Gimme some VD: “The Murder of One”

Previously on Vampire Diaries: Ric denied being a killer, Sage pined for Finn, the originals were linked and the Wickery Bridge can kill them!

Now on Vampire Diaries: Elena tries to visit Alaric and finds Damon at his door. He makes flirty faces at her, keeping her at bay.

Elena, not an idiot, knows he’s trying to keep her from Alaric. Why is Damon acting so suspicious? Well, once she’s gone, Alaric revs up a huge power saw and starts hacking into some wood. Looks like the boys are making phallic symbols stakes! There is snarking over whittling followed by Alaric saying he is going to turn himself in for the murders Evil!Alaric committed. Oh, Alaric. The brothers “convince” him to not do it so they can hunt originals — oh, and I guess he has to wear that effing ring again.

Elena tells Caroline that Alaric is the one who killed her Dad. Caroline melts down appropriately, but Elena makes the good point that what happened to Alaric is kind of similar to the rest of the supernatural killing clan. Matt shows up and the bros join them to reveal that they all have weapons to kill the originals! (Why were they keeping it from Elena if they were just going to tell her in the next scene? Is it because Alaric is wearing the ring again? Must be.)

Klaus finds Finn wandering around a city. (So, that time he and his mother disappeared into thin air, they just–what? Reappeared in NYC?) Anyway, Finn, it turns out, is still pissed and suicidal. Klaus wants to undo the spell; Finn thinks he should go fuck himself. But Rebekah and Klaus have him cornered, and Klaus is able to knock him out to bring him back to Mystic Falls. Seriously, what the hell happened to their mom? Is she dead dead now?

The boys are training the younglings on all the possible scenarios for killing the originals. Caroline whines about always being Klaus bait. I feel for ya, sweetie! They decide to target Rebekah, who Matt is supposed to distract. His reaction to this plan is both snarky and awesome.

Caroline joins in the fun by pointing out that Rebekah must have been desperate to sleep with Damon. Ouch! And oh, snap! Even Elena holds in a giggle at this. Damon calls Matt “beefcake” (heh) and outlines the rest of the plan with Stefan giving Rebekah the fatal blow. The practice continues with Elena picking up a crossbow to start another possible original killing scenario. Awesome.

Back at Chez Original, Finn’s ass has been sufficiently grassed when Sage shows up and the luvahs are finally reunited. Joy. Rebekah looks about as interested in all this as I am, and heads off to get some vengeance on Damon while Klaus is busy spell-casting (apparently, he only needs her blood to put his plan in motion. Great). Kol, by the way, is off doing Klaus’ mysterious bidding somewhere else. INTRIGUE!

Meanwhile, Damon is hiding his stake in wood pile at the Salvatore place while Alaric reminds him of how poorly it worked out the last time he tried to hide something important in plain sight. Thanks, continuity fairy! Their bickering is interrupted by a commotion downstairs. Turns out Rebekah is there. And she is pissed.

Elena’s concerned about Bonnie, who has been AWOL and not answering her phone for a while. But that gets pushed to the back burner when she and Matt see Finn strolling around the town square with Sage. Elena calls Stefan to tell him about Finn and he warns her not to do anything alone. He would get down there and help out, except he’s just found Alaric with a bump on his head and Damon missing. D’oh!

And where is Damon? Oh, he’s just playing bondage games at the original’s palace.


Rebekah’s cunning revenge plan is to bleed him until the vervain is out of his system, and then compel him to do something nasty to someone he cares about. That’s…actually a pretty good revenge plan. Klaus shows up and tries to contribute to the torture, but Rebekah isn’t having it. She tells him to go back and deal with his witch… who happens to be Bonnie! Dude. Hasn’t she had enough trauma for one person lately? Bonnie’s not playing ball, so Klaus calls Kol again. Looks like little brother has been happily stalking Jeremy as leverage if she doesn’t undo the linking spell. Double d’oh!

Caroline arrives at the Salvatores’ and finds Alaric on the couch recuperating from his Rebekah beat down. She’s brought him some herbs to keep his “bad side” from coming out. He and Caroline have a heart to heart about him killing her daddy and it is quite touching as all emotional conversations with Alaric are.

Caroline basically says she can’t judge him because she has her own demons to deal with. Also, she totally killed that innocent guy by accident that one time. (I love you, continuity fairy!) She thinks Alaric can be saved and I do too. Can I save him, please? At least I can still unabashedly love Alaric without worrying that he would consciously do something awful, right? Does my unconditional trust mean that he is going to go completely evil now?

Elena and Stefan go back and forth about whether they should take their chance to kill Finn or go rescue Damon. (Stefan, as usual, is on team Kill Klaus, while Elena’s heading up team Save Damon’s Hot Ass.) These crazy kids don’t seem to come to an agreement because the next scene, we see Elena coming to a blood-dripping Damon’s rescue all by herself! Double hot! Damon’s weakened but obviously horrified to see her there. She somehow manages to sneak past Rebekah and drag his weak and open-shirted, hot body out of the house. Then gives an impassioned speech about not leaving him and offers him her blood.

He resists. Well, for a few seconds at least. Then totally takes a bite out of her. The sexual tension between them is apparent and… not at all real. Psyche, peeps! Damon can’t be vulnerable and warm anymore! It’s all a dream! (Okay, so I guess Rebekah made Damon think he was being rescued? These vampire abilities are getting kind of out of control. I mean, it isn’t like we’re watching Twilight here.) Anyway, Damon pushes Rebekah’s family button and gets answered with a stake to the side. Yowch.

Bonnie hears Damon screaming, but still doesn’t know who it is. She’s getting more and more agitated at her lack of control in this situation. Klaus charmingly threatens more people she loves (okay, they better not try to force Klaus and Caroline on us after this bullshit) and bring her blood samples from all the originals.

Uh, where did he get Elijah’s blood? Why can’t we have Elijah around? He is so much more fun than lame-o Finn!

Speaking of Finn, he is getting drunk with Sage. I guess a pretty face and some booze makes you forget all about centuries of self loathing and moral certainty? While they are reveling, Stefan and Matt are working a plan to slip vervain in their drinks. Stefan lures them outside in their vervain-weakened states.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is starting some freaky chanting shit. She separates the blood just in time for the kids to put a stake right into Finn. Damn. Wow, Matt got to be bad ass. Go, Matt!

Sage is bummed as he goes up in flames. Bonnie is clearly not happy with what she was forced to do. Shockingly, Klaus is true to his words and releases her.

As Bonnie leaves she sees Damon all strung up and bloody. Despite her shock, she leaves him there to suffer. I don’t blame her. As much power as Ian Somerhalder’s sexy eyes have on me, Damon has been a huge douche lately and made her mom into a vampire, so she deserves a little anger. Because Bonnie is a good person, she does call Elena as soon as she is free to tell her about Damon and confess that he and the others are still alive because of the spell she did to save the people she loves. Then she falls into a pile of pain and… I feel so freaking bad for Bonnie.

When will this girl catch a break?

Stefan uses this as an excuse to have yet another temper tantrum. He promises to kill Klaus once and for all, but his vengeance is interrupted by Sage, who’s there for some vengeance of her own. She’s even brought her own vampire child backup, but something is wrong and Sage and Troy start coughing up blood before turning gray and dying, just like Finn. The gang sits around for a bit trying to figure out what the hell happened. Eventually they figure out that Sage and Troy died because Finn was Sage’s sire and Sage was Troy’s. So killing an original kills their entire blood line. Cool plot point. They actually foreshadowed this before when Mama Original talked about fixing everything she did by getting rid of all her children. She was planning on wiping out the entire vampire race! So… there is a slight kink in their plan. If they kill the wrong original, they kill all our vampire pals, too. Oopsie.

So Stefan goes to trade Klaus his super stakes in exchange for Damon. He also breaks the news about Finn. To find out if Stefan is lying, Klaus compels Damon to try to leave while being attached to what amounts to bear traps. It is super gross.

At the Salvatores’, Elena tells Caroline that they kept enough stakes to kill all originals except the one that all of their vampire friends are related to. Luckily, Stefan, Damon and Caroline are all from the same bloodline! But it dawns on Caroline that even if they all aren’t related to Klaus, Tyler is part of his bloodline. So now if Klaus dies, Tyler dies. Dun!

Back at gruesomeville, Klaus finally stops Damon from shredding the hell out of his wrists; convinced now that the vervain is out of his system, he compels him to reveal that Stefan lied about turning in all the stakes. Klaus has his millionth tantrum about how awesome he has been for Stefan and god, he is so obnoxious right now. Part of me really would love to see Stefan just stake him right there. Jack off.

Rebekah is sick of the pissing contest, so she releases Damon and sends them away on a lay away plan. (The 8 stakes for now, the remaining 3 for later.) She’s also grieving for Finn while Klaus dances on his grave. Nice. You are really scoring the points with me tonight, Klaus. Then he basically tells Rebekah she can expect another dagger if she doesn’t side with him always. God, he is such an asshat.

Back at the Salvatore abode, Elena and Stefan have the episode requisite heart to heart. She says she was worried about him dying. He says that he is done wasting his time and energy on killing Klaus. They talk in circles while Stefan moans about losing Elena and Elena says she never stopped loving him, but what he’s really talking about is that he thinks she loves Damon too. And of course, she can’t deny that she has feelings for him (even if he has been a total bastard lately).

Meanwhile, a healed Damon goes to Alaric’s apartment to pick up his stake, but oh no! It’s not there! So… it looks like Evil!Alaric isn’t gone and has the stake hidden some place. Uh-oh. And now we know that if the bad Alaric kills the wrong original it could kill all the hot vampires too! Dun, dun, dun!!! (Evil!Alaric had better keep his evil mitts off my Elijah, is all I have to say. Go kill Kol, Evil!Alaric! – Tenillypo)

Next time:  Jeremy is back (yay?) and Damon makes cute vulnerable faces when talking about his feeeeeeellllingsss!

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