet, sensitive, protective Damon? Please, pretty please? Stefan posits that it was Sage who killed the founders back then. Sounds like a red herring to me!

Back to Liz, who’s interrogating Alaric. It seems Meredith might be making up some stuff about  him, but  he also can’t remember some of where he was during the other murders. Uh-oh. What does that mean?

Meanwhile, Elena’s confronting Meredith about Alaric. Meredith questions whether she really knows him, but Elena staunchly defends him. Awww. I love their faux family bond. Meredith takes one last jab at Elena’s poor judgment and storms off. Hrm. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to think here. Are we really supposed to doubt Alaric?

Back at the bar, Rebekah takes another shot at tree talk and Damon shuts her down. More murder talk results in Rebekah pointing out that Stefan was more fun in the 20s. Word up, Rebekah. WORD. UP.

Here comes another flashback! So, Sage was some badass vamp who liked to box men and encouraged Damon to enjoy his vampirism. I’m not really sure why he would need to have someone teach him that — isn’t that the default? Part of the vampire instincts? Anyway, she seduces him with vampire seduction and it is all less than interesting to me. Usually I love flashbacks, but this story is just not grabbing me.

Rebekah reveals that she knew Sage, who was obsessed with Fin 900 years ago. Whoah! Sage is old. (Damon’s reaction to this — “What? Creepy suicidal guy?” — is hilarious.) Stefan is about as engaged in this reminiscing as I am; he gets the shakes and decides he needs to take off.

Matt and Elena go rummaging through Meredith’s apartment while the latter is in surgery. In the closet they find some papers, including a file on each of the murder/stabbing victims. They also find an old Gilbert journal — which feels like it will be significant later — and a coroner’s report that puts the medical examiner’s death at a different time. Dun! And then Meredith comes home! Double dun! She wanders around the apartment and it looks like Matt and Elena have a moment. (Oh, jeez. They aren’t going down that road, are they? These two are so much better as friends!) Just when they think they got away with it, they open the door and Meredith is waiting for them. Triple dun!

Later, Liz lectures them for breaking and entering. Apparently Meredith had already brought her the  revised version of the coroner’s report, but now Liz can’t look into why she also had a copy hidden in her closet because these two crazy kids were kind of breaking the law when they found it. She does say that once the information is verified, Alaric will be released. Yay!

Damon decides to push Stefan’s blood issues by biting into an innocent lady (thanks an effing lot, show) and trying to get Stefan to drink. If Stefan doesn’t? Damon will let Rebekah kill her. The idea is to teach Stefan not to let the blood control him anymore. This is one effed up addiction treatment. And… it doesn’t really work that well, as Stefan promptly loses control and nearly kills her. Damon stops him from bleeding her dry — just in time for Elena to show up and see Stefan had been feeding on her. She looks pretty damned disgusted.

Not that I’m excusing their behavior, but seriously, how can Elena be shocked by this at this point? Stefan gets all pouty with Damon because now Elena is mad at him. Just now, right? Only about this? Who cares that you tried to drive her off a bridge and emotionally terrorized her and killed innocent people? His bad, right? No problem. Ugh. Both Salvatore brothers are THE WORST.

So back at Elena’s place, Matt is playing supportive friend yet again. Elena tries to explain her connection to the Salvatores by connecting the fact that Stefan can’t die to part of the reason why she felt safe with him. That’s… actually really good characterization. Bravo, show. Damon, on the other hand, just kind of got under her skin. I know the feeling, Elena! Matt and Elena have another moment and I reeeeeaaaally don’t want them to go back to that. I love these characters separately, but they are boring together. Anyway, because Matt is such an awesome friend he stole the  the mysterious Gilbert journal from Meredith’s house for Elena. The door opens and Alaric comes home. Elena is just as happy to see him there as I am. They hug and it is so sweet. I heart Elena and Alaric’s adopted family.

Stefan is brooding… again, some more. Damon tells him that Ric has been let go, and gives him some encouragement about the whole blood guzzling thing. It looks like we’re getting one more flashback — to the last time Damon convinced Stefan to go back to drinking blood. Wait, Stefan had stopped at that point? This timeline is getting fuzzy for me. Clearly, blood addicts are like any other addicts and want people to enable their habits. Stefan, of course, went too far and killed the uptight lady before freaking out and running away. Back in the present day, Damon exposits that that was when he ended up going on his crazy killing spree. Okay, wait. So he feels freaked out and guilty and then becomes a serial killer?

Is this supposed to endear Stefan to me? Because he just sounds like a whiny-assed baby who turns off his emotions whenever it’s convenient. </rant>

Damon speechifies about how this time he will be there to save Stefan from himself until he can handle blood. Because Stefan is all he has. This is sad, but true. Also, Stefan kind of sounds like a consolation prize. I think they were trying to emphasize their brotherly bond here, but I feel like they kind of missed it. Whatever, Stefan must be a little touched, because he digs into the family archives to help Damon with the serial killer mystery. Only to discover that Samantha Gilbert confessed to the founders murders — except Damon says he killed her before that. They deduce that she must have had a ring. She  couldn’t be the present day killer, though, because the rings don’t grant immortality from old age. But Ric has the Gilbert ring now. DUN!

Meanwhile, Alaric and Elena are back to their “normal” life. He tells Elena that he doesn’t want her to get into trouble for him. Awww. Meredith shows up and admits that she both set him up and then exonerated him by forging the coroner’s note. But there was a reason. Meanwhile, Elena just happens to be reading Samantha Gilbert’s journal, in which she talks about losing time and feeling like she’s going crazy. Whoops! Everyone kind of realizes at once that Alaric actually did kill these people, and it’s somehow connected to the magic ring! Oh noes!

Tonight: Angst! Drama! Alaric goes bonkers! Wow!


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