I love the smell of maturity in the morning!

I’m so confused… who are all these reasonable, understanding people, capable of appreciating other points of view? I though at least 98% of Port Charles citizens required by law to be  irrational and childish at any one time!

Take Patrick and Anna — first of all: I’m running out of adjectives to describe how good Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes are right now. Suffice it to say that they are both so supremely good that I want to rain a shower of Emmys and puppies and rainbows on them wherever they go.

But the writing for these past few days in particular has been AMAZING. Like, I started transcribing part of this conversation and COULDN’T STOP because it was all just too good:

ANNA: I was disappointed that she chose not to confide in me, so I took it out on you.
PATRICK: She knew that if she needed you, you were always there.

ANNA: But she didn’t know that, did she? Not really. When we spoke on the phone, it was always just fun things, like she’d say… one time, she told me that she managed finish the crossword puzzle. And then it would be Emma this and that, which is lovely. But all the time, she was going through hell, and she never said a word to me!
PATRICK: Well, she’s a little more like you than you thought, right?
ANNA: She’s my daughter! I wanted to make things better for her. And I couldn’t. Only you could. And you did.
PATRICK: I don’t think it counts, because I’m the one who brought Lisa into our lives in the first place.
ANNA: It counts. No matter how hard it got, you made her happy. Didn’t you, in the end?
PATRICK: With a lot of begging.
ANNA: And a lot of love, right? You did love her, didn’t you?
PATRICK: Yeah. So much it hurts.
ANNA: I knew that. I think I always knew that. I’m so sorry I said otherwise. But it just really hurt me you see that she felt she needed to spare me all this worry.
PATRICK: I think she was sparing me an ass-kicking. From you or Robert… both of you.
ANNA: [laughs] It would have been really bad.
PATRICK: Yeah. I don’t doubt that.
ANNA: [laughter becoming a sob] I feel like I failed her. And now it’s just too late to make it right.
PATRICK: Did you love Robin?

ANNA: So much it hurts me.
PATRICK: She knew that.
ANNA: I came here to apologize to you. Don’t you go making me feel better.
PATRICK: Look, Anna. I’m really sorry that you found out this way, I am. but you had every right to lay into me.
ANNA: No, no… not while you’re saying goodbye!

I love everything about this — how supportive they are with each other, how forgiving of each other’s faults, and how understanding of the ways grief can make you a little crazy. I love that Anna was allowed both to have her moment of justified rage at Patrick for the affair and then also acknowledge that she had been overly harsh and that one stupid mistake didn’t erase the fact that he loved Robin — and that Robin had loved and forgiven him. Most of all, I love that she was able to have enough self-awareness to understand how her reaction was mostly about her own feelings of guilt, regret, and, yes — anger — with Robin for keeping all this from her.

Similarly, we also had Jason (Jason, of all people!) doing a little self-reflection of his own:

JASON: Elizabeth said it wasn’t your fault, and I know that. I do. You know, I was just–was just mad at Robin. Just mad at her for going back into the lab, for giving her life for mine. And I just, you know, I can’t–can’t fix that. But I know that you lied because you love me.

I was all ready to kick him in the head for getting so self-righteous over stuff he does all the damn time to other people. (I mean, seriously? There may have been a time when Jason could have said he never lied or manipulated people for what he considered to be their own good. But that time was over roughly a decade ago, so shove it, you hypocritical ass.) But then he had to go and be all reasonable and recognize how his emotions had more to do with grieving over Robin than feeling betrayed by Sam’s lie. So fine, Jason. You’re temporarily off my shit list. For now.

And hey — speaking of Elizabeth, we also got a really beautiful scene where she and Jason were allowed to remember and grieve for Jake together:

Every time I think I’m over Liason because I’m kind of annoyed with Jason most of the time now and think Elizabeth could frankly do better… something like this happens, and I remember why I liked them in the first place. Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst are just so good at the quiet stuff like this where Liz and Jason’s friendship shines through. You can feel how comfortable with each other, and the history they share.

Plus, they bring the pretty:

So that was nice.

Also nice? Luke remembering Jake in his own way. The original Floating Rib was a little before my time, but I appreciate the nod. (With a bonus Duke reference!) And I appreciated his humility in the scene with Elizabeth — a nice change from their last confrontation in the hospital, in which he smarmed and condescended all over her. Not to mention his honesty in trusting and caring about Lulu’s feelings enough to let her in on the Ethan secret… Luke! Not being a self-involved prick! Who would have thought?

Finally, I do so enjoy Bradford Anderson getting to play more of a real boy than a caricature for once:

MAXIE: Well, maybe I didn’t want Jason or you to know what a horrible person I really am. Maybe it was easier to go to Anthony Zacchara, because I don’t care what he thinks of me.
SPINELLI: Maxie, you are not a horrible person.
MAXIE: I’m guilty, Spinelli. Okay, what happened to Robin? That was my fault. And everybody keeps acting like it’s an accident. But I’m the accident.

SPINELLI: Maxie? You are a force of nature. Okay? You are beautiful, you are free. You are impulsive, and maybe sometimes destructive, but never is your intent ever border on malicious.

(Ahahahaha… Dear Spinelli: come on, now. Maxie may not be the devil incarnate, but it takes an awful generous rearranging of reality to say she’s never done anything with malicious intent before. Recent events, in fact, would rather contradict that claim.)

Still! It’s kind of amazing how much of a difference just toning down the Spinelli-isms and nicknames has done to make my kneejerk hatred of this character die away. I actually like his determination to stand by her and am intrigued by the thought of him working with Elizabeth to clear her name.

On a separate note, McBain’s back! Ducky lips and all! And he’s been making the rounds across town.

I’m always a little nervous when actors who played a popular couple in the past are thrown together as different characters — we’ve seen attempts to recreate magic crash and burn multiple times on this show. (Katherine and Stefan, anyone? Alexis and Cameron? Claudia and Sonny?)

I wasn’t watching Port Charles when Caleb and Livvie were introduced, so I really had no expectations going into the John/Sam scenes we got the other day. But nevertheless, I could kind of see some chemistry?

I really doubt the writers have any intention of breaking up Jason and Sam any time soon, and the problem of Natalie and Liam back in Llanview doesn’t really have any easy solution, either. But I kind of wouldn’t hate it if we got some John/Sam flirtation going at some point, you know?

I also wouldn’t hate it if he snarked it up with Tracy and Alice some more. Or if Alice was this less annoying version of herself more often. Carlivati! Making over the top, two-dimensional weirdos fun again since 2012!


8 thoughts on “I love the smell of maturity in the morning!

  1. I’ve really been enjoying everything lately. Only thing I fast forwarded was Starr ranting to herself and only after halfway through her second scene (she does bore me…lol).

    I’m starting to feel like I’m watching good soap again. When is the other shoe gonna drop?

    • I know, right? It’s the little things too — we’re getting characters sitting around having long, meaningful conversations again, and dealing with the emotional consequences of things that have happened to them, rather than just jumping from plot point to plot point. So nice!

  2. Agree with your whole post. I can’t believe how good GH has become and what a sin it is that JT hasn’t been given such good material to work with before. I have been disgusted by GH for several years — occasionally watched Scrubs clips and just kept up via various blogs because the misogyny made me sick. I started to watch again when the Robin stuff started and now I’m watching every damn day again and remembering why I once loved this show. All praise to Finola Hughes (and Ron Carlivati) for making me actually remember that once upon a time Luke was actually charming and likeable. The only coupling I ever liked Jason in was when he was with Robin, but that scene with Elizabeth on the bridge got me as well. Why did it take so long to get here?!!

  3. I have just one question….aside from agreeing with you guys……DID YOU SEE TODAY’S SHOW??? If you haven’t yet, GO NOW and see the last couple of scenes….I expect a post about this one!!! :)

    • At work right now, so no… ;) But this is the second cryptic thing I’ve heard about something semi-big having gone down, so rest assured I will be watching post haste as soon as I get home!

  4. Looking forward to you and everyone’s reaction b.c this is BIG -at least to me its big, not semi but that’s me- and not sure how this is going to go forward, knowing what we know in the real world……also have tissues handy b.c from the little I saw, poor JT was crying again….I just want to give him a hug! He is sooo awesome!

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