What a day! Okay, first — FIRST — we got the Brenda mention whose absence had been kind of nagging at me. (Thanks, writers!)

Then, Ewen, in possibly the least surprising reveal of all time, finally confessed to being Dr. Abs! And, sorry, but I’m still going to call bullshit on him for not only abandoning a hypothermic woman in the hopes that some approaching stranger would find and know how to help her, but also conveniently forgetting to mention any of that while pretending to be a fellow patient  at a mental institution in order to creepily spy on her. I’ll let Liz’s face here speak for me:

Yeah, girl. I feel you with that “oh, I just thought it would be awkward to bring it up afterward” excuse. WEAK SAUCE, Dr. Abs. However! I am willing to hand wave some of that sketchiness because it was the previous regime’s baggage, and it seems unlikely that he’ll actually turn out to be a serial killer now. Bygones!

(There were also some mob shenanigans in which: Anthony chewed scenery, Dante was an annoying Sonny-apologist, McBain did his best his Batman impression, Jason glowered, Johnny’s moral compass worried me greatly, and Sonny was an obnoxious ass, who never knows when to shut up. So… business as usual.)

But we’re not talking about that today! Because today, Patrick got a special delivery of SADNESS, and he had to explain it to Emma, and it was the most heart-breaking thing since the last most heart-breaking thing we watched on this show. Only not really, because…


… or, at least her waxy double does? (Seriously, what did they do to Kimberly McCullough’s skin in that shot?) Whatever, who cares — Robin’s alive! Just like we all kind of thought she might be! I love it when soaps are predictable in good ways.

So, yes. They totally pulled a Lucky Spencer on us, and I love it. Some things are classics for a reason! Does it really make sense that anyone (oh, come on, it was totally Faison) could have orchestrated that really random sequence of events leading to the lab explosion? Does it make sense that there wouldn’t have been an autopsy to identify the body? Do I care? NOPE. Soaps, bitches!

Now we’re no doubt in for a very long haul of Patrick grieving and then reluctantly starting to move on with his life — just in time for the dramatic return! At least, if they can get KMc back. I can live with that.




  1. I had to say this was done very well. To go from poor Patrick to a shot of Robin alive was unbelievable! I wish I knew what was going to happen given that KMc has left the show….unless they convinced her to stay P/T to continue this until she may want to come back?? There was definitely no clear signs of this coming. No spoilers out there with this info.

    • It was classic. I loved it so much! I doubt KMc has decided to stay, unless they’re keeping it VERY hush hush. More likely, this will be a Lucky scenario where we get a few scenes of her alive and captive or in a coma or whatever and then she’s just off screen with none of the characters the wiser for a year or two (or until the show ends).

  2. GH has been amazing lately. Honestly my only complaint is how terrible the Dante character has been written or maybe how borderline stupid he is about Sonny. We see him in scenes salivating at Sonny saving his life. (forget that he saved Morgan, Sonnys life and kept him out of jail not once but twice) then in another scene we see Sonny and Jason arranging another cops death. Is he going to think John deserves to die because Sonnys protecting his family now?

    Any ways, Jason Thompson I always thought giving the chance that Jason could be a really good lead actor on a soap but I did not know he had all of this. His scenes with Finola are spectaculer but when he called Elizabeth and said he needed her? It broke my heart.

    Robin being alive, well I wasn’t shocked at all. I just remembered how RC disn’t kill Victor or how Lucky was found alive after the fire. I know my soaps but it was so good to see that Ron really wants us to be entertained and he’s been doing that for me. I really love where GH is going right now. If Carly and Sonny end up killing each other I’ll forgive Ron for making Jessica fall in love with her rapist.

    • Yeah, with Lucky gone, I would really much rather Dante become best cop buddies with McBain and team up to take Sonny down. But oh, well. Can’t have everything.

      Patrick and Elizabeth’s relationship is one of the few platonic male/female friendships this show has actually been fairly consistent about in the last few years. I’m really glad to see it paying off with her supporting him through this. Plus, BH is so good with the actress who plays Emma.

  3. I knew Robin was alive, but was SHOCKED we got to see her! I didn’t expect that till KMc decided to come back. I totally agree this is Faison’s handiwork.

  4. So the Robin reveal was really great and unspoiled (although I do think we all knew she was alive) and I appreciate the Brenda mention, but am annoyed at the same time. A letter Brenda? Really? I know she is super into letter writing and all (post-caves to Sonny, Lila’s funeral, leaving Sonny, Robin’s funeral), but I wish they could have come up with a better excuse like she didn’t find out in time to get out of Sudan after saving all the children and couldn’t make it to the funeral. Or maybe Patrick just got around to calling her since Sonny is a jackhole and didn’t? It’s her ‘little’ sister and I feel the writers could have given a better excuse, although I am relieved Brenda is not wondering around with Alec saving the childrens calling Robin’s voicemail wondering why she is not calling back. Beggars can’t be choosers Iguess.

    • Honestly? It just doesn’t bother me. I mean, is there really any excuse in the world you would buy for Brenda not hopping on a plane to come home for Robin’s funeral? Short of amnesia or kidnap, I don’t think there is for me. So nothing they could say would really be adequate from a character perspective. We all know the real reason is the VM isn’t on the show right now. I’m just happy to see lip service paid to the fact that Brenda knows and had a reaction. *shrugs*

      • Very true. Like I said, I was concerned Brenda just wasn’t contacted and obviously, they were still close since Robin called her in December about finding an HIV? specialist, which made no sense at all considering Brenda is a model and Robin is an actual dr, but whatev. I guess the s&Ber in me just wanted Sonny to break the news to her even if it was just a minor mention. I just hate when they make Brenda look like a selfish character that can’t be bothered to make an effort to come to Robin’s funeral and just writes letters instead. I know VM is off the show, but I wish there was a better excuse-that’s all, but I am glad we got a mention. I didn’t think we would, so I guess it’s fine.

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