Oh, eff you, show.

I was kind of hoping that the days of these sentiments were over, but alas… no. I know that the current regime hasn’t had a lot of time to make too many changes and they may not even be interested in making the changes I want, but pretty much anything that has to do with Johnny lately sends me into rage blackouts. I used to LOOOVVVEEE Johnny with triple hearts and rainbows but now, my finger twitches towards the fast forward button on my remote whenever I see him on the screen.

First we get Johnny taking advantage of a mentally unstable woman. Yes, people have pointed out that he has stopped short of raping her… bravo?

Then he sleeps with Carly. That train wreck speaks for itself. I want to gouge my eyes out every time they are schmoopy on screen.

And finally, the complete demolition of his relationship with Olivia makes me want to get stabby. First, Olivia feels the need to try to bribe him to stay away from Steve instead of appealing to his history with her. Then, there was this:


SONNY: What do you want me to do? [about Johnny bribing Steve]
OLIVIA: Whatever it takes.

Olivia wants Sonny to kill Johnny for Steve. Steve! Wet blanket, less fun than watching paint dry, Steve! And Sonny! She wants Sonny to do this! So much is wrong with this scenario! Sure, she backs off the statement, but seriously? She knows Sonny and how much he hates Johnny. She has to know that she is putting Johnny’s life at risk by going to him.

The fact that they are not honoring Johnny and Olivia’s history at all is so infuriating. The fact that Johnny has become a smug, selfish, inconsiderate asshole is intolerable.

And don’t even get me started on this Franco bullshit. I knew they were going there and yet it was still so incredibly nauseating.

Good thing we had this as a palate cleanser:

I kind of love that these two characters have a history together. And it actually makes sense! Will wonders ever cease! Let’s hope we get more of this and less of Johnny… at all, ever.

13 thoughts on “Oh, eff you, show.

  1. Oh, dear. I agree that I hate what they’ve turned Johnny into. And I usually can’t stand Carly. Only time I ever liked her in the least was when Sarah Brown played her back in the day. And yet … astonishingly, while I agree that it will be a train wreck, I find myself actually liking Johnny and Carly together. I think this is an enormous tribute to Brandon Barash and Laure Wright, who I think have some amazing chemistry going on.

    Love Anna with McBain. Love Anna (platonically) with Luke. Love Anna, Luke, and John together.

    • I don’t know why Carly and Johnny ick me out, but they do. I like both Laura Wright and Brandon Barash. Who knows. But yes, Anna love all around here!

  2. If Johnny gets killed off, I may need Olivia to be standing right next to him in a hail of bullets. It sucks that they’re giving two charming actors this kind of material.

  3. I’ve been enjoying it for the most part, but I agree they made Johnny very unlikable smug little upstart.
    Although I hate everything Franco except James Franco himself, I am very happy having Heather Webber back. i LOVE that character. I hope she finds out what Johnny is doing to Steven Lars and stabs him…hahaa

    • I also love having all these characters back, especially someone who can play a villain without chewing the scenery to shreds. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little over the top in my soap baddies. I think Heather going nuts on Johnny would be the right amount of crazy.

  4. OMG, robert, I hadn’t thought about Heather’s reaction to Johnny’s blackmail (and you know she’s gonna find out!) Sonny’s after Johnny, Olivia has it in for him, Heather, Steve, possibly Connie. Plus Carly’s involved with him. I’m not liking this. I could definitely see someone murdering Johnny with this scenerio. I like BB. Hope I’m wrong.

    • hmm…i didn’t think about all those suspects. well i doubt they’re going to off johnny though. the writer loves him and carly together too much. it’s funny, some people see alot of chemistry between those two and others see absolutely zero.

  5. I never liked Johnny so if they kill him fine by me. I’d love for him and Sonny to kill each other in a blaze of glory tbh. People can’t rant about Sonny and Jason getting away with stuff when we saw Johnny last year allow his dad to shoot the son of a woman he once loved, the boyfriend of probably the first person he’s ever loved. None of these mobsters are honorable men and women. Just because Johnnys hot (I don’t think he is) doesn’t mean he’s not as bad as SaSon.

    I can’t even talk about what they are doing to Olivia. Does she not remember that Sonny shot her son because he wanted to arrest him? Who am I kidding? Ron thinks just because Sonny had a graze from a bullet he saved Dantes life.

    On the bright side ANNA MAKES EVERYTHING AMAZING. Seriously Finola needs to be on every day in every scene. Her scenes with Patrick were heart breakingly beautiful. Her scenes with Luke has reminded me of the Luke who was there for Robin and Stone and loved his wife and kids dearly. His bonding with Lulu was awesome, his scenes with Elizabeth showed he’s actually trying.

    The other scenes I’ve loved is Anna and John and John and Sam. Johns so sparkly with both women. Jason who?

    Everything else is such a bore or they squeek me out. (Johnny/Carly/Konnie) (Shirtless Michael and Starr)

    • You are totally right about Johnny, but I feel like it has been a slow progression that has suddenly spiraled out of control. Originally he was a kid who wanted out of the mob. Now he puts people he supposedly cares about in danger all the time. Once he and Olivia broke up it is almost like they never had a relationship at all. It kills me because I really loved them together. Oh well.

      Shirtless Michael! I forgot about that. I practically did a spit take when I saw that. Oh the subtlety of soaps!

  6. I don’t like how far they’re going with Johnny, but I’m still a fan of his, maybe because he still has moments of vulnerability I don’t see with Sonny or Jason. I actually don’t mind him with Carly, as long as it doesn’t become some undying love blah, blah, blah. I hope they don’t kill him off, but if they do, without him or Robin around to make this show somewhat palatable, I’ll probably switch it off.

    Olivia has steadily grown from someone to side eye to someone to full out burning hate when he keeps turning a blind eye to atrocity after atrocity Sonny performs, the least of should be shooting her supposedly precious son in the chest. She practically pushed a reasonably skittish Kate into Sonny’s poison arms, then tells her she’s not supporting him enough. This character has no steady characteristics except for walking around with a pasta casserole and doing her son’s laundry. And Steve is too boring to even mention.

    Anna is definitely a bright spot on the show, and surprisingly I’m not hating John McBain either. He hates Sonny, that’s always a sign of excellent taste. I miss KS as Maxie, but I do like most of the drama surrounding Robin’s “death”. And I kind of enjoy Connie right now, she’s definitely more interesting than Kate…I reserve the right to change my mind at any time though.

    I don’t really care about Heather Webber at this point, maybe because I didn’t see her earlier incarnations. If she takes out some free floating bores, I’m on board. She can start with every character whose name starts with ‘S’, but I’ll spare Sam and switch out Olivia for her.

  7. I couldn’t even watch the Olivia/Sonny scenes. The writers are being so goo at acknowledging other types of history, but apparently Johnny and Olivia ever even liking one another is no longer something that happened. Argh.

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